My Twin Masters

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Chapter 47

Juliette could only stare out the window towards Kailian who was walking down the walkway towards the black vehicle that seemed to be waiting for him. She watched him stop next to the buff bodyguard who was staring ahead and exchange words with him before getting into the open door.

Watching the vehicle start-up and disappear down the road, she knew it was her time to act. She hurried out the room, looking both ways before walking firmly over to Kailian’s room. Once in front of his door, she didn’t waste time in turning the knob, though disappointment quickly rushed through her system.

The door wouldn’t open, she cursed herself for realizing that this wasn’t like the last time. He had locked his door like he had done countless times before, she looked closer at the lock hoping she could figure out the code.

She looked towards the stairs, listening for footsteps. When not hearing anything, she proceeded to try different codes that made sense to her.

Her birthday?


His birthday?


She thought other important dates and her mind came up blank. Think. Think. Think Juliette. A thought popped into her mind as she typed in another date and the door popped open.


Juliette felt a rush of disgust as the realization came to mind that his password was the date when he took her virginity. She couldn’t think too much on it seeing as she didn’t have endless time, she slid on in and closed the door behind her softly, she rested her head on the cool surface.

Come on Juliette

She took a deep breath before releasing it, pushing the memories to the back of her mind. She didn’t have the energy to deal with them as she turned and waddled her way over to the computer.

“Come on sweetie, I need you to work with me here.” She said as she stopped briefly and laid her hand over her stomach. Breathing in deeply, her little girl had given her a good kick against her uterus. Happiness bloomed inside of Juliette, it glazing over her brain as she continued on to the chair.

Once Juliette sat down, she turned on the monitor not letting the monitor phase her as she typed in the password. Once she got in, she didn’t waste time moving quickly to the internet and opening up his Gmail and starting up a new email. She typed in Sean’s email and began to type up a message for him.


It’s me, Juliette, I need you to go to Ricky when you get this email and give him your phone so he can track my location.

I miss you so much along with Sebastian. I’m safe and haven’t been touched. I know you guys have been looking for me and I hope this is enough to give you something to follow. Kailian hasn’t done anything to me but I fear for our child. He’s extremely upset that I’m pregnant and I’m scared of what he’ll do to our baby when she comes.

Hopefully, I can come back in here to send you more messages to give you guys updates. I refuse to submit under his control and it’s driving him crazy. I promise I’ll be strong for you both while I’m separated from you guys.

I have to go now, but please remember that I love you and Sebastian so much and have nothing but faith in you two that you guys will find me and save me. You both are my guardian angels and I’m lucky to have you both.

I love you both.


She couldn’t risk any more time as she hurried to send it and go back to delete any trace that she was ever there. Once Juliette was done she quickly logged out and turned the monitor off. Getting up from the chair, she decided to venture through his things as she walked over to the dresser with the remaining time she had.

Going through the drawers she only found clothes in the first three, though in the last drawer she found a picture of herself when she was a young child. She looked to be 10 years old with how small she was. The tears were sliding down her face before she could stop them as her hand came up to cover her mouth so that her cries wouldn’t be heard.

There she was smiling up at the camera completely naked holding up the peace sign. How brainwashed could she be to believe that this was okay? That it was okay for her older brother to do such horrible things to her body and take these sorts of photos. How could he have had her wrapped around her finger so tightly and raise her to believe in his nonsense?

She couldn’t find it in herself to blame the younger version of herself, only feeling a deep sense of understanding for the child who held so much trust in her brother to protect her. Though the main thing she needed protection from was him himself, Juliette closed her eyes once more. She knew she had to push the feelings down, needing to get out of there before Kailian came back home.

Putting the picture back where she found it, she closed the drawer and stood up. Walking back over to the door she didn’t waste time in opening it softly and peeking her head out, a scream got caught in her throat as Kailian stood there now staring down at her. His hand was outstretched as though he was getting ready to put the code in.

“Well, what do we have here?” He questioned, his eyes lighting up with fire as his hand reached out and snatched Juliette’s face. He leaned down, inches away from her face staring into her eyes intently, Juliette could only stare up with complete terror.

“Looks you’ve been snooping where you shouldn’t have been Julie.” He leaned further, his mouth now close to her ear as he whispered the next part.

“I think it’s time for you to be punished.”

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