My Twin Masters

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Chapter 34

“Stop! Please stop!” Screams were heard as Angelica ran to Juliette’s room to find her bunched up in the covers crying in her sleep. She hurried over to her as she pulled her into her chest. “Baby wakes up,” Angelica whispered into Juliette’s ear. “Wake up Juliette.” She pushed more forcefully as she gently shook her.

Juliette was pulled from her sleep as she blinked her eyes a couple of times. “I don’t know why he keeps doing this.” She cried as she held on tighter to her mother. She hated the dreams, the memories that come with her brother. She hated them all and wish she could make it stop.

“Think about the baby, come on love, think.” Angelica rubbed her back as she ran her fingers soothingly through her hair. Juliette tried to focus on what she was saying, pushing forward her boys. She thought about them and her in the middle of the two. Both their hands covering the bulging stomach on her and smiles on each of their faces. She felt her body relaxing as the feeling passed over her body leaving her mentally exhausted.

“Boys!” Angelica screamed and Sean’s head popped in. Both of them already outside the door coming as quickly as possible after hearing Juliette’s screams. “Juliette.” Angelica began. “Can the boys come in to check on you?” She asked and Juliette nodded her head, her cries dying downs. She missed them and wanted to feel their touch.

“Guys,” Her voice broke. “Please...” Sebastian and Sean rushed her immediately. They could see their baby was breaking down and they were needed at this moment. “Baby.” Sebastian reached her first as he took her into his arms, Sean following closely behind laying a hand on her stomach.

“We’re here love.” Sean leaned closer to her as he put his temple against her tummy. He could feel the warmth that radiated of her, he felt closer to her with the connection he felt. “Hello little one,” He began. “It’s your father, well one of them.” Juliette giggled a bit as she watched him. “I know we haven’t talked yet, but I’m here now. Here embracing you to the fullest extent. Just know I love you very much little one.”

He kissed her tummy gently before letting her shirt fall back down. He laid his hand on hers alongside Sebastian. “Juliette,” Sebastian began. “You need to understand that we only kept that email away from you for the sake of your mental state. We knew this would be the outcome, but we promise you that we will never allow such a monster like him to ever get you. We will protect you.”

“Always and forever.” Sean finished. It killed the boys to know that this pest was coming back into their lives threatening the safety of their wife. It still brought bliss to their minds when they think of their wedding day.

“Sean,” Angelica called into the room. “I need to talk to you.” Seeing the look in her eyes it didn’t take long for Sean to get up to leave, kissing Juliette’s head before going out of the room. Sebastian was content with just holding his angel close to his chest, Juliette not having an objection as she snuggled closer to him closing her eyes.

Closing the door behind him Sean pulled forward his calm side. “What is it, mother?” He questioned as he noticed her picking at her nails. “Well we received word that Kai has sent another email and I didn’t want to alert Juliette. You already saw how far she retracted into herself from seeing the first one.” It brought her great pain to think this filthy man brought such pain to her sweet daughter.

“Well, I need you to go secure some accounts in Juliette’s name. If things go side, I refuse to allow her into his holds. You already know what I’m thinking ma.” Sniffles could be heard as she wiped away some stray tears. “I understand. We need to think of her and the baby’s safety.” Sean laid his hand on her shoulder before giving it a tight squeeze. He knew aside from his brother, his mother was the closest to his Juliette.

Parting ways with him Juliette didn’t waste times following the directions he had given her. She would make sure her daughter and grandchild would be set for life if anything happened. She walked into her office, a thought passing on where her husband was. She didn’t pay much attention to it though as she sat and began making some phone calls.

Sean was in the kitchen making some sandwiches, knowing full well that Juliette was hungry. He pulled out some soup before beginning to warm that up as well. Once the food was done, he put everything away before strolling towards the room. He tried to balance everything in one hand as he used the other to open the door.

He awed as he saw his brother and Juliette snuggled up in the bed. He quietly closed the door as he sat the food down on the dresser. He pulled the covers back before dropping it over the two. He didn’t want them being cold seeing as the temperature had gone down. Taking out his phone he sat down in a nearby chair, he had to check how the club was doing. This was the longest they had been away but he trusted the people they had put in charge.

Noticing Juliette rising he immediately rushed to her side in fear of another panic attack coming on. “Baby?” She turned towards him as she rubbed her eye. “I’m alright my love.” She had to catch herself from saying ‘master’ knowing she wasn’t in the right mental state to be taking on her submissive role. Sean didn’t say anything as he walked over to grab the food before coming back to sit on the bed.

“I need you to eat love, can’t have you starving in my care.” He cracked a small smile as he began to feed her pieces of the sandwich. He knew they had to talk but he would wait till Sebastian woke so they could all have a long-overdue conversation.

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