My Twin Masters

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Chapter 3


Juliette flinched when a sharp pain came from her nipples that were currently in nipple clamps.

“Did we give you permission to speak?”

Sebastian asked calmly. “When you first became our sub what training did you do?” Sean questioned. Juliette knew it off the top of her head.

“Positions. sir.”

“How many of those positions do you remember?”

“One.” She whispered, shame evident in her voice. We taught you four positions love,” Sean started. “Show me the one you remember.” Getting into the first position that they practiced constantly.

“If this is one you remember out the four, I at least expected it to be neat,” Sean said as he walked over to the many riding crops they owned and picked up one. Coming close to her, he stated.

“On the floor.” Quickly she kneeled as he walked around her, like a predator and she was his prey. Crying out in surprises when the riding crop was harshly brought down to her thigh.

“Knees apart! If I can’t see that pretty pink pussy then it’s not enough.” Spreading her knees apart more, he brought the riding crop between her legs. Slowly he massaged her pussy lips standing right next to her.

“Back arched, chest out.” Sebastian’s voice floated into her ear.

Listening to his words, she arched her back out as Sean tapped the crop on her nipples teasingly before cracking it on her skin. She whimpered and Sebastian grabbed her chin harshly.

“Did we give you permission to make any noises.”

“No master.”


Nodding quickly, he let go. She tried desperately to ignore their hanging cocks right in front of her face as they examined her posture. “Down.” Getting out the position, she looked up at them.

“Position.” She got back in it and Sebastian examined her before giving a nod of approval.

“Good, down.”

“Next position pet.”

Biting her lip when he looked at her expectantly. “Grab your ankles.” It clicked in her head at what she was supposed to do and grabbed her ankles, leaning forward so that she was on her knees and her face was pressed against the floor. Sean was about to say something but she quickly spread her knees our and he nodded.

“That’s a good girl. Finally learning.” Hearing his praise, just made Juliette want to do better for them both.

Sebastian came up behind her and began to rub her soft ass, while Sean spoke up. “You may speak now. What do we expect you to do in positions?”

“Not talk or make any noise. Stay still, even if master touches me.” He hummed and Sebastian slowly dragged two fingers over her wet opening. “Next position.” The older twin spoke removing his fingers.

“What is it, master?” She questioned, embarrassed. “On your back, back arched and knees up and apart.” Quickly following his instructions, she did what he said. He tilted her head up so that her chin was facing the ceiling.

“Always keep your chin to the ceiling in this position.”

“Yes, sir.”

“We won’t use this position often,” Sean started. “But I do like how vulnerable and exposed you look.” She turned her head when noticing him stroking his cock. Biting her lip as she watched him move up and down.

“Chin up.” he got up when she did and got on his knees on the floor. Gripping his shaft in hand he rubbed it against her cheek.

“Don’t move,” Sebastian demanded to watch her. His twin rubbed the head of his cock over her lips teasingly while stroking himself. “Do you want to suck my cock, pet?”

“Yes, master.”

“Get into your first position,” He demanded standing up. Moving into the first position, he stopped stroking himself.

“Suck.” Instantly her lips wrapped around his large member and brought her lips to his tip.

Sebastian tsked and pulled her hair so she was looking at him.

“No hands.” Nodding and dropping her fingers from his brother’s shaft. She slowly began to bob her head up and down his shaft, too slow for Sean. He made a makeshift ponytail and started thrusting into her mouth harshly. He wasn’t gentle at all and she loved it.

When the tip hit the back of her throat she gagged. He did it once more and she gagged again. Sean had always liked when girls gagged. Personally, Juliette didn’t like it as much but if it pleased master then it pleased her. He took his cock out allowing her to breathe before shoving it back in. Sebastian plugged her nose as Sean grabbed the side of her head and pounding into her mouth.

Tears gathered in her eyes as he groaned. “Fuck, look at me, Juliette.” She did and he pulled his cock out. Breathing heavily Sean rubbed his cock over her lips and cheek. “Look at how hard you made Sebastian. Give him so attention.” He slapped her with his member before stepping away.

Licking her lips as she stared at her other master’s cock. There was pre-cum dripping from the tip that she so desperately needed.

“Go ahead, pet.” Not wasting any time as she started licking up and down the sides of his cock. After gathering up the pre-cum, she moaned at the taste and he slapped her cheek lightly.

“You like that.”

“Yes, master.” She moaned out like the slut she was.

“Suck me.” She gathered his cock in her mouth, gagging when trying to take it all in. She always needed their help seeing as their cocks were too big for her to handle on her own.

He grabbed the side of her head and started fucking her face. Sebastian made her take all his cock in her mouth and held her still as her nose touched his trimmed pubic hair.

He grunted keeping her there as tears ran down her face. After seconds, he let her go and she started gasping for air. Saliva was running down her chin, as pre-cum was smeared around her lips and cheeks.

Sean stroked my hair as her chest fell up and down rapidly.

“Such a pretty pet.”

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