My Twin Masters

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Chapter 21

“You’re so beautiful.”

“With a red booty?”

“Of course.” Sean rubbed her behind with some lotion. Juliette had told them earlier that her bum was still sore from the spankings she had received early that morning. Sebastian was in the bathroom brushing his teeth but his laughs could be heard from a mile away. They both found Juliette absolutely adorable and everything she does just makes them want to hug her and kiss her thousands of times.

“Aren’t you just the cutest,” Sebastian said in between breaths as he proceeded to spit the toothpaste out. “Talking with your big words.” Juliette blushed, she did regress into her little side a bit earlier. She always did that after long periods of time in between punishments. It was something the twins had caught onto after about the third time they took a break from their lifestyles.

“Daddy,” Juliette whined as she wiggled her bottom. “I’m hungwy.” Sebastian grinned as he rinsed his mouth out. Once done he ventured back to the room. “Well, we’re going to be going to get some food after your booty is able to sit in a chair properly.” Juliette nodded her head and smiled widely.

Laying on her stomach she watched as the twins began getting dressed. She kicked her feet in the air and played with the ends of her hair. The twins were a blubbering mess as they reached for their phone. She was absolutely adorable in their big shirt and stockings. She looked like an adorable female with little cares for what was happening except for her hair. They snapped photos of her and Juliette giggled, covering herself up.

“Staph.” She said in between giggles. She put her hands over her face and hid behind them. They brought blushies to her face and she couldn’t stop the big smile that formed on her face. Rolling over she tested sitting up, once comfortable she stood. The twins each took one of her hands and led her towards their closet. “What should we dress our beautiful Juliette up in today?” Sebastian asked as he ventured closer to the clothes letting go of Juliette’s hand.

“I think she deserves one of her collars.” Juliette squealed with exquisite excitement. It had been so long since she wore a collar and Juliette couldn’t hold in the joy of being able to wear one once again. “Really Daddy?” She questioned as Sebastian nodded his head at her question. “I know you miss them and I believe you’re ready to have them back.” He pulled open a drawer with her collars in them. They seemed to have put everything away while she was asleep. “Now which one would you like to put around that delectable neck?”

She pointed to the blue one with crystals encrusted around the neck. It had a soft material on the inside so her neck wouldn’t become irritated. She wanted to feel like a princess as the twins nodded their heads to her choice. She smiled as they began looking for an outfit to put on her. She waited as they compared clothing, she could swear to you on anything they had better taste in clothes then she did.

Once she was dressed they allowed her to fully check herself out in the mirror. They had dressed her in a flowy blue dress and pulled her hair up in a high messy bun. Showcasing the collar around her neck with tendrils of hair cascading down her face. She had on some diamond earrings as they put her in some sandals. She did a light spin as she smiled at her reflection. She seemed brighter and felt lighter. There was no stress and she was surrounded by constant love.

Sebastian couldn’t help but feel in a daze as he watched his princess. She was absolutely stunning and everything she does seem so effortless. Reaching for her he pulled her close to his chest, he could hear her heartbeat and everything seemed to slow down in his eyes as she pulled those beautiful eyes to his. Everything stopped as a small smile made its way to her face. He couldn’t resist not kissing her so he leaned and pulled her lips to his slowly.

Diving deeper in the kiss he devoured her lips. She moaned gently as he sucked on her bottom lip gulping down the moans she had for me. Everything about her turned him on. Her personality, her beautiful mind, and her stunning soul. He pulled his lips away and kissed her cheek. Her lips swollen from the passionate kiss. He always did seem to leave her in a sort of phase of confusion.

“See you guys are always leaving me out these passionate kisses.”

Juliette bit her lip as she blushed softly. Sean did have a point and glared playfully at Sebastian. “Stop trying to steal my Juliette from me brother.” Sebastian grinned at him. “So shes only yours?” He questioned mockingly. “I mean she did just give me a kiss and not you.” Juliette snickered and Sean nodded his head muttering words not heard by the ears. “I don’t have to stand for this bull,” Sean said as he grabbed Juliette hand and began pulling her out the room.

“We’re going somewhere special my kitten.” Juliette nodded her head and followed him. She was excited to see the surprise place he had planned for her. Sebastian quickly locked the door as he raced after them. Grabbing a hold of Juliette’s other hand he took the lead alongside Sean. Leading her downstairs they made their way to the car and hopped in. Making sure everyone had their seatbelt on Sebastian put the car in motion and began driving to this mystery surprise place he had in place for Juliette.

“Are we almost there?” Juliette asked and the twins shook their head for the ten thousandth time. “No Juliette but we’re close.” She let out a huge sigh before falling back into the seat not wanting to ask again seeing they weren’t going to answer her question. She saw they were coming close to what looked like a huge forest and saw a sign that said ‘Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden,’ she almost hopped out her seat and the twins began laughing.

“Well, here we are, a big flower jungle just for you babydoll.”

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