My Twin Masters

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Chapter 32

Juliette stared at the ceiling as she listened to the snores of the two men that she was squished in between. She sucked in a breath before wiggling her way down to escape the heat she was trapped in.

Once on her feet, she gave a small stretch before grabbing her phone from the nightstand. When noticing it was Sebastian’s phone she went to set it back down but before she could there was a slight ding that rang through the air. Being the nosy little vixen that she was, she couldn’t help but want to snoop just a tad bit.

She noticed it was an email, clicking on the notification what she saw next wasn’t what she was expecting, as the phone dropped from her hand and a sob violently broke through her chest. Her lungs felt like they were constricting as her breathing came out harsh. Everything seemed to slow down as she slowly tried to stay upright.

Sebastian and Sean instantly woke up as the sounds of her cries vibrated through the air to see their Juliette barely holding it together.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Sebastian asked as he hurriedly got out the bed moving quickly over to her. Trying to touch her caused a strong emotion to pull through her chest as she ripped away from him. “Don’t... Don’t touch me!” Though the words came out soft the force behind it had him flinching back. “Juliette.” He warned as he tried to move closer to her and her sobs only increased in tempo as she backed away unsteadily.

She didn’t feel like herself as her mind went into auto-pilot.

“Mommy!” She screamed and footsteps could be heard as the door opened. In came Angelica who rushed to her side, she sensed the panic attack coming on. “What did you guys do?” She asked as she pulled Juliette into her chest. She hadn’t seen such a strong panic attack as this one except when she first came to them. “It’s okay baby, breath please.” She rocked back and forth, knowing the steady rhythm would help calm her down.

“Sebastian, please go get your father.” Sebastian could only nod as he hurried to go find Charles. Sean tried to move closer but his mother shook her head. “Look around to try to find what might have set her off.” Sean searched around their bed until he noticed Sebastian’s phone a little under the bed. Picking it up, the overwhelming urge to throw up overtook his features. He knew why she had reacted how she did as his eyes skimmed over the email.

I’m coming for my slut, please have her prepared for my arrival.

Xoxo, Kai

Anger rushed through his body as he made held the phone close to his temple, his eyes closed tightly. His angels cries bounced in his head as he tried to think of a plan. He wished she didn’t see that email, god was who he prayed to for her to come back from this. Opening his eyes the sight of his mother rocking Juliette back and forth brought a stabbing pain to his chest.

“Mom, please could you bathe her?” Angelica nodded her head as she kissed Juliette’s forehead before helping her up. Whispering words of encouragement and Sean watched as they disappeared behind the bathroom door. Without a second thought, he threw his phone against the wall, relishing in the feeling of watching it break to pieces.

The need to protect his wife and children was close to overpowering every fiber in his being. He couldn’t lose them, especially after just getting them back after his stupid mistakes. Flopping down on the bed, his hands came up rubbing at his eyes. He embraced the small sting of pain that came from it before he opened his eyes. He tried to think but all that plagued his mind was his baby on the ground shaking not wanting to receive his touch.

“Sean!” He was brought back to reality when a harsh voice came from his brother. “I don’t have time for no damn pity party, you need to bring your ass!” Sebastian wasn’t his normal self as his cool composure completely disappeared. Sean hurried to stand up and make his way over to the door. “What are we going to do?”

Sebastian closed his eyes for a second as he thought. “I’ll make a few calls to see if we can trace to where he sent that email from. The last one was a dead end but I don’t believe that. We hire the best and they can’t find a simple location! Why the fuck we giving them our money if they can’t assure us they’ll get the job done.”

“Calm down.” Sean brought his hand up to Sebastian’s shoulder as he tried to stop from crying. He couldn’t break down right now, he needed to be strong for Juliette. “Come here.” Sean pulled his big brother into a hug, watching as Sebastian’s shoulders shook.

“We can’t lose her.” His voice came out quiet. “I can’t lose her, she’s my everything.” His voice cracking as he wrapped his arms around Sean pulling him closer. The comfort provided brought a sense of peace to his heart for the moment. “We’ll get through this, and we’ll bring our angel with us.” Sean pulled back and looked him in the eyes making sure he understood each word leaving his mouth.

“I just hope we can Sean, I hope we can.”

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