My Twin Masters

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Chapter 44

This was the third week of not having their Juliette in bed with them, they’ve cried together when the days have come to an end. Letting their emotions they hide behind their mask leak through only for the two to see. This was hitting them more then they could let on to those around them.

“Come on guys,” A feminine voice came from the other side of their door. Angelica decided to come to their home to talk care of things at the house while they worked to find their girl. She was so worried for them as she stared at the brown door wondering if they’ll get up today.

“We’re coming ma.” The tired voice of Sebastian was heard as she heard a creak and then footsteps. When the doorknob turned, Angelica didn’t waste time to rush in with the food in her hands as her son stood barefoot in some pajama pants.

Sitting the tray down she turned her attention to Sean who was now walking out the bathroom in the same attire. Though he had a toothbrush in his mouth and messy bed head. She sighed as she began to sat the food up for each of them, reminding her so much of their teenage years. All three constantly being spoiled by her, which she had no problem with.

“I need you guys to eat, okay?” They nodded, not having the energy to argue or put up a fight now. Angelica was just happy that she wouldn’t have to shove spoons down their throat. She had made them a big breakfast which included eggs, bacon, grits, pancakes, hashbrowns and a big glass of orange juice. Sean had the cheesy eggs while Sebastian had a boiled one.

She started picking things up around the room, decluttering the mess they had made. She noticed that it was mostly close on the floor though she looked at the chair that had some of Juliette’s close sitting on it. She decided against messing with it, turning her attention to the boys instead.

“Today you guys will be going into the station to talk to a detective.”

There were noises of acknowledgments from the two and finally satisfied enough to leave, she closed the door behind her leaving the boys to themselves to get dressed.

“How are they doing?” Charles asked as he took a sip of his coffee, watching his wife above the rim when she came into the kitchen. Angelica sighed, what could she say truly?

“Well at least they’re getting ready, they’re not taking this well.” Charles knew that much, his boys were taking this hard and understandable honestly, he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost Angelica once more as he did in their younger years.

“Have we found out who the mole is?” Angelica shook her head, she had been doing her best to try and scout out the person who betrayed their family and allowed Kailian to take their Juliette. Her heart ached without the presence of her daughter, the light in all of their lives, worried for the innocent child in her belly.

“Well, I had security do a full rundown of the house to make sure there weren’t any small devices capable of listening or watching the twins.”

“And?” Juliette asked as she turned her attention to making a plate of food for herself. She didn’t want to eat knowing that the boys weren’t. She would make sure they ate before her, always.

“Well, I’m sure you could guess that they indeed found some. So the mole is someone close enough to get into their home and plant these devices.” Charles wanted to snarl but he held it inside of him knowing that it wasn’t the time to lose his head. His children needed him and he would be the rock they could surely lean on.

“Well we at least that narrows it down significantly, if we can find one then they’ll be able to help us find out if there are others.” Judging from the wicked grin that bloomed on her face, Charles knew that she was thinking up different ways to torture the ones who have hurt her youngs.

“Oh, I’ll let you have your fun when we find them.”

“You wouldn’t be able to hold me back even if you tried.”

Deep laughter tumbled out of Charles from her statement. That was the woman who he happily married and had children with, the one who he still is helplessly in love with. She was as bold as a panther and as deadly as a python, he loved every bit of it.


“Come on Sean,” Sebastian said as he buttoned up the jacket, standing in front of the mirror. He needed his brother by his side while they continued to search for their Juliette. They didn’t need to revert to how they were before Juliette, they needed to be strong for their angel.

“I think I have a clue on who the mole is brother.” Sebastian turned towards Sean who was currently tying up his shoe. “We just have to wait and see if they’ll fall into our trap.” Seb nodded his head before moving around the room picking up the necessary things he’ll need throughout the day.

“Let’s go.”

They left their room, walking down the stairs before stopping by the kitchen. Seeing their mom typing away on a computer while their father was on the phone.

“We’re going in today, still need to make sure the club is running smoothly.”

Angelica nodded her head as she took her eyes off the computer for a second. She looked at the boys and wanted to cry when seeing the bags under their eyes. It looked like they hadn’t slept for days, though she knew she had to be strong.

“Your father and I will be here going through some files that were sent over by the security team. Hopefully, we’ll find something that will give us a clue on where that son of a bitch is holding my daughter.”

The twins nodded their head, already knowing that their mother would do everything in her power to work alongside them to find Juliette.

“We appreciate it, Mom, we’ll be home later with updates.”

With that the conversation was done and over with as they left their home, heading towards the club for the first time in three weeks. They needed to make sure their business was doing good while they were away, trusting that Mike had everything under control.

They wouldn’t fall deeper into the hole, they vowed to be strong for their princess.

It was a promise that they would surely keep until they had her back in their arms.

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