My Twin Masters

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Chapter 51

Juliette was seating with her back against the wall with her hand placed on her stomach. She was feeling her little one kick in here, each time a face lighting up her face at the joy that her girl was so strong. She had eaten the food Kailian had brought early but he had left in a hurry without even speaking to her.

Juliette was thinking of her boys when she heard the door open once more. She prepared her mind for Kailian, already putting up her mental shields. She refused to fall for his tactics of trying to gain sympathy from her. She stared at the ground as the light slowly filled up space in front of her.

She was confused when she noticed two shadows, she was hesitant on lifting her head. She didn’t exactly know who he had brought into her makeshift prison hoping that it wasn’t another male. Juliette didn’t raise her head though as she continued to keep her eyes trained on the shadows instead.

“Still as disrespectful as you were when you were younger jubug,”

Juliette shook her head in rapid motion as that sugary voice floated into her head. Memories upon memories flooded her mind of the human who just opened up yet another wound Juliette had so desperately tried to heal as an adult.

“You’re supposed to be dead,” Juliette whispered as she forced her head up and locked eyes with identical green eyes as her own. Her mother…

“Oh beautiful daughter, that’s what you think.” The woman said as she walked further into the room, looking around a little. “Kinda stuffy in here Kailian, why is the poor girl locked up?” She questioned taking a look at Kailian who couldn’t keep his eyes off of Juliette.

“Your no mother of mine Pamela,” Juliette said as she glared at the window who only sent her a wave at her words.

“Did I not give birth to you? Spend 13 hours in labor yelling at your poor father for even thinking of putting yet another child inside of me? Was that not you?” Juliette didn’t speak as her mother gave a small hmph and shrugged her shoulders.

“Thought so.”

Pamela took a seat in the chair that always remained in front of Juliette. She looked at her daughter and nothing came to her. She didn’t feel any type of emotion for the girl she had given birth to all those years ago. She could only feel pity for the fact she had fallen so easy into Kailian’s grips.

“So I heard that your dear brother here has plans on breeding you once you give birth to the little child inside of you.” Juliette gasped as a horror-filled look took over her face.

“Oh no need for the dramatics, I think that’s a good deal especially seeing as you’ll still be alive.”

“But I’ll be giving birth to his children,” Juliette said with a clipped tone in which Pamela didn’t take to kindly to as she leaned forward and backhanded Juliette. Juliette’s head snapped to the side as the pain resonated in her cheek.

“Respect is to be given when you’re dealing with me darling, understand?” Juliette didn’t acknowledge her words at first as she hid behind her hair. She felt humiliation creep up her spine as she soon nodded her head.

“Good. Now that we have that out the way, I do have to tell you that once you give birth the baby will be soon given up for adoption.” Juliette shook her head as she covered her stomach with her arms. They would not take her baby, her boys will stop that before that could happen.

“You’re not taking my baby.” She said simply with a strong conviction ingrained in her words. Juliette would fight for her child to the very end and even then she would continue to fight with her last breath.

Pamela sighed, already annoyed with the conversation.

“Look, Juliette, it doesn’t seem that you have much of a choice in the matter. So it would be better if you would sit back and be the pretty girl that you are and shut that mouth of yours.”

Before Juliette could say anything, Kailian spoke up for the first time after listening to the interaction.

“Julie it won’t be so bad, mom said it’ll be just like when we were younger.”

Juliette felt the sense of realization set in as she processed his words. Her mother had known what was going on. She knew what Kailian was doing to her, that he was molesting her, stealing away every inch of the innocence of her.

A wave of anger filled her that never amounted to no other, she raised her eyes to the demon in front of her. A demon hiding away behind human eyes, eyes that chilled Juliette down to her bones. This was her mother, the woman who was supposed to love her through everything, that was supposed to protect her from all that was evil. She was supposed to have warm eyes that showed the love she held for Juliette but looking back Juliette can’t remember a moment when she experienced that.

Instead, there was a woman who showed no affection for the child she was tasked with loving, she was only ever concerned with partying with her father. Juliette tried to keep the bile feeling at the bay of knowing in her gut that her mother knew what was happening to her by her own son.

Juliette felt betrayed, deceived, and all-around hurt as she tried to pull strength from the fact of the matter that she would never be like her mother. That she would never let what happened to her happen to her little girl, she would be strong. She would care. She would be there. She would love her.

She made that promise to herself as she stared into the eyes of the psychopath who only enabled her brother to do his worse. Who never took a step in and stop the pain that was pushed upon her.

Who never took on the role of being a mother.

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