My Twin Masters

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Chapter 38

“Okay, you can’t tell me this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!”

Sebastian showed both Juliette and Sean yet another outfit. Sean rolled his eyes at yet another pair of pajamas. What did this man think this baby was going to wear?

“This is your third time picking up a pair of pajamas Sebastian. I mean come on,” He flicked his wrist to the countless items of clothing that surrounded them in the store. “You have so many other options that you can choose from and you’re sticking to this one pile.” He emphasized on the many, hoping to get his point across.

Juliette snickered as she was currently sitting on the bench with her hand resting on her stomach. She loved seeing there little banters, it brought her a sense of comfort to remember how they acted when they were teenagers.

She felt a bit of nostalgic run through her, she missed the days that were spent sneaking out with the boys and drinking till they couldn’t anymore. Now they were adults getting ready to raise a child together. She couldn’t believe the turn her life had taken with them, she would have never guessed this is where she was going when she was first adopted.

“I think we should go look at the dresses, Sean could you go get me a load of clothes to look through.”

“Yeah, I’ll be right back.” He took off into another aisle at a light jog. Juliette watched him for a slight second before turning her attention back to Sebastian who was currently looking through an assortment of clothes. She was happy that he was happy, he was oozing with joy for the little baby inside of her.

“I’m hungry Sebastian.” She moaned out as she leaned back against the wall. She wanted some food in her tummy and judging from the slight rumble that could be heard her child was hungry as well.

“Sebastian!” Sebastian’s head popped up, his eyes connecting with her own.


Juliette groaned as she glared at him slightly. She was ready to go get herself a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger. She was just ready to get out of this store.

“I’m hungry baby, can we go get some food after Sean comes back?”

He nodded before turning his attention to the items on the shelf that was related to babies. He picked up a yellow bottle before showing it to her. She nodded her head and he put it back on the shelf.

“What theme do you want to have for the gender reveal party?”

Confused, she gave him a questioning look. “We already know the gender Sebastian, so why would we have a gender reveal party?”

“I mean we can still have one to reveal the gender to our parents and friends. Did you forget that we have people who would like to know the gender of our baby?”

“Oh yeah, I mean we can do something simple and small?”

He turned around to look at her.

“You know we aren’t known for anything simple and small.” He said as he put quotations around the two words. His family was known for doing extravagant things, turning everything bigger than what it was. His mother loved parties and was very good at planning them, she would be thrilled to know she would be able to plan theirs.

“I think that I should be able to choose how I want this to go. This beautiful child growing inside of me is coming out of my vagina and I don’t want something big and extravagant. I just want you, Sean, mom and dad, and maybe a couple of close friends.” He walked over to where she was sitting before taking a seat beside her.

“Babygirl, I know you don’t want to stress, but this baby isn’t only yours. It’s me and Sean’s as well and we all need to come to an agreement on how we are to proceed with this.”

He hoped she understood where he was coming from. He always wanted to do something big for his firstborn, to give them something that they’ll be able to look at when they’re older. He wanted them to know that they were loved since the very beginning, that they were wanted by him.

“We will discuss this more when we get home, Sean should be back soon with what you requested.”

She nodded her heads at his words and instead took it upon herself to close her eyes for a little minute. She didn’t exactly feel like talking anymore, she was just ready to go get some food. She let her body relax against Sebastian who began running his fingers through her hair.


“Baby,” Juliette felt her self being shaken as she was pulled from the dreamless sleep. She cracked open her eyes as her handsome husband came into view. She saw his lips moving but wasn’t understanding what he was saying. She rubbed her eyes before focusing on what he was saying.

“Let’s go get some food.”

She nodded her head before Sean began helping her up. She noticed that Sebastian was gone and before she could panic, Sean spoke. “He went to go get the car, we decided to just go to an actual restaurant instead of feeding you this mall food. It’s not good for you or the baby.” His hand came down to rub her bump.

She smiled at him before she picked up her purse beside her and began walking with him. She blinked a couple of times to get the sleep out of her eyes. Covering her mouth when she yawned, she smacked her lips before giggling at the annoyed look that crossed Sean’s face. He always got annoyed whenever she did that, she didn’t care though.

It made her laugh.

“Well, what do you want to eat?”

She shrugged her shoulders at that. She didn’t exactly have a taste for a certain thing, she just knows she wants food in her belly.

“I think we’ll go get you some chicken nuggets.”

She nodded her head as she gave him a thumbs up.

“Yay chicken nuggets.”

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