My Twin Masters

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Chapter 37

“Are you ready?” Juliette glanced at the doctor before taking another look at the screen. It was black soon awaiting to show the child that was growing in her belly. She gave a slight nod as she felt a squeeze from her boys. They were here for her, through everything. She couldn’t help the tears that rushed into her eyes, not being able to stare at them long as the doctor began to move the probe across her smooth stomach.

She watched as the screen began to form a picture and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Her baby.

Sean was already crying as Sebastian rubbed his back. They were both emotional from seeing their firstborn, their child that was inside of their Queen. Sean couldn’t believe he was seeing the child that laid in her stomach, his child was growing inside of her.

“So judging from this,” The doctor moved the probe around some before stopping. “I can tell you the gender now if you would like?” Juliette took a glance at the boys before nodding her head at the doctor. They were ready to know what they’ll be bringing into this world.

“Its a girl!”

Juliette couldn’t help the relief that she felt when she heard those words. She didn’t have time to feel guilty as the burst of happiness flowed through her chest. She was having a girl, a little girl that she could play dress-up with. She couldn’t help but thank the God above for the gift she had received.

The boys were a crying mess as they continued to confess their love for her and thank her for carrying their child.

The doctor was smiling as she cleaned the gel off her stomach and pulled her shirt down.

“Well let me just get the paperwork in and get you your prescription and you guys will be able to leave.” With that the doctor left the run, leaving the happy couple alone.

“Guys we’re having a little girl!” Sean yelled as he picked Juliette up bridal style, nuzzling her neck. Juliette melted like butter in his arms as a sense of comfort washed over her. Sebastian ran his fingers through her hair as he kissed her forehead.

“How are you feeling little one?” Juliette smiled at him before giving him a thumbs up.

“Sean, could you put me down please?” Sean shook his head before sitting down with her in his lap.

“I don’t think I can do that hun, you see I have to be extra careful with you.”

Juliette resisted the urge to roll her eyes, they always thought she was so fragile. She didn’t though stop the warm feeling that just keeps coming back to her chest every time they said something sweet to her. After all these years and she still gets blushy over their words.

“Well, I guess we’re going shopping after this. I want to spoil my baby girl with everything I got!” Sebastian smiled widely at the two. Sean nodded his head in agreement as his eyes slid to his baby in his arms. He couldn’t believe she was carrying their child, even now just seeing the baby inside of her on the screen brought tears to his eyes. He had read somewhere that by the seventeenth week the baby was the size of a pear.

“Could you get out of your feelings and come on, I’m ready to get out of here.” Sebastian was just about ready to hop right out of the hospital. It was never really his favorite place as a kid seeing as all he associated with it was needles and pain. Sean on the other hand never really minded the shots and countless tests that ran on them. He found it normal and quite frankly a little soothing.

“We have to wait for the doctor to come back Seb.” Sebastian groaned as he sat down in the chair, tapping his foot at a constant pace. He couldn’t help that this was taking a long time, though the logical side of him knows it hasn’t even been more than 3 minutes since the doctor had left.

“So what are your thoughts, Juliette?”

Juliette shrugged her shoulders.

How was she to feel?

“I can’t help but pray to God that I don’t fail her. I feel so connected with her and it’s a different experience to know she’s growing inside of me. That I’m carrying her and creating this bond with her, that I’ll be a mother to her who she’ll be looking up to. I’m scared guys.”

Her voice had gradually become softer as she explained to the boys the tiny brink of the feelings she was experiencing. She truly was scared of raising this child, her actions would shape this tiny human life, her tiny human who would call her mommy and run to her for help.

“I know how you feel, I’m sure we both do. It’s not going to be easy but we have each other. This little girl won’t just have two parents, but three that will shower her with all the love and affection a child could wish for. We’re in this together and nothing will change that.”

Juliette cuddled into Sean, her chest being filled with love and adoration. Sebastian looked at him with a praised look in his eyes, he was proud at how far Sean had come and the change that occurred in him from the beginning of her pregnancy. He didn’t think he’ll be able to do this without him by his side, Sean was his rock.

“Okay guys,” The doctor entered the room once more and Sebastian can be seen giving a tiny prayer to God. “I have all your paperwork done and here are the tablets I have for you, Juliette. I want you to take them twice a day, they should be helping with the nightmares we had discussed earlier.”

Juliette nodded her head as Sebastian took the bag.

“Well that’s all I have for you all today, I’ll see you all at our next appointment.”

Sean sat Juliette on her feet, though his hand never left hers as he gave it a little squeeze.

“Time for shopping!”

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