My Twin Masters

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Chapter 31

Juliette laid on the couch as she rubbed her stomach. She just couldn’t understand the beauty God was blessing her with. He had given her the one thing that she’s always yearned for. A child with the two loves of her life. She wondered about the child she had first given birth too, the child that was ripped from her arms by her own brother. Shaking her head she knew she couldn’t go down memory lane during a special time in her life like now.

“I love you little one, your daddies are going to love you so much. I’ll always protect you hunny, I swear to you with my whole being.” Warmth washed over her body as she made another declaration to the child in her tummy. Ever since finding out about this little one she couldn’t stop the small speeches that spilled from her lips. She just couldn’t put into words how much love bursts from her chest when talking to them.

“My love, you’re okay?” Sean collapsed on the couch beside her. She nodded her head as her hand caressed his hair. It had been getting longer then he normally allows it to. She always did love them with long hair but they always insisted they cut and trimmed it. She fought them each time but she hoped they would keep it long this time.

“I’m just happy that everything is okay now.” Sean could only nod his head. Maybe Juliette forgave him but Sebastian was on another planet when it came to him. He knew his brother was highly disappointed and gaining his forgiveness wouldn’t be as easy as Juliette. She was a kind, nurturing person who forgave easily because that’s how pure her heart was to him.

“Can I feel him?” His question floated into the peaceful air and Juliette’s hand stopped for a second. She didn’t know if she wanted him to touch her belly especially after everything he said but a larger part of her didn’t want to keep the experience from him. She sighed as she nodded her head and Sean instantly was sitting up waiting patiently for her to raise her shirt.

Lifting her shirt Sean wasn’t able to hold back the excitement of being able to share this moment with her. Juliette couldn’t help but giggle at the childlike excitement that radiated from him. “Are you going to rub the bump or stare at it all day?” Sean reached over quickly and laid his hand on the belly bump. His hand was shaking and Juliette put one of her hands over his. His shaking stopped thankfully and his face fell to one of contentment.

“This is our child?” He asked his voice in awe of the tiny child feeling like a complete asshole for not getting over himself sooner. Juliette nodded her head unable to stop the emotions that flashed through her eyes. She quickly wiped them away not wanting to ruin this precious moment between that was conspiring between her soul mate and child. “I really am an asshole huh?”

A heavy laugh fell out of her mouth. What was she to say to his question, how was she to react to the simple truth of his words? Instead, she simply leaned back and closed her eyes, embracing the warmth of knowing the child in her belly was enough for her. It was weird and sad to know that she wasn’t allowed to embrace this with her first child. She was trying hard not to think of him but lately, he has been the only thing going through her mind.

She tried to push the guilt away, the torment that continued to eat away at her. Why wasn’t she allowed to feel happy over the gift she was bestowed upon by her? “It’s okay little one, I know I haven’t been the best father so far but I promise you that I’ll protect you to my last breath.” Sean couldn’t help the voice crack at the end as he thought about this beloved child in her belly. He wanted to punch his past self for saying those god-awful things to her. How could he have made her feel anything but love for the child that they all had a part in creating?

“See I wasn’t invited to the party.” Juliette’s eyes opened to see Sebastian standing with a smile on his face. Lately, his face seemed to be lit with a smile that showed his happiness for his small family. Moving closer to the couch he took up the empty seat on the other side of Juliette. “I see you’re finally indulging yourself in the beauty of our love?” Sebastian though unforgiving for Sean’s actions at the moment still wouldn’t stop the teasing.

“Yes, you caught me, dear brother.” Sean didn’t seem phased by the underlying meaning of the sentence. Juliette sat back and watched the two as they each laid a hand on her belly. She basked in the touch of finally her two partners as they each rubbed her stomach. She didn’t mind the affection that she was receiving instead she couldn’t help but want more from them.

A blush stained her face as she thought of the last time they had sex and couldn’t help her thoughts from sneaking over to the naughty side. The boys oblivious to the blush that worked its way down her face continued the infatuation with her belly. Juliette didn’t know why the flash of desire ran through her at this movement. Ignoring it for the time being she instead tried her best to focus on her boys. She didn’t want to miss the moment when she finally got her wish of the three of them sharing this moment.

Outside the room stood Angelica who could only stand with the satisfaction of her babies finally finding their way back to each other. She understood the bond that embedded its way deep into their very beings and could only accept them for who they were. Pulling out her phone she snapped a quick photo of the movement of love to frame for them. Walking away with a small smile she left them alone.

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