My Twin Masters

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Chapter 41

Juliette stared out the window as she rubbed the back of her neck. She watched as the security guards stood outside of the gate, they were there 24/7 not for her protection though. They were there to make sure that Juliette couldn’t get out, that she understood that she was a prisoner.

She was allowed to leave the room to go to the kitchen to eat when she needed to. He gave her that much freedom, making sure she had nothing to do throughout the day so when it was time for playtime she would be more interactive with him. He hadn’t done anything other than make out with her.

“I want that abomination out of you before I take you.”

That was the last thing he said to her and that was two days ago. She wasn’t complaining, she was glad that the life growing inside of her was a protective barrier against him.

Walking away from the window she went back to lay on the bed. She couldn’t take being on her feet for so long, the aching wouldn’t allow her to. She wished Sean was here to give her a massage as Sebastian fed her chocolate strawberries.

She missed them so much.

The feeling of emptiness was there, they weren’t there to fill the hole that was slowly forming. She hated to be without them and hated that her body was betraying them.

Every kiss, touch, a rise of emotions felt like a betrayal to the sacred vowels she had taken with them. She felt as if she was failing them as her body took pleasure when Kailian touched her. Her body falling back into the memories that her childhood held, this was exactly what he did to her when she was a young child.

Juliette was 7 at the time, she had grown accustomed to her brother’s touch. Countless times his fingers explored her young body, she wasn’t afraid anymore to kiss him. His touch now had her body feel things that were unknown to her. Assuring her that everything was okay, that what he was doing to her was okay.

He only touched her, teasing her into countless orgasms that should have been for when she was older, his tongue had grown greedy for what she had to offer and countless nights were spent with his head between her legs. She was pure, her bare body was his for the taking.

Tonight was no different as Juliette laid in bed. She knew he would be coming soon as she heard the car drive off that held her parents in it. They were constantly leaving and partying, leaving her in the care of her older brother. If only they knew what he was doing to her, what has been going on for years. Sometimes Juliette wondered if they cared for her if they ever cared for her?

“You look beautiful Julie.” She smiled up at him, loving the compliments that he would often give her before starting anything. He took after their father with black hair and blue eyes, while Juliette took after her mother with cherry blonde hair and green eyes. With a first glance at the two, you wouldn’t consider them brother and sister, they could be seen as friends.

He closed the door behind him before walking deeper into the room, climbing into the bed with her. His eyes lit up in appreciation when noticing the see-through gown she was wearing, the color complemented her eyes. Lavender. She smelled so good as he inhaled her scent, so clean.

“Today I’m going to do what I did last night Julie, would you like that?”

“Yes, Kailian.” Her eyes watched his moment as he caressed her face gently, she leaned into his touch loving the feeling that she was groomed to adore. He brought her face to his before kissing her, his mouth easily dominating hers. She kissed him back the way she had been taught, the way he had shown her on the box with the moving pictures.

His hand moved up to feeling her nonexistent breasts, focusing on the nipple. He squeezed before releasing and repeated the process, as Juliette moaned without constraint. He had taught her that what she was feeling was welcomed to him and that the sounds that wanted to come out could.

He broke the kiss and went down to her neck. He kissed and sucked her there as she withered on the bed. Her body was sensitive and her mind could barely understand the amount of pleasure that was being loaded onto her.

Kailian loved taking his time with her, he loved to kiss and tug on whatever he wanted. He knew his parents would be gone all night and he could take his time. He treasured the fact that they didn’t come as much as they use to. They left Juliette in his care all the time and saw that she was happy, which was enough for them.

Pulling back a little, he helped take the gown off of Juliette and she laid there for him to take. She was so beautiful, he promised himself to treasure her pale body. He couldn’t help the greed began to build up in him as he kissed down her flat stomach, reaching her bare pussy.

He kissed her mound softly, licking her gently. He watched her reaction and smiled softly at the moan that she let out quietly. He let his tongue slid over her clit one time and her moan increased in sound. His love for teasing her was strong as he repeated that motion, at the end Juliette was left quivering.

Juliette watched as his tongue went deeper inside of her. She couldn’t explain the feeling that was washing over her body. All she knew was that it felt really good, she could feeling something build up in her as Kailian began to move faster, gulping down the juices that were flowing out of her.

This was a repetitive thing each night, he would dine on what she had to offer. She had grown used to his mouth on her, he told her that he was eating her. She thought it was weird that he was trying to eat her but he assured her once more that it was a good thing. She never questioned him after that as he brought her continuously to the waves of pleasure.

Juliette cried into the pillow as the memory surfaced of Kailian ravishing her young body. She hated that he had so much control over her, that he assured her that what he was doing was okay. She hated that her parents never cared to look, never cared to see the molestation she was experiencing. She hated herself for not questioning anything, blindly trusting her brother with every fiber in her.

She felt a split further tear through her.

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