My Twin Masters

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Chapter 27

“You’re fucking kidding me right?” Sebastian asked staring at his brother who looked like the world was lying straight on his shoulders. “I’m serious Sebastian. I can’t be a father, it’s not who I am.” Sean sped his pace up and Sebastian was sure now he was going to knock his teeth out.

“You know what, you sound like a straight asshole. A fucking asshole for what you’re saying and for what you’re putting Juliette through!” Sebastian couldn’t stop the vile that spilled from his lips. He couldn’t stand his angel being put through this, he can’t have her being this stressed out.

“I’m taking her to mom and dad, you can come if you want but you’re not allowed to bring any of that negative shit along with you. You’re going to support her because whether you like it you were apart of this and I’m not allowing you to put this all on us.”

With that Sebastian walked away leaving his brother standing there with tears streaming down his face.


“Come on sweetie, I need you to wake up. We’re leaving today.” Juliette groaned staring at him with a look that could kill. “I’m tired.” She whined as she pulled the cover back over her head. She didn’t want to leave the comfort of the bed and sleep! Sebastian yanked the covers once noticing that she wasn’t budging.

“Juliette! Get your tail out of bed.” His voice was serious and calm. Juliette hopped out of that bed as though her butt was on fire. “I’m up, we’re up.” She was breathless as she stared at her lover. “You couldn’t just let me sleep for a little longer?” She groaned as she thought about the long flight back home.

Sebastian shook his head as he nodded his head towards the bathroom. Dragging her feet across the floor she slowly made her way into the bathroom, knowing she wasn’t going to win any fight that ended with her back in bed and Sebastian contently resting next to her. “I don’t hear any water running!” Juliette made little mocking motions with her hands before hurrying to turn the water on.

“It’s on.” She yelled back as she at a fair pace began to strip down for the shower that she was now being forced to take. A soft smile took over her face when her eyes landed on the mirror and dropped down to her belly. She laid a hand over the bean that was growing inside of her. Even now believing something so small such as that was growing inside of you was mind-blowing.

She couldn’t ever assume that she would be blessed with another child again. Her hand stopped rubbing as that thought passed her head. She tried hard not to think about him, but he couldn’t be blocked out as the guilt set in. She quickly turned towards the shower and stepped in, letting the hot water beat steady against her body.

Listening to the sound it made as she stopped and thought about the child that once grew in her stomach.

Juliette at a younger age

“Brother.” A moan dared to leave her mouth. This wasn’t right, so why did it feel so good? She stared at an exact copy of herself except in the form of a male, her brother.

“My love, you are so beautiful.” He wiped the tears that were streaming down her face away. She was simply an angel in the eyes of his. Pushing deep into her he moaned quietly into her neck.

“Moments like these are what I wish could be frozen forever.” He perfectly groomed her into his pet as he pulled out of her and he heard the tiny whimpers leave her lips.

“Why was I blessed by you.” In.

“To have someone so perfect.” Out.

“You’ll be mines forever.”

Those words stuck to Juliette as she was pulled from her memories. She closed her eyes and sighed, she hated when those came along. Her brother made everything seem so perfect, so absolute between them. He gave her the wrong image of life and now his teachings were embedded in her brain.

She began washing her body, not wanting to keep Sebastian waiting longer then he had. She was surprised he didn’t already come to check up on her. Once done she turned the water off and grabbed a towel to wrap around herself. Skipping the mirror she left the bathroom quickly and instead decided to get dressed in the room.

She regarded the suitcases that were laying open with a significant amount of clothes they had purchased over the past week. She wasn’t even sure was some of them came from, though she didn’t question as she grabbed some comfy clothing to put on. Once dressed she heard a door close as she finished up lotioning her legs.

“Grabbed your favorite.”

“What do you want Sean?” She questioned. After the morning talk they had, she wasn’t sure if she was ready to face him again. How can one turn their back on the one they love and try to turn the blame on them. She simply didn’t understand nor did she want to.

Sean sat the bag down as he moved a bit closer to her.

“Can we just eat?” He asked not wanting to get into another argument with her. “I got you some beignets.” Juliette’s ear perked up as she heard her weakness. “Oh, you did?” She asked her voice she hopped coming off nonchalant but there was still a trace of craving in her tone. Sean almost smirked, she was almost his. Now he just had to add the cherry on top.

“Yeah, I had some flown down for you. Though I guess that’s not the only pastry I decided to bring.” He knew he had her when her eyes lit up. He waved the bag her way as she walked slowly over to him. “I guess we can wait to talk later.” She said as she grabbed the bag and opened it.

The wonderful scent wafting through the air as she pulled out a beignet. Biting into it softly she gave a small moan, she didn’t know she was craving this until she now had the beauty in her mouth.

“I see you’re bribing her with pastries now?”

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