My Twin Masters

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Chapter 25

Throwing up sucks, Juliette thought as she once again threw her head back over the toilet. Sean rubbed her back as Sebastian held her hair up. “I swear this baby better be a boy.” She said groggily. She pulled back not being able to take the stench of throw up.

“I hope it’s a girl,” Sebastian said as he gave her a glass of water sitting next to him. “Then I would be able to spoil her like I do her beautiful mama.” Juliette smiled as she took Sean’s hand to help her up. “I hope it’s nothing, she’s not pregnant.” Sean let her hand go and Juliette could only sigh.

Sean was still in the not believing it phase. She knew he would come around and that he needed time. So why did it cut her every time he said something negative about the situation? “Don’t worry about Mr. Grumpy pants love, you don’t need to stress about it.” Sebastian’s hands instantly came to her belly.

Rubbing it, he smiled as his eyes showed deep caring for this little bean growing inside of her. Smiling softly she could only enjoy this moment with him, she knew Sean would come around sooner or later. Sebastian brought her closure as they swayed softly against each other. “I love you,” Sebastian said lightly.

“I love you too.”

Bodies slowly moving to the melody in their heads. They could only find comfort in each other. Sean stood in the bathroom, his hands over his head as he tried to calm himself down. He didn’t know why he couldn’t enjoy this bundle of joy that would be coming into their lives.

Pulling his phone out he dialed a number. “Jefferson, have the car running when I come out there.” A quick reply was heard before the call ended. Sean sighed as he fixed his collar and grabbed his wallet. Walking out, he didn’t even stop to look at his mates.

He hurried out as he rushed down the stairs. He just needed to get away from everything and calm his head. “Thank you, Jefferson.” He said lightly as he got in the car. He rubbed his eyes as he felt the car take off, hoping to get somewhere relaxed.

Back in the hotel room Juliette and Sebastian laid on the bed watching some tv. They knew he would come back when he had calmed down. Sebastian couldn’t stop rubbing Juliette’s flat belly, he could only keep the smile on his face as he thought about the tiny bean that laid in her belly.

Juliette didn’t know how to feel about Sean. She understood from his viewpoint but now factoring in a child she couldn’t help but feel he was being a little selfish. She wished he was here to cuddle with the two of them.

“Sebastian, do you think my brother will come back?” She questioned. She asked this question at random times. The twins were never excited to answer her. “There is no way he’ll be able to get you love.” She nodded her head. “You’re right, I just have this strange feeling.” Sebastian brought her close to his chest. “You can kick that strange feeling away love, he’ll never get you in our care.”

He pulled her shirt up to lay his hand on her stomach. “We’ll protect you and this child. You are my whole life and I’ll be damn if someone like your brother tries to take you from me.”

Snuggling closer to him she kissed his chin. “I know love, I believe you.”

Kissing her forehead he didn’t feel the need to say anything else as they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. Hours past and Juliette felt arms engulf her on her other side. Slowly opening her eyes there was Sean, she slowly turned from Sebastian towards him. She caressed his face as he leaned into her hand.

“My love.” She whispered softly. He hummed in acknowledgment. His eyes were closed as he breathed deeply in. “We need to talk.” Her voice came across adult-like. She knew when to be an adult when it was needed and this was a time to have a serious conversation with him. “What’s going on with you?” She questioned.

Waiting a couple of moments she heard a deep sigh before green eyes locked with her blue ones. “Do you really want to have this talk?” He asked as he sat up. She nodded her head, this was something that needed to be discussed. He got off the bed and she followed behind him as they sat in the chairs across from each other.

Painstaking silence followed between the two. Juliette watched her love and could see something was off. She didn’t want to think this baby could cause all this stress that seemed to take over his body.

“I’m scared, Juliette. I’m scared of this change. This baby will change everything.” Juliette watched as his body deflated, leaving only a scared boy. “You’re scared?” She scoffed. “You don’t think me and Sebastian aren’t scared. You don’t think I know what changes this baby will bring to our lives?” She ran a hand through her locks. “Sean, my love, there is a reason we call this a relationship.”

Sean looked at her, he could see she was holding it together by a single thread. “I don’t want this baby, I never wanted to be a father this young Juliette. I simply want you, is that too much to ask?” He questions exasperatedly.

“No it’s not, but your reasons are bull shit, Sean. You don’t want to be a father, what about me? Huh, you think I want to be a mother right now? No! I never wanted to be a mother this young, but you know what I’m sucking it up for this baby. I won’t dare raise this baby in hate Sean. ” She said fiercely.

“I want you in our lives Sean, but if you can’t stop being so selfish then I doubt this can work. This can’t work if you constantly think about yourself only. You have to understand that we all can support each other.” She was out of breath and tears were streaming down her face. This was supposed to be a happy moment, she doesn’t want to worry about this. She needed him, she needed him as much as she needed Sebastian. They were her rock, they were her link to her fairytale.

“I don’t know if I can do that. Give me some time.” With that, he got up and walked away once again. Leaving his love to pick up the pieces to her broken heart once again. Tears refused to stop as she brought her legs closer to her, only finding comfort in herself at this moment.

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