My Twin Masters

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Chapter 28

“I may have been bribing her, but I mean what else can I do for being such an ass?” The questioned floated in the quiet room as the sounds of Juliette eating her pastry became more dominant.

Sebastian let out a huff as he closed the door behind him, walking past Sean he went straight for the suitcases that laid opened. Closing them up he wasted no time on making his way out once again. Sean made no acknowledgment of him but instead decided to sit in the chair next to Juliette.

“This doesn’t mean I forgive you?”

Juliette hoped he was clear on that, he wasn’t going to get her forgiveness just because of some sweets that she continued to gladly devour.

“Oh I know princess, I have much more to give to receive your forgiveness but I’m not so sure of Sebastian. I’m pretty sure he hates me now.” There was a slight tone to his voice but Juliette chose to ignore it for the time being.

“What did you anticipate Sean, you can’t just up and leave and just to expect us to be okay with it. You ran away from what you believe is a problem. I can’t comprehend the complexity of you fulfilling one of my greatest fears.” Juliette’s degrees where showing and Sean almost put his hand on her back.

He almost did.

She stared ahead of her, avoiding his eyes.

“You left me, Sean, you actually left me. You walked out that door and didn’t show me the heart of the man I fell in love with. It’s hard for me to keep my head up and look at you. You looked me straight in the eyes and gave life to my fears. I wish I could pretend that nothing is wrong but it’s hard to keep my head up and be strong.”

As much as she tries to hold it in, the sadness overtakes her and the pearl-shaped tears stream down her face. This sadness cut her deep and she unquestionably hated it. She hated it with her very being and she wished she could wipe it away from her soul.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Juliette. I never meant to hurt you. God that’s the last thing I ever wished to bring upon you. This pain is all my fault and I’m sorry love.”

“Well now you know Sean, what are you going to do now.” Sebastian’s voice came into the atmosphere as he once again closed the door behind him. He moved silently towards Juliette who was now wiping away the remaining tears.

Picking her up and putting her on his lap, he knew that she would calm down.

Slowly but surely Juliette’s breathing returned to normal as she relaxed into Sebastian’s chest. She closed her eyes and willed herself to ease down. She didn’t want to feel pain, but Sean seemed to always have a way nowadays.

“I think that’s enough talking for now brother. I always seem to be cleaning up your messes.”

Sean could admit those words stung but staring at Juliette he didn’t see a reason to argue. He had again made a mess and made Juliette cry which wasn’t his intentions. He just wanted things to run smoothly. He closed the bags of sweets as he sat back letting out a deep breath.

“When do we leave.”

“In about ten minutes,” Sebastian said as he rubbed Juliette’s back in comforting circles. “Everything is packed and ready to go, so we can just sit here and relax for the time being.” Sean nodded his head at his words.

“How do you think mom and dad going to react?” Sebastian shrugged his shoulders. “Hopefully like any normal grandparents would act. You never know with those two.”

“I had another bad memory.”

Her voice was soft and quiet, she knew she needed to tell the twins. “It was about him again this time when I was 14. He was calling me his and that I would be his forever.” Her mind was a whirlwind as she laid there.

“Do you know why?”

“I was thinking about my first child.” Guilt was laced in her tone. “Do you wish to see him again?” Sean questioned and she shook her head. “What good what that do him? He’s happy with his adopted parents, his real parents.” Her voice cracked at the end. He didn’t need her coming into his life stirring it up yet again.

“You will always be his mother though, you did give birth to him.”

“At the tender age of 15 though Sean, is today not your day with words?” Her bottom was slapped not so lightly. “Sorry.” She said as Sebastian rubbed the spot he slapped. He wasn’t in the mood for her disrespectful tone. “I just mean I don’t want to cause problems for him. He’ll be starting his junior year of high school and he doesn’t need any stress.”

Sean knew he could only nod his head. He didn’t want to upset her once again.

“Well let’s talk more on the plane guys since it’s about time for us to go.” Once Sebastian stood up, Juliette’s leg instantly wrapped themselves around him, her head falling onto his shoulder.

“You sure we got everything?” Sean asked looking around double-checking.

“All you have to do is grab the phones and we’ll be ready.”

Sean nodded his head before following the instructions and then following the two out of the room. They all made their way down the steps ignoring the stares on Juliette as they made their way to the car. Once inside, Sean started the car up and began the drive to their private jet.

Juliette stared out the window at the passing trees and could only sigh as she thought about her time here. It started out great but sadly decline and that brought a sort of feeling to her chest to think such a trip had gone to waste. She was though very grateful for being given the opportunity though to see the island.

“Thank you guys for bring me here.”

“Anything for you doll, anything your heart desires.”

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