My Twin Masters

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Chapter 2

The three exited the car with Sean and Sebastian in the front and Juliette following behind them with her head down and hands in front of her. The twins always commanded this position whenever they went to the club. Once entering the dark club, Sebastian disappeared over to where the bar was, while Juliette traveled with Sean up to the office.

Juliette sat next to the desk in a submission posture, with her head down and her hands behind her back. She only looked up when instructed by her master. “Pet?” She made a noise in acknowledgment. She felt Sean’s hand on the top of her head, first lovingly until he gripped it, pulling it back harshly.

Glaring at her, he spoke. “What are you to say when your master addresses you?” Juliette looked away before whimpering when he tightened.

“To use my words.”

He nodded, “So if you know to use your words, then I expect for them next time I address you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” She said clearly and he let her hair go. Going back to doing his work as though nothing had happened. She went back to her position. Knowing that he had just quizzed her and she had failed. She sure was in for punishment later in the night.

Sean stood up and walked over to his drawer where he kept all of Juliette’s leashes. Picking out a diamond-crusted with her simple J in the center. Walking over to his pet, he pulled her head up before kissing her lips. Pulling away he slipped the leash around her neck.

“Stand pet.” He said as he backed away. Juliette stood with her head still down, waiting for his instructions.

“Go find Sebastian, I’ll call you back later for the meeting I have.” He pulled her body close before leaning down to her ear.

“Remember you’re mine and Sebastian and it will do you good to remember that.” Juliette nearly had an orgasm at the pure possessiveness that flowed from his mouth straight to her core.

He bit her ear harshly causing her to yelp before sucking on it softly, Juliette letting out a soft groan. Pain and pleasure mixing so deliciously well.

With that he sent her on her way, smacking her ass on the way out. Juliette walked through the halls, down the stairs before passing through a door. The music bumping clearly in her ear, ignoring it as best as she could, she went on the scout to find her other master. She held onto the chain that connected to her leash, the first thing when becoming their submissive was to make sure to take care of her leash whenever neither master was present.

When catching the eye of Sebastian, she walked even faster, not liking not being next to him in a room full of mostly strangers. Some she knew and some were new to the club, some being their first time and others returning customers. Once Juliette was in speaking distance, she noticed that he was talking to one of the bartenders he was training. She stood their patiently, Sebastian taking notice of this. Smiling to himself as he finished up talking, he turned towards his pet.

“I see you were a good girl.” He said sweetly as he kissed her lips gently, pulling her bottom lip into his.

He grabbed onto the chain before pulling it. If they were home, she would be crawling but since they were in public, she had to walk.

“I need you to tend to those men over there,” He pointed to the table full of men dressed in suits.

“They’re important, make sure you’re on your very best behavior. Would you rather keep your dress on or off?” He questioned.

“Off Master.” She answered and he nodded while proceeding to help her take off her dress. Her corset showing off her assets that left the imagination to run wild. It was modest enough, seeing as it was Sean who had dressed her.

Handing her the tray with different liquors he gave her his instructions. “These drinks are for those men, be careful. I don’t want you getting hurt.” She nodded as she used both her hands to hold the tray. Looking at her leash in distress, Sebastian smirked before bringing the leash to her mouth.

“Never let your leash drag,” Juliette responded but it was muffled and while walking to the table she squeaked when he slapped her ass.

Walking over to the table, one of the men looked at her and whistled. “So, you’re our waitress for the night?” He questioned as she gave the drinks to its owners. She nodded seeing as her chain was still in her mouth. Once done with the drinks she pulled the chain from her mouth before answering properly.

“Yes, sir. What can I do for you?” The men couldn’t take their eyes off her.

“You’re the owner’s girl, aren’t you?”

“They are my masters.” She answered.

“They let you off your leash?” His eyes traveled to the leash around her neck.

“With some exceptions, I see.” She nodded, “To work, sir.”

The main talker nodded before introducing himself. “I’m Chad.” With that the others followed suit, Juliette knowing all their names. “I’m Juliette.” She introduced herself last. “Come sit,” Kristopher stated motioning to the open seat next to Chad. Juliette was never one for liking having to sit close to the customers as she sat down slowly. She always had to be flirtatious with the customers.

“What days do you work?” He questioned.

“It’s up to my masters.” Chad muttered, “Shame. Would have loved to see your work some other night.” He said with a coy smile. Juliette crossed her legs and bit her lip. The words flowing from her mouth effortlessly,

“I’m sure I can make time for you if you ever came again.” He draped his arm over her shoulder while beginning to play with her hair. “With you working here love, I’ll make sure of it.”

“My master informed me you guys were important.” She stated. Kristopher waved her off, “I wouldn’t say, important darling. “Just out there.” Jake finished him off.

