My Twin Masters

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Chapter 52

“You knew,” Juliette whispered out as she continued to stare at Pamela.

“You knew what the sick fuck was doing to me!” She screamed, wanting nothing more than to beat the crap out of this piece of shit of a human. Juliette despised the chains that held her back from doing anything except jumping at her.

Pamela stared at her with a bored expression.

“Of course I knew, it didn’t take a genius to see what was going on between the two of you. Why do you think me and your father were always partying?” She questioned, crossing her legs and clasping her hands in front of her.

“Your father didn’t know what was happening, but I knew how much of a little slut my daughter turned out to be for her own big brother.” Juliette hated this woman more than anything in the world as she continued to talk.

“Who do you think he learned all that from? I taught him everything he knows Juliette, the abused turned into the abuser.” Pamela snapped her fingers as she stared into Juliette’s eyes with a sadistic smirk.

Kailian leaned down and kissed her cheek before pulling away, though before he could Pamela grasped his chin and brought his lips to her owns before kissing him full on all while staring into Juliettes eyes. Releasing him, Kailian went back to his spot with his head down as a blush crept up his cheeks.

“See Juliette, it all loves her. Your brother here has become very accustomed to the love I have to offer him since he was a little boy.”

Juliette was sure she was going to throw up now as she listened to Pamela speak. Juliette didn’t expect that Pamela had sexually abused Kailian, that she had been the one to teach him the things he had done to her.

“You’re a disgusting human being for what you made him into, for the fact that you sexually abused your own son and then turned a blind eye when he began to molest his own sister.”

Pamela shrugged her shoulders, she simply didn’t care for the words that were leaving Juliette’s mouth. Only concerned with the fact that she understands what her place would be in this entire situation. She would be the breeder that she would pimp out to people who were apart of the same establishment as herself.

“Juliette you’re wasting your breath trying to make me feel something for what has happened. I don’t feel bad for sexually abusing your brother nor do I feel anything for the fact that he molested you. I do though feel a tiny bit of pity for your father who I poisoned.”

With that, Pamela stood up and walked out of the room, simply done with the conversation she was having. Kailian took the seat after she left, staring at his little sister. He did love her, only hoping she would follow through with this transition with ease. His eyes inched down to her covered stomach, the disgust pooling at the pit of his stomach.

“I hope you understand why we need to get rid of the little thing inside of your stomach. We can’t have our children feeling some type of way over the fact that you may love that more than them.” He hit her where he knew it would hurt, gauging for her reaction.

“I mean you did give away our first child. The poor thing to think his own mother didn’t even want him. How does that feel to abandon your first child, hmm?” He questioned.

Juliette tried not to let his words get to her though they were knocking on the chest she tried to keep hidden inside of herself. She knew she made the right decision when she gave her son up for adoption, she wasn’t in the right mental state to raise him. Juliette tried to reassure herself that she had made the right choice, the choice that brought a better life to her child.

“I made the right choice as a mother, a young mother at that. I wasn’t ready to take on a child that was forced on me at the age of 15.” She angrily said. “Did you forget the part where you repeatedly raped me to get what you wanted?”

Kailian’s face dropped becoming emotionless.

“Ah there you are, the real you that tries to hide behind your bullshit. I know what you are Kailian, I’ve known for a long time. You’re a sociopath and I’ve studied people like you, I went to school to learn more about you so I wouldn’t get caught in your traps.”

Juliette felt power like no other lick at her seductively as she stared into her brother’s eyes. She knew he would never be able to break her and she never felt so proud of herself as she finally broke free of all chains he held on her mentally.

“You will never break me Kailian Anguaze Maximus, my boys will rescue me and you will die a painful death when it’s time.”

With those final words, Juliette turned her head, not being able to continue to look at something so revolting. Kailian had stayed a little after her speech just staring at her before leaving and locking the door behind him leaving Juliette to the hands of the dark, though this time she wasn’t afraid.

She took solace in the darkness that lulled her to sleep this time, wrapping it’s soft grips around her form and caressing her bleeding soul. She prayed that her boys were close, she needed them more than ever.

Juliette was pulling strength from her little girl and in the fact that she was going to do everything in her power to protect her. Show Pamela what a real mother looked like and what true mothers love could do, that it was stronger than everything. Juliette was prepared to do anything that it took to make sure that she and her little girl would come out alive and together.

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