My Twin Masters

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Chapter 14

Juliette laughed as she twirled around. Her boys had given her the one thing that has always raised her spirits as a child. “Sebastian!” She screamed as she saw a ride that was high and looked dangerous.

“Please, can we go on that one.” She begged and the boys finally relented and followed her as she led them to the ride. They stood there and waited for nearly an hour before finally making it to the front of the line. “Finally dear god we made it,” Sean said playfully, wiping away the sweat that had collected on his forehead.

Showing the ticket man their wrist band they were escorted onto the ride, the ticket man making sure they were buckled up and ready to go. Juliette couldn’t help but squeal as the jittery bugs went through her body. She loved rides and the thrill that she received whenever she went on them.

“Okay, you guys. We’ll be taking off once everyone is buckled in and ready to go.” Sebastian and Sean both didn’t have a fondness for rides, but anything to satisfy their baby girl they were doing. They waited patiently as the ride began going up. “Omg guys!” Juliette screamed, not being able to stop herself as she saw the ground move farther and farther away. She read that this ride only went up to about 150 feet, she had gone on higher rides but this freaked her out to no end.

They stopped at the top, their feet dangling as they looked out among the carnival and Juliette kept her eyes open. In fear of missing something. Just like that, they dropped. All three screamed. Though once at the bottom laughing, Sebastian and Sean swearing to the gods they would never get on the devils trap and Juliette begging for another go at it.

“We have many more rides to get on and fun games that we plan on playing to win some prizes,” Sean said as they dragged her away. She pouted for a second before it went away and she again was pulled to the attractions that this carnival held. She smiled as she looked at the many different foods laid out and almost went to get some before remembering she didn’t want to throw up while on a ride.

The sun was beaming down on them as she pushed her glasses back up to her eyes. She laughed when noticing Sebastian making a goofy face, Sean laughing with her. All three of them laughing, completely in joy as they enjoyed the day.

“Come on guys we have another ride to get on,” Sebastian said to the two as he led them to one that looked to be an alien spaceship. “I think this one even spins!” He said excitedly and Juliette almost backed out. She could do absolutely anything except spinning, it always made her head hurt. “Sebastian.” She whined but he only pulled her along. Sean following with a grin on his face.

“Oh, this should be fun.”

Once they entered the line it moved pretty fast seeing as there wasn’t that many people and the ride wasn’t that long. “Wrist bands please.” They showed him their wrists bands and proceeded into the ride. Sebastian was nearly jumping with joy, Juliette was happy to see him happy for once. Not his cold, calculating demeanor that he normally wore around other people. This was the Sebastian she knew of when they were kids.

“Okay lean against the walls and try not to hit your head guys.” The ticket man stated before leaving the ride and closing the door behind him. Juliette was too excited for her Anxiety to kick in, that far off her mind. “The ride is about to begin.” A loud voice came through the intercom and not long after the ride began to spin. Slowly at first but then it began to pick up speed. The three adults screaming as though children, laughter picking up right after.

Once the ride was over the three left feeling dizzy and light headed. “Cotton candy!” Juliette yelled excitedly to which she instantly regretted because her head soon began banging afterward. “We may need to take a chill pill for you lady,” Sean said as he lead them over to a table for them all to sit at.

Sebastian was the only one that seemed somewhere at least on the steady side. He snickered at the two, who were just about ready to fall on their behinds if they didn’t sit down. “You guys are so weak!” Sebastian said as he stood up. “Well since you can stand, you can get the food,” Sean argued back, a grin etched into his mouth. Sebastian rolled his eyes but nonetheless walked away going to get some food for the three.

“I hope he brings back cotton candy,” Juliette mutters as she holds her hand close to her forehead. She hoped it would go away soon, she didn’t need her day ruined just because of some funky headache. “I’m pretty sure he will you little monster.” She laughed at his nickname. Oh, she was the monster! “Says the dude who looks like he pretty much is about to barf but will not pass up the opportunity to eat some food.” Sean looked appalled as he held a hand to his chest.

“I am offended!”


They both burst out laughing, not being able to control themselves at their foolish words. “You crack me up sometimes Juliette.” Juliette smiled and couldn’t help the warm feeling that took root in her belly. She loved this. These moments she shared with the twins separately, don’t get her wrong she loved the twins equally, but these precious moments of a pure connection to each separately produced way more love then she could ever imagine she could hold.

“I love you, Sean.” She said sweetly and he brought her hand close to his heart. “You feel that,” Juliette nodded her head. “It beats every day for you and to make you happy. I love you Juliette and I will never stop loving you even after death himself has claimed the both of us.”

Juliette smiled and leaned over to kiss him. Words not being able to define a moment like this. A moment between man and woman, a pure love that held no problem sharing between the three.

“Who wants food,” Sebastian said breaking the love felt atmosphere which made Juliette giggle.

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