My Twin Masters

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Chapter 54

"I want you to know little one, your daddies love and miss you very much. That everything is going to be okay and that your daddies are going to save us," Juliette had begun talking to the small child inside of her tummy after the encountering she had with Kailian.

She meant every word that spewed out her mouth in hatred for him. She would never allow herself to fall victim to his game, she knew herself better than that. Juliette understood she worked too hard in life to regress back to who she was when the twins first met her.

"When I first met your daddies it was at two different times, I met your daddy Sean first before your daddy Sebastian." Juliette allowed herself to fall into the memories of her younger years, her more happier years after finally being taken from her despicable family.

Juliette was 15 at the time...

"Hi, I'm Juliette..." Her eyes were staring at her shoes as Sean starred at her. He was confused about how this beautiful angel was standing in front of him. He wanted nothing more to pull her close and protect her from anything that could harm her.

"Is there something interesting down there?" Sean asked as he watched a blush slowly start to form on the parts of her neck that were exposed. She was already the most adorable thing he'd ever seen, his heart skipping a beat when her eyes slowly traveled up his body and connected with his own.

Green eyes.

Sean from that moment knew that this tiny female-owned his heart as her eyes stared into his eyes, gazing into his soul. He couldn't help but want to bring her into his arms and protect her from the cruel world that wished to taint the innocence that shined through her.

"I'm Sean, it's nice to meet you, Juliette."

She shook his hand that he put out for her, her hands were soft, delicate. He could only imagine how the rest of her body would feel beneath his fingers.

"Nice to meet you as well, I hope we can get along together."

"I don't doubt it for a second sweetheart."

Sean could only think to himself about how this female walked into his life, brightening it with her aura. She was the light that would shine in his dark days, the moon that would light up his dark nights.

He could only thank God for blessing him with such a gift from the heavens.

Juliette could only get lost once more in the feelings of wanting nothing more than to have Sean hold her through this tough time and whisper in her ear that everything would be okay. Though she knew she was strong, strong enough to stand against whatever Kailian had us his sleeve. She sighed into the darkness as she let another memory pull her into the tides of love.

"Juliette," His voice always seemed to make her heart go pitter-patter as he once more turned his eyes onto her. She was beautiful, bright green eyes and a head full of cherry blonde hair. A smile that could make an entire army fall to their knees, ready to do anything for her.

She was out in the garden once again, picking the flowers for mother. She was always helpful like that, always ready to give a helping hand when needed. He admired her for that, such kindness that only could show more of her pure soul.

"Sebastian?" She questioned, her voice soft as she continued to focus on the group of flowers in front of her. She had been given the task of picking the ones that have fully grown and plant new seeds. Angelica knew she would very much enjoy the task.

"I was wondering," He croaked out before clearing his throat.

"Me and Sean were wondering if you would like to go to dinner with us tonight?"

Sebastian couldn't see her face but he noticed that her hand had stopped for a second.

He watched her neck turn a light pink and he could only imagine how red her face might look.

"To hang out?" She questioned. She didn't want to assume things and mess up what relationship they already had. She would never jeopardize the friendship the boys had

offered her since the very beginning.

He moved closer to her, taking a seat next to her on the ground. He played with her hair that seems to be never-ending as it flowed down her back. Sebastian always loved her hair, taking up braiding it half the time. He couldn't explain his fascination with it, only knowing that it was soft in his fingers.

"We were thinking of something more." His voice was cool now as he sounded more confident in his words. He didn't want to mess this up for him and Sean. He truly did not want to deal with the nagging that would come from Sean especially.

"A d-date?" She stuttered over the word and cursed herself in her mind for sounding so childish. 'What else would he be talking about Juliette!?'

"Exactly. A date between me, you, and Sean. Would you be okay with that."

Juliette was quiet for a second and Sebastian stopped playing with her hair to look at her.


His attention was drawn to the wet spot on her dress, looking up with a panicked look, he was confused when he spotted a sign. For the first time since he walked over, she turned her head to him. Her lips were spread from cheek to cheek as the tears slid down her face.

She nodded her head quickly.

"I would very much like that."

"Yup your mommy cried, she cried hard that night. She couldn't stop thanking the God above for putting your daddies in her life. You see little one, your daddies are the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Juliette rubbed her belly as she let the tears flow gently down her cheeks.

"They are my guardian angels, sent straight from the heavens above to protect both me and you. I know your daddies will be coming for us."

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