My Twin Masters

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Chapter 55

“You were a brother to me Jefferson, I don’t know how the voiceless whispers were able to get into your mind and tarnish all the work you did,” Sebastian said softly into the cold wind that glided across his face gently as he stared down at the freshly pat-down dirt.

They had buried Jefferson, received the information they needed and closed that part of their life. Sebastian turned away before walking towards the car that already had Sean sitting in the passenger seat. He had left as soon as the last of the dirt was thrown in not seeing any other reason to continue to mourn someone who took away the love of their life.

“It’s time to go get our princess Sean,” Sebastian said as he opened the door and entered before slamming it after. Sean turned to him, glasses pulled up to his eyes with his hair slicked back giving him a final nod.

“Well, here we come Detective Marshall,”

“Boys, I know you want to go storming in there like wild pack animals but please remain calm why I explain why we cannot do that.”

The boys were furious with Marshall, he had basically told them flat out that it wasn’t the right moment to save Juliette. Was he crazy? Did he not understand the damage she has surely endured with all this time that’s gone by? Their minds couldn’t grasp the complexity of the situation, instead running off their more natural instincts and that was to save their wife.

“Marshall, I understand where you’re coming from but understand where we are coming from. This is our wife you’re talking about, not just any woman, this woman means more than the world to us. She’s the reason we breathe, the reason why we wake up in the morning. She’s the person who’s carved our love into the beauty it holds, she’s our angel.”

Sean held tears in his eyes, his heart hurt so much. He felt so incomplete without his princess by his side, without her beautiful smile that was able to light up the whole room. He felt a hand on his shoulder and the feeling of comfort was able to tamper the pain for the time being. Sean knew they would find her, that they would save her from the dragon and be her knights in shining armorer.

“Marshall, we are going to save her tomorrow whether you’re on board or not. We will be rescuing our angel and killing that fucker and whoever the hell is helping him with this sick game he’s playing at.”

Marshall sighed at Sebastian’s words before throwing himself down in his chair and slumping for a second. He knew he couldn’t stop them, they were powerful men and had made their intentions clear to him. He was on board but he had to make sure they all stayed in the same loop so this would cause the least bloodshed and more justice for Juliette.

“Fine, I’ll gather my men tonight. I would advise you to do the same seeing as the plane will be leaving tonight and we will be landing there tomorrow. We are getting her back guys.”

Sebastian nodded his head as both he and Sean stood up and left out of the room, leaving behind Marshall who just shook his head and sent his prayers to God.

“Ma you can’t come, it’s too dangerous.” Angelica rolled her eyes at Sebastian who was getting ready. He already had on his bulletproof vest and had knives lined up the front with a holster on his hip that had a gun. His mother had boldly stood there saying she was coming with them to rescue Juliette which he shut down immediately.

“You don’t control me, Bastian.” He raised an eyebrow at her words but instead of firing back. He simply called for the person who he knew could tie her down and make sure she didn’t go anywhere.

“Dad! Could you come in here and talk some sense into your wife please.” He yelled out as Angelica stared at him with her mouth open slightly. She couldn’t believe he was bringing Charles into this, well she would show him that she wouldn’t bow before some boy who thought he was a king already. She was going with them to save her daughter, whether the men liked it or not. Juliette would need a woman there for her to help her through whatever condition they find her in and Angelica knew she trusted her more than any female out there.

Charles sighed as he walked through the halls leading to the room both his wife and son were in. He knew they were back at it, but how many times did he have to tell that boy, he didn’t run her, she ran him! Charles would try to talk some sense into her but he knew from the moment the boys explained everything to them that his wife had the fires from hell behind her eyes.

Her entire being was telling her to go and who was Charles to tell her no.

“Could you please explain to ma how dangerous it is for her to go?”

Angelica glared at her oldest, she was ready to throw hands at him for being so misogynistic. He truly thought she couldn’t protect herself and needed some man to protect her, she would show him.

“And could you explain to your asshole of a son that I don’t need yours nor his to go and help rescue our daughter from that lunatic of a brother?”

Charles closed his eyes for a second before opening them and seeing both of them staring at him awaiting an answer. The thoughts flooded his brain and before he knew it, his opinion was being laid out there.

“Sebastian, I know you wish to protect your mother but you have to understand where she is coming from. Juliette will need a kind but firm hand to help her get out of there, you and Sean can’t be both places at once. Plus your mother will be able to spend her time finding Juliette while you and Sean can kill Killian.”

Angelica stood with her arms crossed as she raised her chin to her son. She knew her husband would be on her side, they had already had this discussion when they were searching for the mole when the twins went into depression mode.

Sebastian sighed and nodded his head at his father’s words. He knew he was right but he was afraid of losing his mother, he wanted her safe and the safest place he could think of is by his father’s side waiting for them to get back with their wife. Charles's words did break through a barrier that was holding back the logical side of him and opened his eyes to the truth that laid in front of him. He didn’t trust anyone more than his mom so why not send her to rescue Juliette like he knew she could.

“Fine, go get ready ma.”

Angelica didn’t stay any second longer as she left quickly to go get geared up with a final thought on her mind from the conversation.

’We’re coming for you baby, hold on for us.”

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