My Twin Masters

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Chapter 24

Juliette giggled as Sebastian kissed her inner thigh. “Ready to take your pregnancy test?” Sean asked as he walked out of the bathroom with the box in his hand. Juliette rolled her eyes but quickly made sure neither of them saw her do it. “I guess I am.” Her mood was instantly shot as she got off the bed.

Taking the box from him she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She sat the box down as she sat on the toilet. She didn’t even have to pee so she went to open the box as she willed herself to use the bathroom. Once she was sure she went to put the stick under her waiting and once she was done she sat the stick on the box.

Finishing up her business she washed her hands as she sat down on the floor. Taking the box with her and sitting it next to her. It said she had to wait five minutes she looked at it. Closing her eyes she felt conflicted as she thought about the possibilities of this test being positive. She couldn’t stop her thoughts though from going negative at the thought of raising this child as well.

Putting her head in her hands she took some deep breaths in. Sitting there for more than five minutes she couldn’t bring herself to pick the test up. Working herself up she pulled through the small strength she felt and picked the test up.

Staring at it she couldn’t conceal her emotions. Once the first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream.

The test was positive.

She tried wiping the tears away but she couldn’t stop the ones that followed relentlessly. She wasn’t ready to be pregnant. God, she couldn’t believe how ignorant she is. How could she forget to take her pill? How could she of all people neglect something so important? She couldn’t stop the questions from rushing through her mind as the door opened up quietly.

The twins quickly surrounded her. Sebastian quickly brought her into his arms as she cried softly. She tried to relax in his arms and wished the tears would stop. Sean turned his focus to the test and showed it to Sebastian. Sebastian nodded his head as he continued to whisper into Juliette’s ears to calm her down.

Sean sighed as he sat the test back down. He didn’t know how to feel about this. This was all their fault for not being more careful. He knew Juliette would carry this baby, it was in her nature once she got over the shock that they would now be having one. He ran his fingers through her hair making sure to massage her scalp. That was one of the easiest ways to calm her down along with Sebastian whispering in her ears.

“Juliette look at us.” She picked her head up slowly from Sebastian’s shoulder. The twins moved to where they were sitting in front of her. She could only feel the support coming from both of them as Sebastian began to speak.

“Love whatever is going through your mind right now you may as well kick it out. We are all at fault for not keeping up with you taking your birth control. As you can see we will have to deal with the consequences which are this child. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head. “We love you babydoll and we will do everything to make sure you’re comfortable and in the right mindset for this tiny human that will be brought into this world in nine months,” Sean said in a playful tone at the end hoping to get a smile out of her.

When he noticed a small smile form on her lips he couldn’t keep the grin off his face. “I see our gorgeous submissive Sebastian. Though I can’t seem to see her fully, can you?” Sebastian shook his head. “No you’re right I can’t see her anywhere especially since her beautiful smile isn’t showing.”

Juliette couldn’t help but began to laugh at their antics. She couldn’t stop the smile from forming on her face which was bigger than the last. “Oh our girl Sebastian,” Sean exclaimed. “I believe we found her.”

“I’m here,” Juliette said as she flung herself at the two. Both welcoming her back with the same enthusiasm she had for them. “I’ve been here the whole time.” They showered her with kisses. Once they were all calm, they all made their way back to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed they made a triangle as the twins stared at Juliette.

“I’m not ready to be a mom guys. I’m scared.” Juliette announced expressing her fears. They nodded their heads. “We aren’t ready to be fathers either bear.” She nodded her head. They each had their own fears about the entire situation.

“We have plans for you Juliette. A baby won’t get in the way of how things are around here.” Juliette nodded her head, she understood that. She didn’t want anything to change, she didn’t want this baby to alter the way their relationship operated.

“We will love this baby Juliette, just as much as you will,” Sean said backing up Sebastian words. “Things won’t change but that doesn’t stop the fact that a child will be added into the mix. We will work around it to make sure everyone is satisfied. You and the baby above both of us.” He indicated between himself and Sebastian.

“I understand,” Juliette said as she laid down in between the two. They plopped down beside her. “I’m sleepy though.” She said as she yawned and rubbed at her eyes. She ran her fingers through her hair as she snuggled up between the two boys and proceeded to pull the blanket over the three of them.

“Um excuse me, guys.” She said as she tried to pull the blanket out from under them. They broke out laughing and Juliette pouted, she just wanted some blanket since it was a bit too chilly for her liking. “I will push you guys off the bed.” The twins instantly paused and stared at her in a challenging manner.

“Is that so tiny tiger?” Sean asked as Sebastian moved closer to her than before. Juliette almost regretted the provocation, but she simply smirked at the two. “All the way so.” The twins looked at each other before nodding their head.

Before Juliette could react she was bundled into the blanket and picked up. They sat her on the floor ignoring her shrieks. “This will teach her to not threaten us,” Sebastian said as they got back on the bed. “Hopefully she’ll learn but you know it’s all about trial and error with her.” They both nodded their head at the statement.

“I can hear you!”

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