My Twin Masters

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Chapter 12


Juliette smiled sleepily as she opened her eyes. “Good morning Master... sorry I mean Sebastian.”

Sebastian chuckled as he nuzzled his face into her neck. “My love it’s time to get up,” Juliette whined before burrowing deeper into the many pillows that surrounded her. “Juliette you better get your butt up by the time I come back. Understand?”

Juliette made a noise of acknowledgment and Sebastian left the room. Juliette groaned as she pulled her body from the bed. She hated Monday mornings though she didn’t have anything to do. They just took a change on her personality making her more grumpy then her usual self.

She did have to pee so that was an excuse to get out of bed. She rolled out of her sitting position onto the ground. Laying there she stared at the ceiling. Lost in thought as she just stared.

Yesterday was a good day and a small smile came to her face thinking back to her bickering masters when they were at the restaurant. They always seemed to amuse her, especially with their dominant personalities. It would be weird to outsiders to see these grown man acting as though they were children arguing over food.

Though food did make you do crazy things. She could easily see that in front of her. She sat up before proceeding to get off the ground. She knew the twins were putting something together but she couldn’t figure it out. They might have thought they were being slick but it was quite obvious with the looks they passed between each other.

Walking towards the bathroom she did her business before walking over to the sink. Staring at her reflection she couldn’t help cringing at herself. Her pale skin seemed even paler under the harsh light as she took a closer examination at her roots, which by the way was growing out quicker then she expected.

She knew that a touch up would be required in about a week or two so that her natural color would be gone. She never really liked her cherry blonde hair so when her masters suggested dyeing it a different color she hopped on the idea of going with a pale white.

Her masters loved it along with her so she just kept to that routine. She was thinking about switching it up to maybe a pastel color but she wasn’t exactly clear on that decision. She loved those colors and hoped that would lighten her mood. She talked to Sean about it a couple of times but that was a while back and she is almost sure she would do it.


“In the bathroom!” She yelled out. Sebastian opened the door and smiled at her. Walking closer he pulled her into his arms. Going for a kiss, Juliette pulled away gagging. “Sebastian... I don’t think it’s wise to kiss me when I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet.”

He nuzzled her neck, peppering kisses along the side of it. “Now love, when have I ever complained about your morning breath?” He made a hmm sound in the back of his throat and Juliette blushed not recalling a single moment when he ever brought up her morning breath whenever he kissed her in the mornings. Though that didn’t stop her from complaining every time they did it.

“I thought so.” He then pulled her close devouring her lips. Kissing her slow and steady as he pulled her close. He missed this, kissing her and holding her close. He swallowed the moan that escaped her mouth. He pulled back, not before tugging on her bottom lip. Juliette was left feeling hot, him having that effect on her.

“You’re beautiful my Queen.” She blushed at his words before looking everywhere on his face then his eyes. She loved when they complimented her but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t going to get blushy whenever they did.

“Sean cooked breakfast, so brush teeth now or after?”


Sebastian nodded before grabbing her hand and guiding her out the bathroom, pass their bedroom and towards the kitchen. “Oh look at my two favorite people in the world,” Sean said as he smiled at the two. The mess between him and Sebastian not completely forgiven or forgotten, but put to the side for the sake of their princess. They would discuss that as soon as everything was settled with Juliette.

“Sean you looking handsome today.”

Sean grasped his chest in a playful way. “Excuse me missy I could have sworn I looked handsome every day, most of all sexy as hell. Don’t be giving me these childlike compliments when I, ma’am, is a man!”

By the end, the two were in a laughing fit at Sean and he smiled at the two. “I guess no breakfast for you guys then.” The laughter immediately silenced, as Juliette walked over to him before hugging her. Giving him her best puppy eyes. “You wouldn’t keep food from poor little me, would you?” She questioned in a small voice.

She had him where she needed as his face turned to a complementing look. “Now Sebastian.” Sebastian quickly snatched the plates that were made for himself and Juliette. “Hey! That is so unfair. You devious minx.” Juliette smiled at him as she pecked him on his check.

“Sorry hun, but that was the easiest way to get my food. You know my love for food trumps everything.” She skipped over to Sebastian, leaving Sean to pick his pride back up as he trudged after her. Juliette patted him on the back once he joined her and Sean at the table. “It’s okay love, you’ll get through this.” And she was right not even two seconds later Sean morphed back into his outgoing personality.

“Babydoll.” Sebastian started once he and Sean shared a look. “We have a surprise for you.” Juliette was sure they knew that she knew that they had a surprise for her. “And that would be?” She questioned as she watched the two. The excitement was clear in her voice and in unison the twins told her.

“We’re going to Hawaii!”

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