My Twin Masters

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Chapter 45

“Stop playing with your food Juliette.”

Juliette sighed as she looked up at Kailian who was across the table watching her every move. She continued to pick at her food, disregarding what he was saying. He wasn’t going to have that control over her, not anymore.

“I swear Juliette, I will send you to your room if you keep acting like a brat!”

Kailian was growing tired of her behavior and wanted nothing more than to show her what her place was. His mind has regularly bombarded him with images of her underneath him as he pounded her sweet pussy. The only thing that was getting in his way was the bump that seemed to bigger than it was last week.

“Dismissed Juliette.”

Juliette didn’t waste time as she set the fork down and pulled the chair away from the table and walked out. She slowly ascended up the stairs, walking past Kailian’s room about to go towards her own. Though she stopped, her head slowly turning towards the brown door that surely could give her something to getting out of this place.

Every time before the door was locked but that was because Kailian wasn’t home. She slowly walked up to the door, looking at the stairs, straining her ears to hear if she heard walking. When hearing nothing, she slowly began to turn the knob, praying that it was unlocked.


Looking back once more, Juliette proceeded slowly into the room. She came into view of a normal bedroom, the same structure of her own with a massive king size bed in the middle and a dresser on the side of it. Though in his room there was this big computer that took most of the space sitting right next to the closet.

She quickly walked over, sitting down in the chair that she seems to basically sink into. She grabbed the mouse, clicking a couple of times, the monitor lit up. Juliette felt sick to her stomach as a picture of her at what looked like 10 was dressed in the infamous lavender see-through gown. She was smiling up at the camera as she laid on her back with her legs open for Kailian to look at.

Juliette tried not to pay attention to that as she clicked his name, coming to a roadblock as a password was presented to her. She thought for a moment before she started typing ‘Juliette’ though the incorrect words popped up. She huffed as she tried again but this time with ’Julie+Kai’, though once more the incorrect words popped up.

She decided that was enough snooping for the day. She didn’t want to risk getting caught in here, she thought she could try again some other day. Putting everything back how it was, Juliette quickly walked out the room before closing the door softly.

Looking towards the stairs for a quick second, she hurried to her room, tiptoeing until she reached her door. Opening it, she hurried in before closing the door behind her, releasing a breath she didn’t know she was holding. Opening her eyes, she was glad to see that Kailian wasn’t there, she rubbed her stomach as she walked towards the bathroom.

There wasn’t a point in neglecting herself especially seeing as he provided her everything needed to take a relaxing bath. She started the water in the bear claw tub that sat right next to the walk-in shower. Juliette looked over the assortment of bath gel he had left for her, she chose the rose one, remembering that this was one of Sean’s favorite whenever he gave her a bath.

She felt tears sliding down her face as she stared at the bottle in her hand. She brought it close to her chest, feeling as though her world was crashing down on her. She missed her boys so much, every day that past without them felt like a shot to her heart.

This was something they promised wouldn’t happen, they promised to protect her. She tried not to blame them for this situation but she couldn’t help but resent the fact they haven’t found her yet.


She reprimanded the thoughts that were trying to take control of her, she would have faith in her boys. They deserved that, they deserved her absolute trust that they would find her and take her away from this place. She wouldn’t give up hope and with those thoughts, her tears quickly dried up.

She began pouring the gel into the water, watching the bubbles slowly form in front of her eyes. She turned towards the mirror as she began taking the dress off. She wasn’t wearing underwear seeing as Kailian had forbidden them after last week. Juliette had spent that night crying at the privacy that was ripped away from her.

Her belly bump was bigger and Juliette could feel her baby inside of her. She hadn’t been granted permission to take any prenatal vitamins which made her angry. She didn’t want her baby to be limited of the vitamins that she may need. She promised herself to bring it up at breakfast tomorrow, hoping that Kailian would grant her that.

Her breast had definitely become bigger, she picked them up in her hand, a giggle almost sliding out. She turned her body to the side and looked at her butt, well, what little butt that was trying to come. She did believe that as her pregnancy went on, it would grow. She stood there for a few more minutes analyzing what changes her body had made over the past four weeks.

When noticing that the water was high enough, she went to turn the water off before putting her foot in the water. She loved bath and hoped this would relieve the stress she was getting from all the crying she was doing. She closed her eyes as her body sunk into the warm water.

There was a cushion for her neck which she was grateful for since she didn’t really feel like dealing with her neck feeling like it was going to break after getting out. She sat there, thinking about what Kailian password could be. She knew in her gut that it was something about her, but she just couldn’t put her finger on what it could be.

Time went on, while Juliette was relaxing in the tub, Kailian was watching her from his computer. He took in her beauty as she laid there with her eyes closed, he enjoyed watching her shower but this was even better. He could just go in there and have his way with her.

The thought was tempting, so tempting that he was sure he was going to do it until she sat up a bit and her bump showed a little out the water. That’s what stopped him, the demon that was growing inside his sweet Julie. He wanted nothing more than to rip it out her belly and impregnate her with his seed once more. His dick slowly turned into an erection as he watched her start washing her body. He didn’t have any other choice but to jerk off to the images of her.

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