My Twin Masters

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Chapter 20

“Have you talked to Ricky about getting extra security around us?”

“I can’t understand you with all that food in your mouth,” Sebastian said as he stared at his brother boringly. Sean glared before gulping down the orange juice to make the bagel slide down his throat easily. “I almost died and you weren’t even going to help?” Sean asked as he beat his chest in, coughing racking his body.

“I mean then I could have Juliette to myself, so die quickly please.” Sebastian cracked up laughing as he watched his brothers face. He loved goading him on, it was just too easy for him sometimes to get under his skin. “Oh, I love you brother, almost as much as I love Juliette. So don’t worry about me trying to kill you.”

“Can we get back to the important part of this conversation. The part that concerns our submissive safety.” Sean knew how to bring the conversation back on track, simply play on Sebastian passive aggressive dominance side. “Yes to answer your question, I did talk to Ricky and he told me that he would double the men around us when we’re out. We have an all around the clock man not even 3 miles from us at all times.”

“3 miles? Really Sebastian? What if that bastard of a brother of hers comes close to her at any time? How are we going to have extra help if the all around the clock guy isn’t even in close proximity to help us out?”

“Okay first off, you’re up here,” Sebastian brought his hand up. “And I need you back down here.” Then proceeded to bring his hand down. “Now that we have that established, did you forget about the other part of what I said? We’ll have men around us when we’re out, out Sean. Nobody will be able to get to her with me, you, and extra buff ass man around us to kick whoever ass needed. So calm the hell down man.”

Sean took a deep breath in and out, he knew he needed to calm down unless he wanted to be riled up. He just didn’t want that slimy brother of her hands on her at all. He couldn’t take the thought that he would have to bring her back from that place she was in when they had finally managed to take her away from him.

Sebastian pat Sean back. “Brother it’s going to be okay. We’re strong and not just individually, but as one. Together all three of us and I’m sure we’ll get through anything that is going to be thrown at us. Just have faith in our bond that we hold close to each of our hearts.”

“Oh look at you getting all soft and I’m pretty sure Juliette is sleeping.”

“Do you think we were too rough with her?” Sebastian asked and Sean shook his head. “I knew you were going to worry, she gave us her consent clear and articulated as well. We did not take advantage of her Sebastian. We gave her what she wanted.” Sebastian nodded his head, a deep breath leaving his lips.

“Yeah you’re right, I just don’t want her waking up tomorrow hating us or something like that.”

Sean rolled his eyes. “Those are your insecurities ringing out again.”

“Agreed, we need to get better control of ourselves. Have you thought about when we should tell Juliette?” Sean shook his head at the question, he didn’t want to tell her but he knew she needed to know that her evil brother was after her. Though he knew she would need to be insured to the maximum that nothing was going to happen to her on their watch.

“I think we should tell her when we get home, not ruin this beautiful trip we have been planning for her.” Sean thought about it before nodding his head. That was a smart move on their part, also wouldn’t put stress on her mind while they tried to take a break from reality.

Tiny footsteps were heard.


The twins turned and almost dropped into a puddle. There stood an angel, their angel in all her glory. She was covered with one of their oversized t-shirts with her hair framing her face. Her hair flowed down her back as her eyes watched them with curiosity. Her eyes burned them both, they ached for those eyes on their skin. Wished for nothing more but the curve of her delectable lips on theirs.

“Angel? What are you doing up?” Sebastian asked as they both walked over to her. She wrapped her arms around herself as she looked at them. “I couldn’t sleep after waking up. I didn’t know where you guys were so I just thought to come down here for some water. Thank god I did because now I’ve found you guys!” She said shyly.

There was something else she wasn’t saying. It was noticeable with the lack of eye contact and the fidgetiness with her fingers. “And?” Sean urged her on. “I just wanted to go back to sleep with you guys holding me.” She said as she blushed. Sean wanted to awe at her cuteness but knew that she was too tired to deal with his cuteness overload.

Instead, he opted for just squeezing her cheeks. “So cute.” She slapped his hand away playfully before looking at Sebastian. Who raised his hands in defense. “I can’t help you against the squeezing fingers.” She huffed as she turned around about to walk off, before she could she was grabbed and pulled into open arms. She was instantly enveloped in warmth and melted instantly.

“Now where is our little girl going too?” Juliette giggled, her playful side coming out even more. “I was just going to bed daddy.” Sebastian kissed her neck as Sean bit playfully on her cheek. “Now was that what our naughty female really going to do?”

“Scouts honor daddy.”

“Well, I guess my little one isn’t sore enough to understand that we don’t like lying little girls. What do you think Sean?” Sean nodded his head, too enthralled in creating a hickey on the moaning submissive.

“Well, I guess we just have to teach her some more, let’s go naughty girl.”

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