My Twin Masters

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ice cream (christmas special)

“So by then, the guy had fallen over into this huge bin that was filled with you’ll never guess what,” I stared at Sebastian who was looking at me as though I had grown two heads with this hectic story I was telling him.

“What was it?” He questioned as he continued to stir the mash potatoes.

I took a sip of the white wine in my glass, letting the silence around us build up the tension.

“Spit it out Juliette,” He said as I giggled at the expression on his face.


“You’re lying,” He said dismissing my statement as he turned his back to me. I gasped dramatically as I gripped my chest as though his words had wounded me physically. Watching for his reaction, I didn’t receive any as he now began to cook the steaks I had brought home along with the other groceries.

“Me? Lying to my master? I would never.” I said with an emphasis on my words.

“Oh really now, never?” He questioned and from that tone, I knew to run very far away from him as he turned around slowly with a glint in his eyes.

I stood up slowly as he pulled the small towel that was on his right shoulder down and began to roll up his sleeves. While he was doing this, I was backing away from the bar knowing he had something up his sleeve.

“Kitten, you remember that time when we asked you what happened to the last of that ice cream?” So he was taking it that far, wow, never thought he would do me like that.

“Yeah and remember how I said I didn’t remember,” I said pulling my words out as I was now across the room from him. I knew, he knew, that I knew he had me caught dead in a lie once more.

He tsked as he instead of coming over and snatching my lying tail up and bending me over his lap and giving me a good spanking, went the opposite direction and up the stairs to the second level of the house.

I stood there for a moment confused, bewildered and all-around dazed at the fact that my more strict master just let me off the hook like that. I took a couple of tentative steps forward as I looked around for the camera because I must be on a show.

Maybe the fact that instead of that being my master it was a machine that just looked like him and instead didn’t have the memories of what the appropriate thing to do in a situation as vital as one like this… or maybe I’m just crazy and I’m really off the hook.

I walked back into the kitchen grabbing my glass and taking a couple more sips before setting the glass back down. The edge is taken off like butter as I started taking out plates and preparing the table for me and my boys.

Checking my phone once again from any more texts from Sean, I was saddened to see that there was none. Only the one that he was going to be coming home late once again, this was the third time this week. These clients of his were really working him, it was Christmas, he was supposed to be here with me and Sebastian.

“Come here Juliette,” I froze as I felt the pleasure from hearing his voice go straight to my core. Only he and Sean were able to get such a reaction out of me, I slowly turned around and in front of me was a hard stone face with the name Sebastian attached to him.

He stood there with only a pair of jeans on that were hanging dangerously low on his hips, my mouth watering from the sight of such a fine male. His skin was taut around his arms showcasing the muscles he had. The tribal tattoo snaking around his upper left arm, my eyes slowly moved up towards his eyes and I was stuck there as I saw a sadistic man.

I saw a man that was ready to punish me in the worst way possible, but I saw my dominant behind those eyes as well. I saw my Sebastian who was holding back and keeping his head above the waters, not succumbing to his thoughts.

“What did I say, Juliette?” He questioned and my feet began moving towards him before my mind was even able to process anything. I tried to prepare myself for the punishment that was coming but every time it seemed I did that, my mind knew each time was different.

“You know where to go,” He said simply as I stood in front of him. I walked over to the chair before setting myself down on the ground next to it on my knees with my head bowed. My nerves were everywhere as a rush of excitement went through my body as I heard his footsteps moving closer to me.

He took a seat in the chair before placing the belt across his lap. I knew better to raise my head as I thought about the fact I was really getting a punishment on Christmas. I was supposed to be having fun, not about to be getting a spanking for something that happened last week.

“Pet, rise.”

I followed his command as I stood up with my hands now in front of me with my head still cast down along with my eyes. I knew better as I stayed there standing silently for the next three minutes of silence. I knew how this would go seeing as I’ve been in this position plenty of times already, with the understanding this wouldn’t be the last time of me being here.

“Take your dress off along with your panties,” I slowly slid the spaghetti straps of my shoulders as the dress slowly dropped to the floor covering my feet. I slid my panties off as well before letting it drop to the floor. I placed my hands in front of me as I waited for the next command.

“Lay down on my lap Juliette,” My name coming out of his mouth only increased the flood I felt between my legs as I laid down on his laps with my arms in front of me and staring at the ground.

I felt his hand slowly caress my bottom as his other hand trailed down my spine softly, back and forth as he continued to stroke my back.

“You will receive 15 slaps each one for each chance you had to own up to what you did. After each one, you’ll thank me and ask for another until we finish. Do you understand pet?”

“Yes master, I understand.”

I waited with pins and needles wondering when the first strike would come to my bottom. He was only brushing his hand across each cheek with a loving intention behind it before my mind could register what had happened the pain lit up in my body.

“Thank you, can I have another one Master?”

By the third one, I had tears in my eyes but they weren’t falling yet.

“Thank you, can I have another one Master?”

The tears had now begun to slide down my face as the cold air rushed in after each hit I received.

“Thank you, can I have another one Master?”

The pleasure had begun to soar as my mind began to recognize the pain as a friend instead of a foe. The cold air rushed in after the tenth smack as I moaned softly.

“Thank you, can I have another one Master?”

I was a moaning mess as my core clenched as I became wetter. I never could trade this feeling for anything as I laid there withering beneath the hand of my dominant who I had full trust in.

“Thank you, can I have another one Master?”

My climax had hit me as his palm connected once again, all thoughts leaving my mind as I was taken completely away. I could feel myself leaving my body as the pleasure flooded my brain so easily and I loved every second of it.

“Thank you, Master,” I moaned as he finished with the fifteenth strike. I slowly came down from my high as I came back into reality, to feel him rubbing the sore area.

“You did great baby, I’m so proud of you.” Sebastian cooed at me as he shifted me so that I was now sitting up and leaning against his chest. His fingers massaged my scalp as he continued to rub my bottom in soothing circular motions.

“I hope you learned your lesson, Juliette.” He said sternly in my ear as I nodded my head. I had surely learned my lesson as I felt the tingling sensation race through my body, my attention was pulled to the front door being opened and a voice that I treasure floated into my ears.

“Finally punished her for the ice cream I see.”

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