My Twin Masters

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Chapter 18

She sighed as Sebastian chuckled from the front seat. Sean was smiling like had just won a million bucks. “Guys.” She whined and Sean turned back to her with intent in his eyes. “Yes, love?” Juliette blushed at him and leaned forward before kissing him. “Oh no, you are not getting out of lying missy.” Sebastian’s voice said tauntingly. Juliette pulled away before falling back on the seat.

She pouted as she looked out the window. She didn’t want to be punished but the thought did bring a thrill to her body. She couldn’t stop the thrill of heat cross her body. She loved her boys with a passion but there was something about them that attracted her to them. She wanted them with everything they had and they offered her the world no matter what she has gone through. They’ve never judged her and she is thankful for that.

Her love for them will never be questioned as she gives her all to them. She smiles as she stares at the passing trees. Hawaii was beautiful indeed, she was excited to check everything out. Though she was more excited about the punishment that she knew she was receiving soon. “Why do you have a grin on your face naughty girl?” Juliette giggled at the teasing tone of Sebastian. “Just can’t see what my boys have in place for me.” She said as she stuck her tongue out.

“Better put that tongue away before I use it for something!” A laugh bubbled out of Juliette’s mouth. She knew Sean would keep his word and turned back towards the window. Her cheeks were stained red as she watched as they pulled up to the hotel they had booked.

Getting out the car, Sean and Sebastian began to unpack the back as Juliette looked around. She smiled as the air seemed so clean and filled her lungs up as she relaxed. She indeed was going to enjoy this time away from the reality she knew she had to go back to sooner or later. As of now, she was going to thoroughly enjoy this. She pulled her thong out her ass and she heard snorting from behind her.

“Why you in your ass?” Sean said teasingly and Juliette almost rolled her eyes. “I was simply getting the thong out my behind so I can be comfortable once more.” She said in a smart tone. Sean narrowed his eyes at her and Juliette quickly walked over to Sebastian. “Let me help?” She asked and he simply nodded his head. Pointing over to the small bag that was in the back. She nodded her head before climbing into the trunk. Right as she was going to pull the bag out she felt hands on her thighs.

She jumped as she felt kisses on the back of her thighs. “Sebastian!” He chuckled at her. “Oh, darling how are you going to show me this beautiful bottom and not expect me to at least touch it? Like common, it’s simply delectable.” He bit softly on her right ass cheek. She moaned a little, she was already shaking and all he did was bite her.

“That was simply a preview,” He started off. “You’ll get the rest when we get inside.” He whispered to her. She hurriedly got the bag and climbed out of the trunk once he pulled away. She could barely contain her rush of heat straight to her core. She was flushed as she followed the twins into the building.

Once reaching the front desk Sebastian took care of all the important stuff as she wandered off towards the fish in the tanks. She watched the three fishes. They were simply beautiful. One was green and the other two were blue. They swam alongside each other as they looked to be messing with one another. She tapped the glass and they swam away.

“Come on beautiful.” She turned towards Sean as pulled her along. They walked towards the elevator before getting on. She noticed that Sebastian pushed the top bottom. He held a tiny grin on his face as she felt the elevator move. She leaned upwards before kissing Sean and Sebastian cheeks. They smiled at her before they both leaned down and each kissed on both sides of her cheeks.

“I love you guys.”

Before they could answer the doors open and Juliette almost had a heartache as she walked into the room. “Holy fuzzballs. Do you guys see this?” They snickered at her response.

The room was simply beautiful. With a beautiful king size bed as the centerpiece and side tables on both sides. There was an earthy feel to it as one of those swings hung from the ceiling that was like a big chair Juliette could sit in as she just enjoyed the feeling of being here. She saw there was a patio that led to looking out across the hotel and had a direct view of the sunset that was apparently happening. She set her bag down that she carried and walked over. Opening the screen door and walking outside.

She was soon joined by the twins as they stared at the beautiful view.

“Thank you.” She whispered to them as tears began forming in her eyes. She was indeed a crybaby but she didn’t care. These twins did everything in their power to make her happy and she didn’t understand where the luck of receiving had come from. Especially with the shitty past, she had to grow up in. She always believed that the twins were her angels. That they were sent by God himself.

“Oh beautiful, we love you and this is just another way for us to show you our love.” Sean started.

“We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you’re safe, happy and content.” Sebastian finished.

“We love you.”

She turned before kissing Sebastian and then Sean. She brought them close as she basked in the feeling of having her boys close to her both physically and mentally.

She loved them.

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