My Twin Masters

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Chapter 30

'“I feel like our relationship is declining.” Juliette voiced her thoughts to Sebastian as she played with her nails. They were growing out too long and she knew she would have to cut them soon. She didn’t want to give herself a chance to hurt her self.

“Don’t say that! Our relationship is neither nor ever will be declining. We’re too strong to just fall apart so easily. Have some faith in us.” With that, he buttoned up the jacket that was over his suit as he walked out.

He was right, she didn’t understand where these negative thoughts were coming from. Letting herself fall back on the many pillows that were on the bed they were staying in during their time here. She ran her fingers over the soft gold comforter and smiled when she thought of the color she wanted to paint the baby’s room.

Her hands traveled down to her belly. She couldn’t believe that she was blessed again to have a baby. She could only continue to thank God for giving her another chance to love and cherish the child that would be born. She could only hope that Sean could come around and love this baby as much as she and Sebastian already did.

Getting off the bed she made her way out of the room, not wanting to be a lazy potato. She walked towards the kitchen hoping she could make something quick and easy. Though once she caught the smell of mac and cheese she knew dinner would be anything other than quick.

Smiling when she heard laughter, she came into view of the whole family helping cook food. She watched as Angelica and Charles were cutting up vegetables and Sebastian was seasoning chicken. Sean was in the corner mashing up some potatoes that looked fresh out the pot. Everyone was bouncing to the music that strummed in the air and Juliette couldn’t help but move her hips slowly to the music-making sure to stay on beat.

Sean turned towards Juliette when noticing that she had entered the room and sat down his utensils to walk over to her. Once making his way over he instantly engulfed her in a hug knowing they both needed one from the other. Inhaling her scent he instantly relaxed as her body molded to his.

“Babydoll...” His voice broke as he held her close, refusing to cry at this moment. She smiled gently. “Sean, have you come back to me?” Her voice was soft as her hand caressed his face. Smiling at her Sean could only stare at the beauty he had been putting through so much stress. “I’m so sorry hun, I don’t know how I can ever ask for your forgiveness over my actions.”

“Sean, you’ve hurt me with your words and actions but I don’t want this to be the outcome of a relationship that has gone through so much, this included! I love you with my whole heart, but I won’t let you off that easily my love.” With that, she kissed his cheeks softly before moving around him and going to Sebastian.

Sean took a deep breath in and let it out slowly before turning around to face the people he called his family. “I love you all dearly, I want to apologize for my behavior towards you guys. You all didn’t deserve anything I put you through,” Letting his eyes fall on Juliette before moving to Sebastian and finally his mother and pops.

“My boy, Juliette didn’t deserve anything you have said to her. She along with yourself didn’t know that she was pregnant and only deserves love throughout this entire pregnancy. You are going to step up and be the man I pushed out of my vaginal canal and raised and take care of this child in her womb.”

“I understand mother.” She gave a nod in acknowledgment, allowing someone else to take the floor. It was no time to push this under the rug and they needed to resolve this now so they could move on with their lives peacefully.

“I believe that we can overcome these fears you hold Sean together.” Sebastian started. “You know how strong you are along with me and Juliette. We are your partners and we aren’t just going to bail on you. You just have to come to us when you’re feeling this way.” Juliette nodded her heads to the words coming from Sebastian’s mouth.

Sean needed to learn when to come to them when he was feeling these fears. She knew they would answer with open arms, so why was it so hard for him to do just that?

“I’m afraid guys like I told pops, I don’t want to be a bad father.”

Thinking about his fears was different when saying them aloud.

“You need to understand that being a father comes with learning. There are going to bumps along the way and times when you feel utterly defeated,” His father stopped for a moment making sure Sean felt every single word that came from his mouth. “Though you know what, this is your child and you know in your heart that you can never give up on them. That they are worth every risk that you make and every bump in the road that comes along.”

Sean nodded his head as he took in the lesson his father was trying to convey to him.

“You all can do this! I know you all will make amazing parents.” His mothers’ voice floated into their ears as she gave them a small smile as she finished up with the dish she was making. Taking her gloves off she proceeded to put the casserole in the oven so that it would cook.

“Now can we please play a board game or something?” She exclaimed as she threw her hands in the air causing laughter to bubble up from the rest. “You just can’t let us live in the serious moment for a little longer?” Charles asked as he grabbed her pulling her close to him.


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