My Twin Masters

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Chapter 42

“It’s been a fucking week, we should have been found her,” Sean yelled as he looked at his subordinates. He couldn’t stand the fact that they hadn’t received anything, found anything on Juliette, that there was no lead on his precious kitten.

“Sean,” Sebastian said calmly, his anger brewing underneath his calm demeanor. “I need you to calm down and sit the hell down so we can discuss like the adults we are.”

Sean didn’t wish to argue so he took a seat next to his brother, closing his eyes for a second hoping to calm down.

Sebastian stared at the men in front of him. He knew something wasn’t right, he knew someone was a rat in their establishment. It didn’t make sense how quickly Kai was able to infiltrate their home and take their sweet wife.

He took a deep breath in as he tried his best to calm down. He had to approach this carefully, he needed to be smart about how he would go about this. He had to talk to Sean after this meeting to remind him that he also wanted to find Juliette, that the way he was acting wouldn’t be tolerated at this moment.

“Now,” Sebastian put his hands in front of him, interlocking them. “I need information on what we do have and I need it now.” Sean could be scary when he wanted to but there was something ingrained in Sebastian that commanded respect, that wouldn’t allow anything less.

This could be seen in the eyes of the males that stared up at him. None of them able to look him in the eyes because frankly, they had nothing to give him. They had no new information on Juliette, it’s like she just vanished in plain air. The boys weren’t the only ones hurting over the loss, everyone who cared for her missed her presence.

“Sir,” One of the men spoke up. Sebastian slowly turned his attention to the blonde. “We don’t have anything we can give you, please give us more time in finding Jul- your wife.” He didn’t want to be in the position that Greg was in at the last meeting. Sean damn near ripped his head off for even uttering her name, Sebastian had to pull him off the poor employee.

“Fine, dismissed.” The men scurried out the room as Sebastian stood up and looked out the window watching the females work. He wished Juliette was there so he could watch her, that had been an ongoing thing for him since she started working here.

“I think there’s a mole.”

“Me too, we just need to figure out who it is.” Sebastian turned towards his brother. He could see the pain in his eyes, he was sure others could see it in his as well. Juliette was their glue, the person who brought life into their life. The woman who was gifting them their first child, Sebastian didn’t even want to think of what that sick bastard was going to do her.

Before he knew it, his eyes welled up with tears, the rush of emotions not being able to be contained any longer. Sean got up and brought his brother close, clutching him to his chest. He didn’t speak as he knew that Sebastian needed this.

He was the strongest person Sean knew, he knew this was affecting him more then he let on.

“We’ll find her brother, I swear to you.”

Sebastian didn’t respond, just hugged him tighter.

There were no words that needed to be spoken as the two brothers took comfort in one another. Their emotions were running wild without sweet Juliette to take care of them, she was more to them then she thought. She was the reason they breathed, the sole reason they continued to live. She was their angel in this corrupted world.

She was their light.


“Sir, yes they don’t suspect a thing.”

Eyes stared at the screen, looking at an image of the twins hugging each other.

He had them where he needed them, time to go in for the kill.

“Then it’s time to move into the final phase.” Kailian’s voice was rough as he spoke into the phone. With final words spoken between the two, Kailian then hung up before looking out the window of the car he was in. He was on his way back to the hideout that he had chosen for him and his love.

He tried to find a place where he knew the boys would never look, hidden right underneath their noses. When the building came into view he smiled at the thought of seeing Juliette once more, she was so beautiful, even though she was pregnant.

He was ready to erase all traces of his little sister, to break the boys down into nothing. They didn’t deserve her, they never did, his mind refused to see them for anything else except for thieves.

They had stolen the love of his life and threw him into jail. What was so wrong with loving the human being who was perfect in every way? What was so wrong with loving his flesh and blood, she was the only one who could really understand him.


He hated that word, despised the label that was put on his love. He didn’t see it as something nasty, as something that should have never happened in the first place. Kailian could only see how pure it was, they held the same genetics. They had a child together, how could you call an innocent child vile. He was made from the love between two humans, between two siblings.

Kailian didn’t let his mind focus too much on the subject as the driver pulled into the road that led to the house. It was a mansion he had specifically built for Juliette, it was a pale blue that held intricate designs on the windows. He made sure that it was made of brick instead of wood, he always fancied houses made of bricks.

“We’re here Boss.”

Kailian stepped out of the vehicle as he pulled his black coat closer. It was a bit chilly, winter was rolling in. Kailian was sure Juliette was going to have a winter baby, either a Sagittarius or Capricorn, he was just ready for it to be gone. He was going to give it up for adoption or have them drop it off at an orphanage.

She holds no use for any child that was not his. He was already still upset that she had given up their first child she had all those years ago.

He walked up to the stairs that led to the porch, opening the door he felt the anticipation rise in him seeing as he would finally see her after being without her for two days, he had already been without her for over 10 years, he didn’t want to miss another moment with her.

Walking up the stairs, he made his way to her door. Grasping the bronze knob he didn’t wait to open it, coming into view of his sleeping Queen. He smiled at her sleeping form as her white hair surrounded her face. He pushed a tendril away before laying a soft kiss to her lips.

She groaned sleepily as she rolled over onto her side before succumbing to the depths of her dreams. He chuckled softly seeing as she still did the same thing she once did when she was a child.

All mine.

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