My Twin Masters

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Chapter 53

Fire and ice could be used to describe the looks Sean and Sebastian were currently giving Jefferson who was currently tied down in the chair in front of them. They were in a room that was located in the basement of their parent’s home which they made sure was soundproof so the screams wouldn’t disturb their mother’s peace.

Jefferson could feel the fear that rushed his mind taking a place at the pit of his stomach as he tried to rack his brain on how the boys found out. He couldn’t think of anything as they stared at him with blank faces now as though they were communicating with each other without the need for words.

The name came instantly to his mind as he thought of the man who could have ratted him out.


Jefferson cursed the man for not keeping his promise even after helping him get Juliette. He had made sure everything was in place so that Kailian and his boys could come in and take the little brat. Jefferson could only regret taking Kailian for his word in trusting him, he tried to pray to the higher-ups with mercy.

“Nothing to say?” Sean asked finally breaking the silence, his eyes were ablaze as the anger coursed through his nerves. He wanted to rip apart this man, no not even a man, he wasn’t even worth considering a human being. He was nothing more than the dirt underneath Sean’s shoe.

“We trusted you, brought you in and took care of you as though you were our own family. Gave you a place to stay, food to eat, and a well decent paying job and this is how you repay us for our kindness?”

Jefferson couldn’t respond, wouldn’t respond to the points Sean was declaring. It was all true, every last thing. These boys had given him a good enough life, so why had he fallen in the traps of a man who was nothing but bad news?


The words that Kailian used to play with his mind seduced a new side of him that he knew never existed. Jefferson was enthralled with the color green that filled his eyesight as the thoughts of holding the same amount of powers of the twin corrupted him.

“What happened to the Jefferson Monroa that we knew?”

Sebastian finally spoke as the chill feeling took root in Jefferson’s bone. A complete opposite of what his brother was giving off. This feeling grasped his heart and tried to squeeze whatever remorse it could find. Though Jefferson didn’t have any remorse to give, he had nothing to give.

He looked to the floor, wishing he could disappear, run, do anything to get away from the men who looked ready to rip his spine out.

Sean moved forward, grabbing his head and pulling it up so he could stare into his eyes.

“You are worth nothing anymore, we will make sure you understand that with what we’re about to do.”

Jefferson snatched his head away, his eyes turned downward. The words sliding over his mind, seeping into the crevices of the memories that were buried beneath the corruption. The memories that ran back to when they first met, back to when Jefferson was nothing but a man with a sad dream following behind him.

“Sir?” The voice was deep as it reached the ears of the man who laid underneath the thin blanket as the coldness of the snow seeped into his bones. He lifted his head and was met with silver eyes that spoke of kindness as a hand was held out towards him.

Jefferson was confused as thoughts ran through his brain of the man in the suit.

“I’ve seen you sleeping here for the past three days and was wondering if you needed a place to stay. If you’re uncomfortable at least finding a shelter for you to sleep in. I hate to see you sleeping in the snow.”

Jefferson nodded his head, his sliver of pride making it hard for words to actually leave his mouth. He pushed himself up as he took the hand that was held out to him, the man pulling him up with ease. Jefferson was nothing but a bag of bones underneath the baggy clothes that kept him warm to some extent.

“What’s your name?”

“Jefferson.” No last name, Jefferson thought he was so smart. He didn’t know how much he could entrust to this stranger, he could try to kill him. He was an easy target, nobody would come looking for him. That thought sent pain to his chest as he remembered the family that was no more, of the sadness that refused to leave him.

“Well Jefferson, how about I take you back to my place for the night and send you to a shelter in the morning?” The stranger asked as Jefferson now slid into the warm black car. The stranger slid in after him, closing the door behind him, soon after the car took off and they began cruising down the street.

Jefferson was quiet as he tried to think of an answer. He was already in the car, he really didn’t want to go to a shelter. Last time he was there someone had stolen his coat that helped keep winter out, leaving him with just a jacket that he slept in. He stared out the window as he watched the snowfall gently to the ground, knowing he didn’t wish to sleep in that.

“I’ll go with you,” His voice was soft suddenly, the stranger turned his head back to him with a small smile.

“I’m glad you chose that, I promise you won’t regret the decision.”

While Jefferson was praying to God for protection, the stranger had thoughts of changing this man’s life. Of hopefully providing him with more than he was given, he could see the man inside of Jefferson. Someone who just needs a little uplifting from someone he could trust.

“What is your name by the way? I never asked…” He trailed off as he stared at the gloves that had holes in them, they were blue with red circles that seemed to have been painted on by a young child. Jefferson held the gloves close to his heart, having them all this time, it was the last thing that he owned that reminded him of them.

“My name is Sebastian Underwood,”

The name was forever imprinted in Jefferson’s head from that moment on. Sebastian introduced him to his brother Sean and from there the three became like brothers from the moments of the twins offering him a stable job to the first time Jefferson had cut his beard after the many years.

Sebastian kept to his promise and made sure Jefferson would have never regretted his decision until the moment he met Kailian. The promise was the main thing that kept Jefferson going in the harsh times when he needed his brothers to help him through the memories of his deceased family.

When they took him to therapy to hopefully help guide his mind through the tough memories. Taking it upon themselves to learn and improve themselves just to help him emotionally. To help him understand he was allowed to move on, showing him that there was something worth living for.


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