My Twin Masters

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Chapter 29

“Momma. Pops.” Engulfed in hugs Sebastian could only relish in the scent of his parents. He had missed them dearly and knew that Juliette being here would help her mental state.

“Wheres my precious daughter.” His mothers’ loud voice echoed as she engulfed Juliette. Juliette couldn’t help but breathe in the comforting scent of the women she had come to know as her mother. “I’ve missed you, my girl.” Such words brought joy to Juliettes’ heart as she relaxed into the hold of her mother from another.

“I’ve missed you to Angelica. I’ve missed you dearly, more then you can imagine.” She couldn’t believe that she had been away so long. Angelica’s blue eyes gave her a knowing look as she kissed her cheek.

“Where’s my hug at?” A deep voice flowed into Juliette’s ears.

“Charles, I’ve missed you as well.” Once Angelica released her, she was instantly swept into the arms of Charles. He gave her a big hug as his arms engulfed her. She giggled as he kissed the top of her head. “My princess.” He said the nickname he had blessed her with when she was younger.

“Now why are you guys here?” Charles asked as he let go of Juliette. “I think we need to sit down for this one,” Sebastian said as they moved towards the couches. “Maybe even a drink.” His tone was joking as Juliette hit him in the arm softly, a smile appearing on her face. “I’m just kidding.”

Sean stared at the two longingly, his father taken notice of this quickly. “What’s wrong?” Sean shook his head, deciding to remain quiet for the time being. His father let it go for the moment, but he promised himself he would have a talk with him separately.

“We have news.” The atmosphere lightened up once the attention was turned back towards Juliette and Sebastian. They were beaming as they held each other’s hand. “News?” Angelica asked, her attention solely on them, as her husband couldn’t stop looking at Sean. He knew something was up but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

“We’re pregnant!” Juliette and Sebastian yelled loudly. Sean couldn’t even look at them, not knowing what was holding him back from participating in the happiness that basically dripped from their very being.

“I’m having a grandchild?”

Excitement broke out on Angelica’s face. She hopped up as she instantly brought the two in her arms. She couldn’t believe and not long after tears of joy streamed down her face. “My baby is pregnant?” She asked as her hands went towards Juliette stomach that held a tiny bump to it.

She couldn’t believe that she would finally be having a grandchild. “Sean! Why aren’t you happy about this?” Sean could only shrug his shoulders. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him, he’s been acting differently after we found out she was pregnant,” Juliette said as she tried to not cry. She felt so emotional and she just wishes everything could go much smoother. “I don’t know to understand what’s holding him back. I know this took us by surprise but I thought we were stronger than this.”

Sebastian rubbed her back as Angelica moved to sit on the other side of her.

“I think I’ll talk to Sean in a separate room. Come on.” Charles left no room in his voice for argument as Sean stood and followed his father out of the room. He didn’t want to risk getting into an argument he knew he would lose.

Walking through the house, Sean couldn’t help the nostalgic feeling that overcame him as he thought of the childhood the three of them shared. All the endless nights soothing over the fear that buried itself deep in Juliette’s’ soul. They made sure she understands they were her saviors now, but he didn’t feel much like a savior at the moment. He felt like a monster for not embracing the women he loved and the brother he held a connection with so deeply he would do anything for.

“Is there a reason why you aren’t fulfilling the longing that shows so clearly in your eyes?” His father had a keen eye for seeing when he wasn’t being true to himself. Sean turned his attention to the waves that crashed against each other. He never felt closer to water then he did at this moment. “I feel like I’m drowning dad, I feel like I’m constantly at war with myself and just the crashing emotions inside of me are tearing me apart.”

“How can I be a father? How can I ever fill the role you played in our lives. I just don’t believe I’m strong enough for that.” He felt drained of tears, he was sick of crying and feeling so helpless. His father hand clasps his shoulder as he brought him into his chest. “You do not need to be like me, Sean! You were an amazing child and now a strong man who I know if he simply embraced those he loved would recognize that you are we need.”

“You need to understand that when you feel like this family is who you turn to. To hold you up when you need it and to carry when your legs have given out from underneath you. You are my son, you came from me and your mother which gives you the right to lean on us when you need it.”

Charles pulled back, his voice cracking with his next words.

“I love you, my boy. I will be here for as long as God allows me, even after death all you have to do is speak to me in the skies.” He rested his temple against his. “You need to fix yourself and go in there to embrace the two people that love you more than anybody in this world. They deserve better then what you are giving them.”

Sean pulled back and stared at his fathers in the eyes. He saw the love and admiration he held for him. He saw himself looking back at him with a smile on his face. He knew he could do this now. He knew he could embrace the family he had known all his life no matter what, he would always have them supporting him.

“I love you, dad.”

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