My Twin Masters

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Chapter 36

“Juliette.” She could hear his voice but she didn’t wish to acknowledge the fact that she had to get up. “We have to get ready for this doctors appointment love.” She groaned at the fact that she knew she had to get up to get ready. “Do I have to get up?” A chuckle was heard before a soft object hit her legs.

“You’re carrying our child Juliette, yes you have to get up.” Pushing herself up into a sitting position took more energy then she expected.

“We already have an outfit picked out for you.” A feeling rushed to her chest that she had missed. She had missed them taking control of small things like this and being able to trust in what they have for her. She looked over at the colorful assortment that laid on the side of the bed. She held her growing stomach as she made her way off the bed, navigating her way to the side with the clothes she began the process of changing.

Once she was changed she noticed that the boys were staring at her as she stood there in the outfit they had given her. They had dressed her in a loose soft pink maxi dress that had a slit down the side of it. Giving her some comfortable shoes to wear for the walk they were going to be doing today. They knew she had to get back used to walking around seeing as she’s been laying around for the longest.

Her stomach had grown over the past month. They were making sure to keep her on a diet to make sure that it met the baby’s need and giving her the pills their mother had given them to give to her. She had started feeling better and the thought of Kai was far from their mind as the boys did everything in their power to make sure that her attention was focused solely on the child that was growing in her stomach.

“You’re so beautiful.” Juliette blushed as she stared down at her fingers. She began to pick at the skin around the nails as a rush of warmth flooded her chest. She loved that they had started to compliment her more often, especially since her form was still changing more as her body continued to adjust to the child in her stomach. She wasn’t as big as she thought she would be, they were approaching their six months and she had been doing some reading.

She didn’t put too much pressure on herself for being small. Her weight for the pregnancy wasn’t one that was exactly big, she considered herself beautiful and that’s all that mattered to her at the time. Now she had to think about her growing breasts and the butt that was slowly but surely forming. The boys had noticed that too seeing as they took it upon them to touch her at every chance they received.

Pulled from her thoughts she could feel the arms of Sean wrapping around her waist as he pulled her back. He laid his head gently on her shoulder as he inhaled her scent. He couldn’t help but go wild at the attractive female in his arms. He couldn’t even fathom the thoughts that he once had, now being consumed by the love he held for his wife and now the child in her stomach.

He spun her around before dropping to his knees gracefully in front of her. He rested his forehead against her belly for a second then turned his head to allow his ear to listen to her stomach. He could hear her heartbeat as it seemed to be the only thing that filled his head.

Sebastian joined the two as he grabbed Juliette’s face and pulled her in for a quick kiss. He couldn’t get enough of her delectable lips, he deepened the kiss as he kissed her more passionately. Juliette didn’t mind one bit as she let herself relax into his hold, giving the full control over to him. She moaned as her body began to warm up once more but with a different feeling from before.

“You better calm yourself down before I take you back in that room and give you exactly what you want.” She stared at his lips and almost relented, almost giving up her control in the situation. Though they had a doctors appointment to get to and she didn’t want to get their two hours late, knowing that if she went back into that room they would work her in every way possible.

“We have an appointment to get to master.” She brought her hand up as she played with the collar on his shirt. She heard him groan as he gave her one more hard kiss to the mouth. Her already red lips turning yet another shade of red. She knew he would be affected by her words especially seeing as she hasn’t called him that in a while.

“Sean,” Sebastian said as he looked down at his brother. He was still on his knee with his ear on her belly. He was surely more obsessed with her belly then he was and he was grateful because he had more time to devour the lips of their wife. “It’s time for us to go, get up.” Sebastian gave him a second as he saw Sean give one last fleeting kiss to the belly.

Sebastian knew once they returned home Sean would once more be back down there by her belly talking to the precious child that was growing inside of her. He had his time to go down there on his own time, having his special talks with his little girl. He knew there was a little girl inside of there, though Sean swore up and down that it was a little boy.

“Well let’s get out of here.” Juliette grabbed her purse as she waddled alongside the boys. She was in the middle of them like always but today Juliette just knew the day was going to be good. It was finally time for them to know the gender of the baby that was growing inside of her and she couldn’t contain her excitement.

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