My Twin Masters

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Chapter 17

“Please if you could take your seats.” Juliette giggled and smiled as she looked out the window. She had begged the twins for the window seats and after a little convincing and promises, she was granted the window seat. Though the twins wouldn’t change it especially after seeing the smile that adorned her face.

“Juliette leans back we’re about to take off.” Juliette followed the instructions but that didn’t stop her from staring out the window, she had plans to go to sleep but that was only if she didn’t get the seat but clearly, she had and now she was speculating on what to do. “Just relax baby girl, even if you do sleep, you’ll still have time to look out the window.” She contemplated his words and nodded her head before getting comfortable.

Sebastian turned to Sean and noticed he was on his phone. Sighing, “Sean you can’t be on your phone when we are just about to take off.” Sean rolled his eyes. “It’s on airplane mode.” Sebastian shrugged his shoulders, not being concerned with him. He turned to his angel and watched as she sleeps. Her features always brought a special beat to his heart. He loved everything about her and refused to let her brother take that sweet innocence from her.

“Stop being creepy,” Sean said teasingly without looking up from his phone.


“Juliette. Wake up hunny, if you want to see Hawaii before we land.” Sean’s voice broke through and Juliette’s eyes opened slowly and tiredly. She didn’t even realize how tired she was until Sebastian convinced her to. She smiled his way and then turned towards the window. Tiredness leaving her face as she was struck with the beauty of it.

“Sean... It’s so beautiful.”

“Like you.”

Rolling her eyes at his cuteness she continued to look at the window. Not being able to pull her eyes away from the clear waters and palm trees that adorned the island. She could just feel the water on her skin as she smiled. She watched as slowly everything became clearer as they came closer to the ground. She could see houses and stores as well as the airport. She couldn’t help the jitters that overtook her skin.

Sebastian and Sean seemed unaffected as Sean still stared hard at his phone typing away and Sebastian was watching some movie that was offered. Now he could barely take his eyes off of it as he snacked on some almonds. She turned her attention to the clear sky and the sun that beamed down on her. She loved everything without even having a closer look at it yet.

“We will be landing soon. So if you could please fasten your seat belts and turn off all electronics, that would be highly appreciated.”

Sean and Sebastian followed instructions along with Juliette. She fastened her seat belt and leaned back. She was already ready to land and see everything that Hawaii had to offer to her curious mind. Sean and Sebastian could literally see the joy that shined through her eyes. They leaned back and waited for the plane to land. Once the wheels touched the ground, the plane began to slow down.

“Thank you for riding our airplane today folks, I hope you have a great time in Hawaii.” Sebastian unbuckled his seat belt and stood up. His legs giving a small crack and his back finally feeling relaxed after being stuck in that chair for so many hours. Sean followed suit, hurrying to get their belongings they had brought on the plane. Juliette stared out the window as the boys finished up what they were doing.

“Come on Juliette.” Sebastian once again broke the awe-struck bubble that seemed to surround Juliette. She nodded her head and proceeded to get up before following the boys, her in between the two of them. Once getting to the exit, Juliette was welcomed with smiles and goodbyes. Once they walked on the plane though, Juliette could smell of salt water.

She smiled as the sun shined down on her face, she couldn’t help but bask in it for a couple of seconds. She turned her head, her hair following her every movement as it swung back in forth in the ponytail she had put in not even an hour before. “Sebastian, it’s so beautiful!” She squealed as they walked down the steps.

Smiling ladies welcomed them, putting Leis around their neck. Juliette smiled at them and hugged the people that held their arms open. Sean grabbed her hand as he began to pull her away from the dancing females. “Come on hun, we have to get to our hotel.” She waved at the females before following behind the twins. Sebastian was already at the car they would be driving in and smiled when he noticed the flower crown on Juliette’s head.

“You’re so beautiful, love.” She blushed before hurrying in the car. Leaving behind a snickering Sebastian. Getting into the car she waited for the twins, opening the small fridge hoping to find something to eat. She fisted the air when finding some chocolate. Quickly opening it she shoved it in her mouth. She moaned loudly in the empty car as she basically had an orgasm of the candy.

“Juliette?” Sean questioned as he opened the door. She smiled a toothless smile as chocolate covered her mouth. “Hey, babe.” She said in a high pitched voice and tried to crumple the wrapper in her hand so he wouldn’t see it. “What’s in your hand?” She stared at him before saying calmly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sean resisted the urge to chuckle at the blunt lie as he could clearly see a chocolate almond wrapper in her hand.

“Mhm. You sure?” She nodded her head as she closed her hand tightly on the wrapper. “Well, I guess you won’t mind me holding your hand right?” She started for a moment before slowly shaking her head no. “Great.” He held both his hands out and was laughing evilly on the inside. This would make her think twice about who she lies too! Juliette stared at his hands before putting one of her hands in his. He looked at her expectantly and she gave him a smile.

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