My Twin Masters

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Chapter 43

“Wake up Julie,” Juliette wished her body wouldn’t respond to his words. Her eyes opened nevertheless not wanting to make him mad. He had begun sleeping in her room for a week now, always there when she closes her eyes and opens them as well.

“I have plans for us today, so get up and get dressed. I’ll be back in twenty minutes to collect you.” He began opening the door and before he left he said in a low voice, “Don’t keep me waiting Juliette.” With those final words, he walked out and closed the door behind him.

She sighed, struggling to sit up, her stomach seeming bigger then it was yesterday. She rubbed it, hoping she would feel her baby kick, anything to tell her she was okay.

She slid off the bed, before waddling over to the bathroom to handle her business. This was around the time where she would take a shower and get dressed. A part of her wanted to rebel against his words and stay in bed for the remaining of the day, though she was growing tired of seeing the same four walls every day.

She stepped into the shower, after getting undressed and began washing her body. Making sure she kept an eye on the time, now knowing why there was a clock in the bathroom. Once she was done, she exited and made her way into the closet with a towel wrapped around her body.

She didn’t have any particular taste, feeling like that has been stripped along with her personality since being in this room. It felt wrong to indulge in the clothing that wasn’t even her owns, that she did not buy or intend to own. She didn’t make any complaints to Kailian though, in fear that he would try and make her walk around naked. He did it when she was a child and had no doubt he would do it with her pregnant.

“You have ten minutes left Juliette,”

She sighed before throwing on a maxi dress that was pale yellow and had a plunging neckline. She paired it with some loose slides, not having the energy to find the right pair of shoes to go with the outfit. She decided against makeup, seeing no sense in trying to look good for someone who had kidnapped her from her husbands.

Once done looking at herself in the mirror she walked out of the closet and moved towards the door. She had her hand on the knob caught in a trance, wondering if she should really listen to him.

“Clocks ticking Julie, what’s your decision?”

She hated that he was in her head.

Turning the knob he stood right there welcoming her with a smile.

“I see you chose right.”


“Come on Juliette, I’m going to push you on the swing.”

He didn’t give any room for objection as he stared at her expectantly. She waddled over as she struggled to sit in the curved seat, Kailian didn’t have any problem helping her as she got comfortable.

“Just lean back and enjoy the ride.”

With that, he began to push her slowly at first and increasingly began to shove her harder. Juliette tried to resist the feeling of joy spread across her chest but she couldn’t help the small giggles that bounced here and there. She watched as the ground came closer and then disappeared as she flew higher and higher into the air.

“Remember when I use to do this when you were younger Julie?”

Juliette was snatched from the bubbly feeling and washed over her was cold dread as her mind interlocked with yet another memory. Forcing its way into her mind and raiding her of any joy she had just felt before.

Juliette was only 12 when Kailian had begun taking her out more and more, this time he had chosen to expose her to the joys of a playground. Juliette’s mind was curious about all the new things that were being introduced to her and only wished to explore the different objects in front of her.

It was quite unfortunate that this was her first time encountering one of the greatest joys that many children around her have been experiencing for years though this was only Juliette’s first time since she has been born.

“Kai! This place is awesome!” Kailian had never seen a greater smile than the one she had blessed him within that moment. He was happy that he could bring her happiness, in his own messed up mind he was glad that she didn’t require much to be happy.

“Yes Julie, we’re going to explore everything. Come on!”

The two rushed into the crowd of children hand and hand with bright smiles that could light up an entire city.

Before she knew it she was crying as the swing slowly came to a stop. She hated the control he had over her, loathe the fact that she was so naive and gullible to have been in love with someone like him. Someone who controlled every aspect of her life in such a cruel way.

“Baby, why are you crying?” How could one’s voice hide such deceit from their true intentions? He sounded so loving, sounded like he truly cared for how she was feeling though she could see past the facade that he tried to put on.

She could see for who he truly was.

“I want my boys.” Juliette was tired of playing the good girl, tired of being locked up under his control. She refused to fall back into the mindset she had as a little girl. She wasn’t his puppet that he could pull the strings and force a smile on her face, she refused.

She pitied the child she had once been.

Juliette was stronger than that, she had grown from the claws that were once latched to her back, her boys had uplifted her. Ripped away from the control Kailian had over her slowly but surely until it was only her. Only her who had full control that should have only been hers from the very beginning.

“They aren’t coming for you, Juliette.” He muttered as his hands wrapped around her neck. He stood in front of her now looking directly into her eyes, needing his words to break through the barrier the boys had built up over the years.

“You are mines forever and it will stay like that until I’m ready to give you up!”

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