My Twin Masters

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Chapter 19

“Has it been so long that you have forgotten the correct forms of your positions?”

Juliette shook her head as she sat in the first position that she had learned. She was on her knees with her legs spread apart. Her back arched and hands behind her back. She kept her head down, showing her neck in a form of submission to her dominants. They walked around her inspecting what she was offering them. “Spread them legs further pet.”

A stinging sensation was felt as the riding crop hit her left thigh. She felt her arousal start building up as Sean grabbed ahold of her hair wrapping it around his hand. “Open.” He guided his cock into her mouth. She swallowed his dick and made sure to sit still as he fucked her mouth. He moaned as he pushed in and out of her mouth, tears began forming in her eyes as her mouth was thoroughly fucked. She gagged once it hit the back of her throat but all she heard was moaning from Sean.

“Yes kitten, take my cock.” He shuddered before spurts of cum hit the back of her throat. “Keep that position, Juliette.” Harsh words hit her ears and she made sure not to move anything except for her throat as she swallowed the semen. Once Sean took his cock out, Juliette head instantly dropped back to the submission form.

“Next position.”

She pressed her face against the floor on her knees and she grabbed her ankles. Making sure to spread her thighs enough for her pussy to be shown to the boys. She felt hands massaging her ass. “Now time for your punishment you slut.” Juliette resisted the urge to moan. “Since Sean got a blowjob, I’ll be giving you your spankings in this position. Make a noise if you understand.”

Juliette voiced her thoughts, she tried to prepare herself but she didn’t know when he’ll be starting. Before she could even question the silence, she felt a smack on her left cheek. She felt another on her right before the blows began speeding up at a steady pace. At ten smacks she was moaning and at fifteen she was dripping and once he hit twenty her form was shaking.

He stopped as he slowly dragged his fingers close to her opening. Teasing her as he rubbed her clit. Juliette whimpered as he began rubbing even faster. “Yes Juliette, you feel that. That’s me taking you to your climax. I control when you climax!” He pulled his fingers before she could reach that point of ecstasy.

“Next position darling.”

Juliette stayed quiet as she moved as quickly as she could. She got on her back with her knees up and apart. She made sure her back was arched before tilting her head to the ceiling. She breathed in deeply as she pushed the need to orgasm away. She needed her masters permission before she could.

“Look at that beautiful pink pussy.”

“Very. Are you going to do the honors or should I?” Sebastian asked. Sean’s lips pulled into a grin. “You got the punishment so I get this.” Sebastian rolled his eyes at his brothers as Sean laughed. They turned their attention back to the willing submissive when threw with their small conversation. “Now what should I do to this pink pussy Juliette, hmm?”

“Should I eat it out or fuck you into oblivion?” Sean said, teasingly. “So many possibilities.”

“Stop playing with her,” Sebastian said as he moved closer to the two. “Pick one.”

Sean rubbed her pussy and Juliette moaned silently. He leaned down and kissed her mound. Inserting two digits inside of her. “So beautiful.” He pumped his fingers inside and out of her as she closed her eyes. Her body was at his mercy as he slowed his fingers to a pace that allowed for pleasure but not an orgasm. “You may moan little one.” Soft moans floated in the room as Sean pulled his fingers out of her.

“Juliette, I’m going to fuck you now, do you understand?”

“Permission to look at a master.”

“Permission granted,” Sebastian said, while Juliette turned her eyes to Sean.

“I trust you master. I understand what is about to happen. I want this as much as you do master.” She stared into his eyes as he slowly entered his cock inside of her. Her walls clenching deliciously around him as her eyes rolled back and her body surrendered to him. Sean clicked his teeth as he pushed further inside of her as he pulled back out. “Fuck!” He said loudly as he pumped himself in and out of her tight hole. “So beautiful,” Sebastian said as he stroked Juliette pleasured filled face. He leaned down before capturing her lips with his.

He sucked on her bottom lip before darting his tongue into her mouth. Tasting all she had to offer as Sean continued to fuck her slowly. It was a pleasure filled room with Juliette enjoying the twins. Sebastian swallowed up her moans as Sean began thrusting inside of her at a faster pace. He groaned as he sped his pace up as Sebastian moved from her mouth down to her neck. Sucking on a particular spot, beginning a hickey to form there. He loved marking as his brother had his fun with her.

“Masters.” Juliette moaned as her mind scrambled to keep up with the waves of pleasure being thrown at her. She gasped as her climax began coming up fast. “Master please can I cum?” She asked and Sean thrust into her brutally. “Beg me slut.” She could feel tears form in her eyes as she tried to keep the climax from hitting her. “Please Master, I beg of you to allow me to cum! Please let me cum, I belong to you two only! Please master!” Her voice was airy as she tried to suck in as much air as she could as she met Sean thrusts inside of her.

“Cum pet, cum with your master.” Just as she felt a splash of cum inside of her, her climax hit her hard. Her mind shattered as her toes curl, losing control for a second. Her body spasming for several waves. She felt drained as her Sean pulled out of her. Sebastian as he got up, picked up Juliette. Liking how drained she was as he proceeded to the bathroom. He sat her in the tub and began washing her. Her eyes were half closed as she felt the warmth of the water on her body.

Once completed, he grabbed a towel before wrapping her in it and bringing her back to the bed. Drying her off he went and grabbed some underwear for her. He took the oversized t-shirt from Sean and put it on her. He kissed her forehead before tucking her in.

He knew for sure she was going to be sore in the morning and with that thought, a slick grin plastered itself on his face.

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