My Twin Masters

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Chapter 46

The boys walked into the building with their heads high as an aura of dominance surrounded them. Those who were already presented adverted their eyes elsewhere not wanting to get caught up with the twins who looked ready to murder the first person insight.

“If it isn’t the Underwoods, what can I do for you two?”

Detective Marshall, he always did have a slick mouth on him that Sean may have once or twice made sure had a busted lip. He was a rather chubby man with a stomach that stuck out and grey hairs that showed here and there in the short brown hair.

“You know why we’re here Jim, cut the crap.” Sebastian calmly said as Sean glared at the man. He wasn’t exactly his favorite and tended to stay near the bottom of the list.

“Well come to my office boys.” He turned around and lead the two down the hall, passing the rooms that were filled with detectives working away. Once he reached his, he turned the knob and stood off to the side holding the door open for the boys to enter the room, once entered, he closed it behind them and walked over to his seat.

Sebastian sat down while Sean walked around the room looking at the pictures and documents on the wall. He picked up one with Jim and his family. His wife and three children all with smiling faces, his heart ached for Juliette and his daughter in her stomach. He wished for nothing more than for her to be in his arms.

“Well, Jim you know why we’re here to update us on what you found.”

Jim nodded, his demeanor turning serious as he pulled out some files from his drawer.

“We found out that he has a couple of properties that were bought while he was in prison, though we are trying to find who bought them for him seeing as they were switched over to his name the day he got out of prison.”

Sebastian felt the slow rise of anger began to brew inside of him as the thought hit his mind instantly.

“So you’re telling me someone is working alongside him? We already had a clue that someone was.”

“No,” Jim began shaking his head at the words. He pushed the files towards him, which Sebastian leaned forward and took them. Looking at them as he sat back in the chair, his eyes scanning the papers.

“A family member?”

“Yes, though not just any family member, we have come to believe that one of his birth parents are helping him.”

A coughing sound abruptly came from Sean as he beat at his chest.

“You mean to tell me,” He croaked out as he took another breath in. “That one of his parents, who I remind you are in the ground, are helping him?”

Jim nodded his head.

“We aren’t sure which one, but we are sure that one of them is and it seems it’s been going on for a while now.”

The twins couldn’t believe what they were hearing, Sean rubbed his hand over his face as he sat down in the chair besides Sebastian. He took a deep breath before blinking his eyes a couple of times, refocusing on Jim in front of him who was now looking in his drawers.

“So how can we figure out who it is?”

“It will take some time for me and my team to go through the files and data but I assure you we will get to the bottom of this. We will help you guys find Juliette.”

Sebastian and Sean nodded their heads before they continued with the conversation, discussing the cameras they found and if it leads to anywhere. Jim took it all in before giving them an answer that he hoped would satisfy them until their next visit.

“We have found that you guys have cameras everywhere, not just in your homes. My security team has been taking apart the little things and trying to see if they can find anything useful on them, see if they can tell who created the little fuckers.”

Sean nodded his head as he looked towards his brother for a quick second analyzing the look on his face. He knew they would have to talk in the bunker, that was the only place they were sure there were no cameras.

“We’ve come to suspect that someone on our staff is leaking information to Kai. We are still unsure who it is, though we have lowered the suspects down to three.”

Jim rubbed his hand across his cheek as he thought about what they were saying. he couldn’t believe someone would help that lunatic and take precious Juliette while she was pregnant.

“Again, I can give you guys everything I got to help figure this out but for now keep it on the low. We don’t want this mole going back and telling Kai anything else.”

The twins nodded their heads accordingly to what Jim was telling them.

“Well thank you for your help Jim, but I believe me and my brother will have to take our leave now.”

Jim nodded at Sebastian’s words as he stood up with them to shake each of their hands.

“We have your back guys, we all want Juliette safe and sound.”

Sean quietly thanked him on their way out the door, proceeding back the way they came and out the door.

“What do you think?”

Sean looked at his brother who was staring ahead at the passing cars.

“I think we need to hurry and find this bastard so we can kill him.”

His voice came out hard as the fire burned behind his words, a cold feeling washed over Sean as he felt the statement pierce his body. He couldn’t describe the quiet anger that spread across his heart at the thought of that piece of shit still breathing the same air as his angel.

“We have to stop by the club so we can talk to Ryder and the others.”

Sebastian nodded his head before getting into the car that pulled up in front of them. Sean following close behind him, closing the door and taking a seat right next to his brother.

Both of the twins stared out the windows in deep thought as their driver Jefferson looked at them both through the mirror with a small smirk on his face.

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