“What do you guys do?” She questioned. “Modeling agents.” Juliette cocked her head to the side. “You get them the jobs?” She questioned. "We represent love, both for the meet and greet, at whatever event it may be,” Kristopher stated.

“We do though represent a lot of BDSM characters,” Chad stated.

“Characters?” Juliette’s confused voice floated over them.

“Yes characters, we don’t truly have any subs or domes. Just models in BDSM clothing but you, you look like you were to wear these types of clothes.” Chad said while plucking one of her straps.

Catching Sebastian watching her intently, she watched as he motioned for her to come over. “Thank you, sir, but it seems my master is calling me. Excuse me please.” Kristopher smiled as they stood up along with her.

“Actually, we are about to get going also. It was nice meeting you darling. Until next time.” Juliette blushed when he kissed her hand. Bowing her head respectfully, “Thank you for allowing me to accompany you all.” Chad tilted her head up.

“Don’t you forget to make our time next time we come.” Juliette took in a deep breath in when he slipped something into her bra. “I won’t sir.” He smiled. “Give that to your masters.” She nodded, “Yes sir.”

“Have a nice day Juliette.” With that, they walked off and Juliette watched them before returning to Sebastian. “They looked pleased pet.” She nodded before pulling the wad of cash out of her bra, handing it over to him along with a business card.

“He told me to give this to you, sir.” Sebastian counted the money after glancing at the card. Pocketing the money, he stated. “I’m very proud of you kitten, they paid 100 dollars more than they were supposed to.” Biting her cheek shyly, he kissed her head.

“I’ll talk to Sean about your punishment.” She blushed from embarrassment. “He told you?” She questioned and he nodded.

“Learn from your mistakes love. Okay.”


He held her face in his hands, before connecting their lips. His lips moving dominantly over hers, Juliette moaned into his mouth. As he grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed forcefully. He didn’t stop even when she pulled away for air. Kissing down her neck, he went to that spot where he knew she would be quivering.

Whimpering when he sucked on her neck making a hickey. “Master...” She gasped breathlessly. Snapping her straps against her thighs before pulling back. “You always remember who you belong to. Inside and outside of this club. Understand.” Juliette answered with a slight frown.

“I could never forget Master.” He smirked.

“That’s what I want to hear. Go ask Sean when he wants to leave for me.” He spanked her ass.

“Yes, master.” Her voice a mixture of pain and pleasure.


Juliette left to go look for her other master. Knocking on the door to his office she heard a faint come in. She opened the door slowly, a frown settling on her face when seeing Sean standing over a sub who worked at the club. Gripping her hair forcefully.

“You do not work here for your own pleasure. You work for their pleasure. When I get a complaint about how forceful and needy your being is when we start having a problem! This is though not the first time of getting this complaint, remember you are a sub and in this club, you are easily replaced. Don’t let this happen again or you’ll be out of a job.” The sub nodded her head,

“Y-yes, sir.” She stuttered out.

Letting her go, he said calmly. “Dismissed.” She hurried out the door, not looking back. Juliette waited to be addressed, her head down. “Come here, Juliette.” She padded her way over to him and he pulled her down to his lap.

Stroking her cheek gently, he commanded, “Look at me.” She looked between his eyes and he patted her cheek. “Look me in the eyes pet.” Hesitantly she did, her blue meeting with his brown ones. “You’re such a good girl, you know that?”

She blushed, “Thank you, master.”

“Sean.” He corrected unclipping her thigh straps.

“Thank you... Sean.” The name feeling odd in her mouth seeing as it’s been a while she called him that. “We’re so lucky to have you.” She repeated her mistake innocently, “Thank you, sir.” Unclipping her bra strap, he watched as her breasts spilled out their cups. “Sean love, you don’t have to be so formal.” Nodding stiffly. “Yes, si- Sean.”

Thinking aloud, “Maybe I was wrong, perhaps you don’t need training.” Blushing even more, she admits, “I forgot. It’s hard for me to remember everything.” He nodded. “And that’s okay as long as you remember after we correct you.” He pinched her nipples, causing a stutter. “O-okay.”

Thinking for a moment, “Did anyone touch you today?”

“Just master.”

Licking his lips nodding. “When we get home, we’ll see what you fully remember.” The reason for being sent up her came back. “Master wanted to know when you wanted to leave?” Running his fingers through her hair soothingly. “Calm down love, we’ll leave soon.” Her panicking came back, but this time in a short wave. “But I have to tell-”

“It’s alright love, I’ll tell him.”

“Are you sure sir?” She questioned having no problem with delivering the message.

He nodded.

“Yes, my pet.”

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