My Twin Masters

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Chapter 22

“Guys oh my gosh look!”

Sebastian and Sean turned to see a tiny Juliette smiling while pointing at the variety of flowers that invaded her space. Sebastian pulled out his phone to snap a couple of pictures of her. Smiling he waved her over to which she skipped over to the two. “There are so many flowers guys!” Sean nodded his head.

“Though you know the most beautiful flower out of them all? You.”

Juliette giggled. “You’re so corny.” He kissed her cheek. “Only for you my love.”

“Come on guys,” Sebastian said as he rolled his eyes. “We got a long trail ahead of us and I don’t want to be out here all throughout the day.” Nodding their heads they all began walking the trail. “What made you guys think of this place to go for our little getaway?” Juliette asked as she rocked their hands back n forth.

“Well remember when we watched Everything Everything?” Juliette nodded her head as she blushed. “Yeah, I remember, along with other things.” Raising her eyebrows daringly. Sean grinned as he continued. “Well, we thought after everything that happened and your interest in the island this would be the perfect spot for you to relax before facing the realities of life.”

“Thank you.”

They both simply nodded their heads as the conversation ended and they stared up at the beauty of the forest around them. Juliette found comfort in being between the two of them. She still couldn’t believe that they had gone all this way to make her happy. She didn’t see how she was blessed to have them in her life.

Once coming to the end of the trail the day was still alive and bright. “Hungry?” She asked and they nodded their heads. “I could eat. What about you?” Juliette nodded her head. “Any place in mind?” Juliette thought for a second. “How about some seafood?” She had indeed been craving some seafood for the past couple of days.

Juliette held her stomach as pain shot through her. Groaning she held onto Sebastian’s arm to keep her up. “You okay love?” She shook her head. “I just need to sit down.” She gave him a small smile to keep his nerves down. Helping her over to a bench he sat her down gently. “Just give me a minute to get myself under control. I guess I’m just hungry.”

“Okay babydoll, well Sean is looking into seafood restaurants around us.”

She closed her eyes and leaned back. “Well let me just sit here for a few minutes.” Sebastian grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently. A couple of minutes later Sean came back with a big smile. “Well good news guys I found us a seafood restaurant.” Juliette opened her eyes and looked up at him with a smile. “Yay.” She whispered and then flinched when another wave of pain shot through her.

“Sean, could you go maybe get us some ibuprofen?”

Sean nodded and walked away towards the little store that was close to the trail they had finished with. Before Juliette could hold back she leaned over and threw up. Sebastian quickly gathered her hair in his hands. Rubbing her back as she continued to throw up, tears began to fall down her eyes.

Once done she was pulled slowly back up to a sitting position. Sebastian began wiping her face off with his shirt. “Ewww there’s throw up on your shirt now,” Juliette whined as she tried to push his hand away. “I don’t care, love, let me clean it off your face.” He couldn’t stop himself from snickering from her disgusted expression.

Once done with cleaning her face he grabbed a bottle out of his bag. “Swish some of this in your mouth love.” She took the bottle and followed his instructions. Leaning back she took in a couple of deep breaths. She had been throwing up in the previous week but she thought nothing of it as she dismissed it for simply being sick.

“Sebastian?” She spoke. Nodding his head so she would continue. “When was the last time I had my period?” Sebastian’s eyes widened for a bit before he thought about it. When was the last time? “I don’t know exactly, do you have any clue?” She shook her head. “I don’t remember having my period this month Sebastian.”

Juliette’s voice took on a more quiet form as her mind began putting pieces together. She stared at her hands for a second before looking up at Sebastian. “Sebastian,” She took a deep breath. “Sebastian I think I’m pregnant.” Once she said it she couldn’t find it to be real as she heard a sharp noise from ahead of her. Turning her head she saw Sean’s mouth was opened as pills rolled towards her.

“Pregnant?” He sputtered. “What about your pill.” She shook her head. She felt so irresponsible. She didn’t even think about her pills. She pulled her hands to her face and before she knew it tears were falling down her cheeks. She was too young to have kids, she still had a life ahead of her with her twins.

Shoulders shook as she tried to wipe away the waterfall that seemed relentless. Sadness washed over her body. Sebastian pulled her into his arms. “It’s okay sweetie, we’ll figure something out,” He pulled back and made her look at him. “We’ll get through this together. As a team.” He turned to Sean who had soundlessly made his way over to the two.

He sat down on the bench on the other side of her. Smiling at her, he took her other hand in his. “We are one, my love, Sebastian and I will always be here with you every step of the way. You’ll never be alone. Plus we don’t even know for sure if you’re pregnant.”

Both Juliette and Sebastian turned to him. “Too soon?” He held his arms in defense as he smiled trying to lighten the mood up. “Yeah I guess you’re right,” Juliette said as the tears finally stopped. “I guess I can’t exactly let this maybe baby ruin my vacation.” She smiled as the twins snickered.

She could swear to you they were the same person.

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