My Twin Masters

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Chapter 40

Juliette stared into the eyes that were identical to hers. The same ones that taunted her in her nightmares and plagued her dreams. She wished she could make a sound but he was able to silence her with just his presence. How could he be here right now? Questions swarmed her mind as she took a step back, his eyes darted to her stomach, her hand came up protectively. Wanting to hide her child from the invasive state.

“You’re pregnant...?” His voice was unsure as he took a closer step to her.

Why wasn’t she screaming, why hadn’t she called for her boys yet? She felt incapable of using her voice, she felt like it was stolen. Every time she opened her mouth to speak, the words got caught up in her throat. An unexplainable wash of dread washed over her body when she noticed the gun in his hand. She didn’t want to put her child in harm’s way by calling for her boys, especially when knowing he wouldn’t take a second thought on shooting her.

“Cat got your tongue.”

He was toying with her. She recognized his antics from her childhood, he would always taunt her, make fun of her before switching to the loving and caring brother. Taking what he wanted from her body whenever he deemed necessary. She wished she could be the strong woman she had tried to grow into over the years, but something inside of her was holding her back.

The little girl who was still scared of her brother.

She hid underneath the covers hoping he wouldn’t see her whenever Juliette looked into his eyes.

“Why are you here Kailian?” She had to figure out how to get her child and herself away from him. She tried to think on how to get to the exit, the only way out was to get through him and she wasn’t going to risk the little safety she did have. She just had to distract him long enough until her boys noticed she was gone and come to look for her.

“You should know my sweet Juliette. I’m here for you, my number one prized possession.”

She hated that he thought he owned her. She belonged only to her two husbands, her guardian angels sent from above.

“I’m not yours to have Kailian, I haven’t been for a long time. I don’t belong to you anymore.”

He frowned as he stared at her, his eyes taking in all of her features. She still looked the same from when she was a child, just more mature. He could feel himself getting hard at thought of her mature body, her breast and thighs had become bigger. He wanted nothing more than to ravish her completely and show her that she was only his.

“You always did say silly things,” He stopped for a moment taking another step closer to her. “And did silly things. Did you honestly believe I wouldn’t come prepared to take you?”

He chuckled as her face contorted to one of confusion. She didn’t know what he was talking about but the fear in her began to rise at a steady pace.

“Oh Juliette, I’ve been working on this plan to get you since you were first taken from me. I’ve made sure every little piece has been put in place so that you will never leave me again.”

She didn’t want to think about what he meant, her eyes shut as tears began to build up. She didn’t want to think about why it was taking so long for her boys to come to rescue her. She didn’t want to believe that he had truly done it, that he had finally beat her boys at their own game.

“They’re not coming for you, Juliette. No one will ever come for you.”

She opened her eyes to find that he was now just a nose length away. She forgot how it felt to be this close to him, to be fully immersed in his presence. Her body had a mind of its own as it lit up when his fingers caressed her face. How that warm feeling rushed back into her body from when she was younger.

She hated this, she hated that her mind and body were separated.

He held so much control over her and he knew it. His lips pulled into a grin as his arm wrapped around her body, he’d won. He pulled her against him roughly as he set his nose in her hair, inhaling a deep breath. He kissed it softly, before leaning further down to kiss her forehead. He missed her sweet taste, as he kissed her cheek, giving it a small lick.

Juliette was disgusted but Kailian felt like he was on top of the world. His body filling with ecstasy once their lips touched finally. After all these years, he was tasting what was his, not being able to stop from devouring what she had to offer.

He started out slowly, noticing she was unresponsive he squeezed her ass tightly which caused a groan to raise in Juliette’s throat. She didn’t wish to but she kissed him back, their tongues clashing against each other. Kailian moaned as his hands moved up and down on her body, grabbing at whatever he could find.

He couldn’t stop, he couldn’t stop kissing her. He didn’t want to end this moment, the moment he had dreamed about in his cell for ages. His wish had finally come true, he finally got her back and in his mind, no one could ever take her away.

Kailian began pulling away, dragging his tongue against her bottom lip as he pulled away completely. He looked at her red lips that were now swollen from his intense kiss and wanted nothing more than to sink himself inside of her. To feel her warmth once more and the tightness that only she could provide to him.

“Time to go kitten, we’re going to have a lot of fun when we get home.”

Juliette felt a part of her soul die as he began to drag her out of the room.

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