My Twin Masters

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Chapter 23

“Come on guys, they’re here.” Sebastian helped Juliette up and the three began walking over to the car. Juliette got in first giving a small thanks to Sean who helped her in while Sebastian got in on the other side. Sean got in after her, closing the door behind him.

“I just can’t believe it. Pregnant Juliette, how are we going to tell the folks?”

Juliette couldn’t even open her mouth to answer him. He was right, how were they to break the news to their parents. Especially since it was just last year they had found out they all were involved with each other sexually. Now a baby was being added to the mix which could add problems for the three of them.

“Sean! We all don’t need the added stress, just let’s leave that thought further down the road. Right now let’s go get some food for our pregnant bunny.” Sebastian grabbed her hand for comfort while nuzzling her cheek. Whispering a quick ‘I love you’ to which she gave a small smile too.

Once they got to the restaurant, Juliette mood completely shifted once she smelled seafood. “Gosh I’m so hungry, I cannot wait to fill this belly with lobster.” Her lips lifted as she took the lead and the twins followed behind her.

“Table or Booth ma’am?”

“Booth please,” Juliette responded politely back to her. “Preferably the one over there.” She pointed to the rounded booth. She wanted to make sure they both could sit by her. The waitress nodded her head and lead the three over. Once everyone was seated she continued with her job.

“Could I start you guys off with anything? Water, soda, or beer?”

“Could we just get water with lemon in it for everyone.” The waitress nodded, giving everyone a menu to look at as she walked away. “I’m so ready to eat.’” Juliette was basically jumping from her seat as she looked through the menu. “What do you guys think you’ll get?”

“I was thinking about just eating some shrimp with a side of crab legs, Sebastian?”

Sebastian hummed in response. “I think I’ll go with some king crab with a side of scallops.”

They turned towards Juliette who already put her menu down and was waiting for the waitress. “I’m just going with some lobster tails and oysters. That is literally all I’m craving at the moment.” The twins nodded their heads at her response. “Well make sure that’s what you want love.” She nodded her heads at Sean words. “I’m pretty sure that’s what I and the baby wants.”

A slight laugh slipped from Sebatians mouth before he covered it up with a cough. Sean wasn’t amused at all as Juliette snickered a little bit. She couldn’t help but tease him a little bit even though it was not the appropriate time.

His nose flared a bit and he took a deep breath in. He had the urge to take her over his knee to give her a good old spanking that she seemed to really be pushing for. He simply went for pinching her thigh to which she jumped from. “That’s only a small piece of what you’ll be receiving later for this behavior.”

Juliette rubbed at the sore spot and scooted closer to Sebastian. The waitress came back just in time to take their order. Sitting the drinks down she pulled out a notepad looking expectantly. “What can I get you, folks?” She moved the blonde strand that must have fallen out the bun that sat on the back of her head.

Juliette began drinking some water as the twins told their orders. Once it was her turn she picked up the menu once again before listing her order off. Once done the waitress took the menus and walked off. Juliette laid her head down and sat there in quiet. She listened to the twins talking about something concerning the club.

“All I know is that when we get back we have serious things to attend to concerning the club.” His voice emphasized on the club part which made Juliette wonder if they were really talking about the club or something else. “I hope that we can get it done quickly now with the thought that Juliette might be having our child.”

She could just feel Sean rolling his eyes at Sebastian words. They are always rolling their eyes at everything concerning her. Especially if it’s something they find ridiculous. Juliette couldn’t help but feel her entire mood change at the thought of her twins not feeling optimistic about this change in their lives. Yes, she didn’t feel ready to raise a child but she was looking at the positive sides of having a child in their lives.

If she was being a little honest with herself a small part of her was actually pretty excited to have a baby growing inside of her. She could see herself holding a tiny child in her arms as she showers it with love and care.

“Okay, guys here’s your food.” Juliette raised her head and saw her lobster tail. She smiled when seeing her lobster tail steaming. She eagerly grabbed her plate from the waitress and didn’t even wait for the boys to get theirs before digging in. She began cracking open the tail and pulled the thick meat out. She grabbed the hot melted butter and began dipping the tail in it.

She gave a quiet moan once she began chewing the saturated lobster tail. She nodded her head as she picked up a potato piece and began chewing on that as well. She couldn’t get enough of her meal as the twins also began eating theirs. She smiled at them and received smiles back.

“Food good I take it?” Her waitress came back smiling at Juliette and Juliette nodded her head smiling. “Yeah, it’s really good actually, send my thanks to the chief.” The waitress nodded before walking off once again.

“I’m full,” Sebastian said as he popped his last scallop into his mouth. “That was simply amazing.”

“Like me?” Juliette asked as she smiled and leaned back.

“Yes, especially you love,” Sean responded as he kissed her cheek. Sebastian kissed her other cheek.

“Simply amazing, now let’s get back to the hotel to have some fun!”

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