My Twin Masters

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Chapter 49

The twins sat in the bunker that they currently had no choice but to occupy for the time being. Sebastian was currently sleeping, trying to get some energy for the day. They had planned to take another trip to Jim’s office after he called Sean with news of figuring out who the mole was.

Sean sat at the desk on his laptop doing some paperwork for the club. It was fine with them away, Ryder informed that there were two fights that broke out, one between two submissives and the other was two drunk men. Ryder made sure the situations were handled appropriately and Sean knew they had chosen the right guy for the job.

He continued to fill out the paperwork that was sent over from the bank. He had to make sure their fundings were okay and that there was money to get the materials they needed. Sean didn’t mind paperwork or filling out the files, though he was more of a hands-on type of guy, he normally would leave the paper to Sebastian.

He decided to go to his emails to see if there was anything there from the other companies they were partnered with. They had informed him and his brother that they would be sending over files for them to take a look at together. He didn’t waste time in opening the tab as he signed in scrolling through his emails.

Though one particular email caught his eyes as he looked closer at the name. He grew furious when noticing the email address that the email was sent with, it was fucking Kai. He was tempted to trash the email right away though he knew that would be idiotic seeing as whatever was in that email had something to do with Juliette.

He clicked on it and his eyes skimmed over the email quickly wanting to get it over quickly. Though when he saw Juliette’s name he knew instantly this was from his sweet angel. He read through it three more times, taking in what she had sent before he yelled for Sebastian.

“Sebastian! Sebastian!” He yelled before standing up and walking quickly over to the disoriented brother who cracked open his eyes to Sean standing in front of him shoving a computer in his face. His eyes stung from the harsh light in the darkroom, though when his eyes scanned over the words on the screen he jumped up.

Standing in front of Sean, he looked between the screen and him before rushing past him to go over to put on his jacket.

“Come on,” He said as he put his arm through the sleeve. “We need to go talk to Jim anyway and now that we have this, we can definitely find Juliette.”

Sean nodded his head before he closed the laptop and followed behind his brother’s actions. He grabbed his jacket and quickly slid his feet in his shoes.

“We’ll let’s go, brother.”


This time when entering the building the twins didn’t wait and stop. They bounded the halls until they reached Jim’s office, Sean giving it two hard knocks.

“Come in,” The twins didn’t have to be told as Sebastian opened the door and walked in with Sean following behind him with his laptop bag hanging off his shoulder.

“Well boys, I have news. We figured out which parent has been working with Kai and who the mole is.”

As he was speaking the boys had taken their seats in front of his desk and Sean already had his laptop taken out.

“Well, we have something as well. We got an email from Juliette and your security team needs to take a look at it.”

Jim nodded, gesturing for Sean to hand over the computer which Sean did without question. He trusted Jim and saw no reason for that trust to be tarnished. He understood that Jim wanted to find Juliette as much as he and his brother wanted to.

“Well I’m glad she was able to get in contact with you guys but I fear the consequences that may have came with her actions.”

Jim had read over the email and truly was happy that there was some sort of progression in the chase that Kai had sent the twins on. He made a mental note to send the email over to his team to have them do a full investigation.

“Is there a reason why you didn’t take this to your team?”

Jim watched the look that passed through Sean’s eyes as Sebastian remained emotionless. He waited for an answer though he received none as the twins stared at him in silence. He didn’t press the issue as he moved on to the next topic at hand.

“So like I informed the both of you we have figured out who the birth parent is and who exactly the mole is.”

“Well spit it out,” Sebastian roughly said as Sean looked at Jim expectantly.

Jim looked through the three files on his cluttered desk before passing Sean the file that contained the information. Sean didn’t waste time in grabbing it and opening it up enough so that both he and his brother would be able to see it.

“This can’t be true!” Sean said as his mind raced with questions. He swore they told them that they had been put in the ground. Juliette’s parents were supposed to be dead, gone from this world along with the horrible parenting they bestowed upon Juliette and Kai.

“Are you sure this is true?” Sebastian asked now staring directly at Jim. His mind was blank, the information processing but not fully connecting to his emotions anymore. He simply wanted to find Juliette and with this newly informed information, he was sure they were close.

“Yes, I had my team check over it three times to make sure that they were looking at the proper files.”

Sebastian nodded his head once more before thinking about the mole that was right under their noses. He couldn’t believe that someone who they had taken under their wing had betrayed them in such a way. The betrayal left a mark on his mind at the thought of having him around their angel countless times.

“There’s no such thing of loyalty if he was able to deceive us so easily.”

“You’re right brother,” Sean agreed, he couldn’t help but feel guilty for not keeping an eye on those around his kitten. He should have taken extra measures to ensure her safety and because of him getting too comfortable she was taken right underneath their noses.

“I would take it this guy is close to your family?” Jim asked feeling the distress radiate off of their forms filling the room.

“A very close friend indeed, I wonder what Kai offered him to break his loyalty to us…” Sebastian’s voice trailed off as he looked down at his phone. He had received a text from Jefferson that he was waiting outside.

“I think it’s time for us to have a little fun, don’t you agree brother?”

Sean’s sadist side peeked out as the hurt washed out of him, the need to make this person pay coming to the forefront of his mind. He would thoroughly enjoy letting out the side of him that’s been begging to coat his hands in blood. His brother was the same as him seeing as they both took great pleasure when it came to torturing.

“Have a nice day Jim.”

Jim watched them leave with grins on their faces and a new glint in their eyes. He prayed for the person who would be at their mercy, though the thought left quickly as soon as the image of sweet Juliette filled his mind. Trying to clean up his desk there was only one last remaining thought on his mind.

“What exactly did he offer?”

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