My Twin Masters

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Chapter 35

“Juliette,” Sean said grabbing the attention of the pregnant female. “You might want to slow down so you don’t choke.” His tone was playful as his eyes shined with mischief. She blushes darkly, reminding him of a cherry. “I know I can make a mean sandwich but I doubt it’s that good.”

Sebastian stirred in the bed but could clearly show he was still sleeping. “Do you think we should wake him up?” She questioned as she scooted closer to him. Shaking his hand he caressed her face softly, taking notice of the bags under her eyes and her pale skin. “We need to go to the doctors soon though, I want to make sure you’re okay along with the baby.” His attention focused now on her belly.

“I swear you’re obsessed with my tummy Sean.” A chuckle rose out of him as he leaned down to lay a kiss over the shirt that contained her bump. “I can’t help but want to shower it in my love.” She silently wished he would turn that attention to her, though she kicked the thought away relishing in the feeling of love instead. “Do you have any ideas on names? I know you’ve been thinking.”

“I was thinking of some, though I just don’t want her or him to have some bland name.” He nodded his head as he pulled himself back up to an upright position. “I understand completely, I had the same thoughts. I want it to be something original and creative. This is our first child and I want something that will fit her.” Juliette gave a pointed look. “Or him.” He finished up with a small smile.

“Well do you have any ideas on how you want to design the nursery?” He asked and she shrugged her shoulders.

“I just want to keep it neutral for now, I want to be surprised at birth on its gender.”

“You don’t want a gender reveal party?” She once again shrugged her shoulders. She hadn’t really thought about all of that. “I wouldn’t mind it though the thought didn’t really come to mind. I just want our baby to healthy.” A part of her felt guilty for the words as she thought once again of the first child, she couldn’t help herself think of the many memories that were brought with it.

“I want our baby to be healthy as well.” She was brought back to reality as she stared at their entwined hands. She felt warm as the connection was brought to life, the awareness of their love that vibrated throughout her body. “Well let’s wake Sebastian up so we can go out, tired of being stuck in the house.”

“Sebastian!” Juliette yelled not wasting a second as she crawled closer to him on the bed. Grabbing a pillow she didn’t waste time in beginning to hit him softly. “Sebastian! Wake up!” She shouted as she continued with her attack, though before she could calculate what was happening she was grabbed and pulled into his chest.

“Now what does my pet think they’re doing?” Sebastian husky voice floated into her ear and she couldn’t help but shiver in anticipation as she softly relaxed in his hold. “I was just trying to wake you up,” She looked up at him shyly. “Master.” She knew she wasn’t in the mindset but she couldn’t control the need that came from how he was looking at her. She wanted him and that’s all she could really think about.

“I see our pet is horny Sean, don’t you think she deserves some attention.” A hum of an agreement was heard behind Juliette. Sebastian didn’t think twice as he flipped them over with his beautiful angel laying beneath him. “Now Juliette, me and Sean both can see the fleeting looks you’ve been showing us lately.” Soft moans spewed from her mouth as he started his attack on her neck.

“Isn’t that right pet?” Sean asked as his fingers trailed up her legs causing her to squirm. “Yes!” She panted out before hissing at the stinging pain she felt quickly after. “You know what to call us Juliette.” She could barely think as Sebastian continued to focus on her neck and chest with his biting, leaving behind red marks.

“I’m sorry.” She already knew her core was wet and they hadn’t even touched her there yet. “Now let’s see how wet you are for us,” Sean said as he pushed her panties aside and rubbed in circular motions on her clit gradually. “Pretty wet indeed, now let’s see about inside.” He pushed a finger inside of her, before gently pulling out, repeating his actions at a deliberate pace.

Moans fell from her mouth before they were swallowed down by Sebastian as he captured her lips. He dominantly controlled her mouth as he took it upon himself to explore, his tongue seeking every part of her mouth. She didn’t mind the roughness that was being shown by him but shuddered as Sean sped up his pace.

Sean was pumping three fingers inside of her as he listened to how wet she was. He couldn’t explain the pleasure that rushed to his groin at how tight she was. He quickly pulled his fingers out and began to undo his pants, pulling both his pants and boxers down his member sprang free slapping his belly softly.

He didn’t waste a thought as he climbed onto the bed with them, spreading her legs to fit himself between he rubbed the tip of his cock against her soaked pussy. He moaned as he pushed himself in slowly, Juliette moaned at the sensation as he thrust all the way to the hilt.

Juliette felt full as he stood there for a moment letting her adjust to her size. Without warning, he pulled out and slammed back in a groan leaving his mouth at the feeling. He began thrusting inside of her at a steady pace while Sebastian laid beside her rubbing her clit. “You like that don’t you? You’re such a dirty slut,” Sebastian whispered into her ear and Juliette nodded her head at his words.

“Yes master, I love it.” She was breathless as Sean continued his relentless drives inside of her. He was slowly speeding up, pushing her towards a climax. She could feel herself climbing closer to the feeling as she moaned shamelessly. “Fuck! You’re so fucking tight angel.” Sean couldn’t slow his pace down as he thrust into her a few more times before spilling himself out into her.

Juliette reached her climax as well as she fell apart underneath Sebastian’s hand. She tried to catch her breath as she felt the sweet ecstasy rush into her body causing her toes to curl. She missed this, she missed them indulging in their basic needs.

“Well, I guess we can go out tomorrow.”

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