My Twin Masters

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Chapter 50

Juliette didn’t know how many days it’s been with the reoccurring routine Kailian had set. He would come and go, offering her food each day. Juliette had eaten the food without complaint not wanting him to harm her in fear for her baby.

She sat in the dark alone with her thoughts and the kickings of her little one. Juliette could feel the hunger pangs as she tried to create mental images of her boys. She felt the coldness wrap around her soul and squeeze painfully she loathed the dark.

Something about it irked her, in the dark anything could happen. No one can see your pain, see your tears, hear the screams that tore through your chest. The dark tied to pain in Juliette’s mind. There was no light bright enough to reach the pain inside of her that the darkness gripped, not even the twins love could heal that part of her.

Juliette knew she was broken, it had never been a thing hidden from her as she grew up. She didn’t want the pity from anyone when it came to her history, to her fucked-up past that haunted her mind every day. Juliette refused to give in to her demons when she had come so far battling with them.

The twins may not have been able to heal that part of her, Juliette couldn’t deny the parts they had been able to heal. They had brought an abundance of happiness into her life that wasn’t there before, continuously showering her with proper love that she deserved. The boys showed her that she was deserving of happiness and that they wouldn’t stop showing her exactly that.

Sebastian had shown her how to be fierce, how to be bold in the face of a problem. He taught her that it was up to her on how she reacted to the situation and that she couldn’t allow her emotions to get the best of her. Sebastian taught her how to be calculating, fearless and to embrace who she was.

Sean, oh Sean, the one who never ceased to bring a smile to her lips and laughter that would soon follow after. He encouraged her to embrace the inner child inside of her, to never be afraid to cry when she needed to. He taught her that her emotions were okay and that they were there for a reason. Sean taught her that she was capable of being feminine and that she was capable of trusting him and his brother.

Before Juliette knew it she had tears sliding down her cheeks, feeling the wetness soak into her dress. She missed her boys so much and the thought was a repetitive one as she tried to stop the cries that were tumbling out of her throat in a steady flow.

Her hands were shaking as she laid them on her stomach, so many moments that the boys weren’t able to experience alongside her. The thought had her stomach tightening, the urge to throw up crawling up her throat. She forced it down though, her face twisting from the bile aftertaste that was left on her tongue.

Juliette’s attention was brought to the sound of the door opening as the light shone into the darkness. She basked in the warmth of light seeing as she was forced into darkness for what seemed like weeks. Even though the light stung her eyes harshly she was able to suppress the grimace that tried to make itself shown to a grinning Kalian.

“Hungry love?” His voice made her wanted to rip her eardrums out. His eyes zoned in on her as he took a step into the room, going over to pull the chair out from the corner, he dragged it over to creating the only sound in the room. He didn’t take his eyes from her as he sat the chair in front of her and took a seat.

“Nothing to say?” He questioned as he sat the plate down in front of her. Kailian had only left Juliette in here for three days, a tactic he hoped would work on her strong mind. He personally knew what the darkness could do to a person’s mind, he himself being forced into it when he was in prison.

“My sweet Julie, if only you would submit to my power and everything would be fine. You can go back to your room and get a good night’s rest on an actual bed. I don’t think you sleeping on this ground is good for your back or the little demon spawn in your stomach.” He said looking at her with a mixture of false concern and spineless love.

“Just leave me alone Kailian.” Juliette croaked out as she turned away from him and stared at the wall. She would rather be alone in the daunting dark then have to listen to his voice. At least the darkness was capable of quietly leaving her to her own mind. Kailian was a pesky mosquito who continued to keep sucking the strength out of her.

“Now doll you know I can’t do that,” He said in a baby voice. “Though I’ll grant you that wish if I can have a kiss.”



“Exactly what I said, I will not submit to anyone other than my boys. They’re worth everything you try to throw at me because they never forced my submission. They let me have the choice of giving it to them which is a thousand times more better than this.”

Juliette kept her back to him as he scoffed and made movements that didn’t take long for Juliette to once more be brought back into the darkness. She didn’t allow it this time to hold fear over her, instead relished the feeling of finally holding power.

She knew he would be back, he would always come back for her. Juliette hated it but she couldn’t do anything with these cuffs on, she could only pray to God that her twins would find her soon.

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