My Twin Masters

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Chapter 15

“I am bumped.” Juliette exhaled the words loudly as she slouched on the couch. She was holding the gigantic teddy bear that both Sebastian and Sean refused to give up until they won it for her. She pulled it close to her chest, which was hard but she somehow managed to do it.

“I’m surprised you didn’t fall asleep in the car,” Sebastian said as he began pulling his shirt off. She mumbled tiredly to him, her eyes already beginning to close and Sebastian looked at Sean. “You want to take her upstairs or should I?” Sean shrugged his shoulders. “I’ll just take the bear.” Sebastian nodded and leaned down before picking Juliette up. Making sure she was secure he began walking towards the bedroom.

Sean followed behind him with the teddy bear in his arms. He was happy he saw the look on Juliette’s face when looking at the teddy bear. He and his brother made it their mission to get it for her, simply because this was her first carnival going to since she was a child and they wanted to make sure she ended her day on a special note. Thus leading them to put up to at least twenty dollars of one dollar bills to the guy working the booth. They were both determined to win the bear for their baby girl.

Once making it to their room, Sebastian took of Juliette’s shoes and pants before tucking her in. Knowing she’ll take a shower in the morning. Sean sat the bear in a chair close to the bed so that she’ll wake up to it. Both walking out the room, Sean closing the door behind him softly. Making their way back downstairs to hopefully get a few drinks in and talk about the email Sean had received earlier in the day.

“Whiskey or Rum?” Sean gave him a deadpan look and Sebastian chuckled. “Well that’s my answer right there, Whiskey it is, while I’ll make myself a couple of shots of Rum.” Sebastian prepared the drinks while Sean got his computer running and working and began surfing his mail for the email that was sent to him.

“Brother, I have something to tell you. It concerns an email I received early about Juliette, I didn’t want to say anything then because it was her day though while she sleeps we need to discuss this threat.” Sebastian frowned and walked over with the drinks, looking at the computer. He shook his head, it just couldn’t be.

“That’s not him. It can’t be!”

Sean stared at his brother in a furious aura just as Sebastian and clearly stated. “Well who else would know this much about her Sebastian, he was the only one in her life before we came in and took her away from his awful so-called parenting over his own sister. So don’t tell me it can’t be him when what he is describing in this email, is the exact words that came from Juliette’s words.”

Sebastian fumed silently. “Read it.” He muttered. “Read the god damn email, Sean!” Sean sighed, not really wanting to but knowing his brother wouldn’t even look past the first sentence. He began reading

Hello, my dear friends,

How’s my slut doing? Heard she was assaulted at a bar you guys took her to. Must be devastating to know you incompetent fools couldn’t protect my precious dear sister, or should I say, my precious whore who I, by the way, can not wait to see and do the many things to her now that I did to her back then when you know, she was a child. Such an innocent little child who thought it was completely okay for her brother to shove his cock into her at such a young age. They grow up fast don’t they, I can’t wait to see how big she has gotten if you know what I mean. Well, I don’t have much to say other then I’m coming for her blah blah blah, going to kill you both but not before making you watch me have sex with your most prized possession. Blah blah blah, I think that about covers it. See you bastards soon.

Sincerely your most hated,

Sean blew a breath out, her fucking brother was coming for her and though they may have all the money in the world. Kai held the resources and the people who were willing to do his bidding. “So you’re telling me, the shitbag we put away not even 10 years ago is trying to come back for my angel? No! No fucking way am I letting this happen.”

“Calm down brother.”

“Calm down! Calm down! Really that’s what you’re fucking telling me after we just received basically a death threat to our babydoll. You know how much this could break her! How the hell isn’t you mad Sean.”

“Could you keep your fucking voice down, I do not want Juliette knowing about this. It will destroy her if she knows her brother is coming after her. I’m not letting him take control of her mind like that. I’m not calm, I promise you, brother. I’m simply being levelheaded and keeping my shit together so I don’t fucking blow up. So shut the hell up and calm the fuck down.”

Sean blew a breath out, he needed his brother to calm down so they could discuss a plan to protect their love. Sebastian breathed in and out, calming down slowly. For someone who is more on the quiet side and calm around people, he completely turns into a different person when anything concerns her precious girl. He couldn’t and refused to let anything happen to her. He just couldn’t let that happen. He knew both he and his brother would protect her.

She trusted them to do so. Trusted them with her entire being to protect and provide for her and they damn well weren’t failing. “We’re going to contact security guards tomorrow and get some people surrounding us all while we’re in Hawaii.”

“Really? We’re still going there?” Sean nodded his head and ignored Sebastian’s look of confusion. “Damn for someone so smart, you sure do act real dumb sometimes. We’re going to Hawaii so that Juliette doesn’t think something is up. She cannot know about this, so, therefore, we are taking her to Hawaii and giving her a damn well needed and deserved a trip to Hawaii.”

Sebastian thought about his words before nodding.

“Well, Hawaii here we come.”

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