My Twin Masters

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Chapter 26

Juliette sighed as she stared out across the water, she needed to take a walk to clear her mind. Wrapping her arms around herself she didn’t understand why everything couldn’t just run a lot smoother. She just wants her boys to be happy for this bundle of joy that will be coming into their lives.

She watched as the waves crashed into each other, she felt like a wave. Always in battle with her feelings and constantly being pulled under when it came to the twins. She didn’t want to take the extra measure but she wasn’t sure if she could continue with the nonsense Sean was throwing her way.

She felt opposed to herself as she understood the position he took in the situation. She felt her love shift between him and the baby in her stomach. How easily this baby took up space in her heart, she felt so grateful for such a beautiful gift.

“Why are you sitting out here alone?” Sebastian cut into her thoughts. Turning towards him she could only reach out for him. She just wanted to have his comfort. “Thinking.” Her answer was simple as she laid in the eyes of one of her lovers. “Sean and I talked earlier, I don’t know how to process what occurred in the conversation.”

“Well, let’s start from the beginning, what exactly brought the conversation up?” She groaned before shoving her face into his chest. “You know how he’s been acting lately and I couldn’t stand not knowing his thoughts so I brought it up.” Sebastian nodded his head before nudging her to continue.

“I just hoped this conversation would go smoother then it did. He seems so distant from me and it’s not something that I wish at the moment. I need you and him to help me through this. I love both of you and I just want my twins.” Sebastian rubbed her back comfortingly as she rubbed her eyes.

“Well, sometimes you just have to let him calm down and come to you. You know Sean just as well as me and know that he has to cool down and get his own thoughts in check before coming to you.” Sebastian said this as though it was the clearest thing ever. Juliette swore she could beat him up at this moment as she rolled her eyes.

She made sure he didn’t see her as she turned her attention back to the waves crashing even more against each other. She melted into Sebastian as she relaxed into the surroundings. It was simply beautiful the way the colors in the sky worked with one another as the sun began to rise. She wished she could capture this moment forever. She wished for many things but sadly that’s not how life worked.

Before Sebastian knew it he heard little snores coming from Juliette. He didn’t want to risk waking her up so he sat back and watched the current of the water. He didn’t know how to approach the situation with Sean. He didn’t understand why he was so angry, they could still do the same thing they were doing now, just there will be a child involved.

He couldn’t explain the excitement that bubbled in his stomach whenever his hand laid on her belly. He helped create a gift that was being bestowed upon them. He felt the love crawl up his heart ready to burst at the moment this child was born. He felt so many different emotions that it’s hard to keep track of one, all he knew was he couldn’t wait to cherish this beauty that was going to be born.

He got up effortlessly with Juliette in his arms. He moved slowly so she wouldn’t wake up. Making sure she was still sleeping he proceeded to walk towards their hotel. Once inside he sat her on the bed and put the covers on her. He had to call his brother to see what’s going on really, he wasn’t going to allow him to break the heart of their love. That was simply unacceptable on his part.

Walking towards the table he sat down and ran his hands down his face. He took a deep breath out as he took his phone out. Dialing Sean’s number he listened to it ring before the familiar voice of his brother entered his ears. “Hello brother, what can I do for you now.” Sebastian wanted to punch him in the face. “Meet me outside in 5.” He hung up on him knowing he heard him perfectly well.

Getting changed into something more appropriate to go outside in he took one last look at Juliette before walking out closing the door behind him. He didn’t want to be gone for too long so he walked quickly towards the doors. There and behold was his younger brother who was typing fast on his cell phone.

“Well, I know that you know I’m standing here,” Sebastian said calmly and Sean simply looked up with a bored expression. “What’s going on with you?” Sean shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You know you’re terrible with lying right?” Sebastian began walking not looking back to see if Sean was following. “So are you going to keep lying or actually tell me what the hell is going on with you?” Sebastian’s voice came off as impatient even though he didn’t mean too. He just wanted to understand why he was being such a butthole.

“I’m not ready for a child Sebastian. I’m not ready to be a father.”

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