My Twin Masters

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Chapter 56

“Here is where we will be entering from, he has no idea that we are on our way and we need to keep it that way.” Sean’s voice came out strong as he looked around at his squad that would be assisting him and Sebastian in saving their wife.

“Ricky, you’re in the lead right behind me and Sebastian. You’re in charge of making sure we get in and out without a problem, we’re counting on you.” Ricky nodded his head as he continued to rub on the clip in his hand, he held a special attachment to that gun and treated it like his baby.

“Behind him will be Heaven, Nevaeh, and Annie. Our three most trusted females, we need you guys to take out any threat that will come our way.”

“Sir, we will make sure we get back our Queen,” Nevaeh said with a tilt of her head, Heaven and Annie nodded their heads along with her words. They would make sure they would take out any threat that would show itself to them. Annie was a sniper and took out the ones who thought they weren’t seen. Heaven was more of an up-close fighter, she enjoyed breaking bones and hearing the screams while Nevaeh was the shooter who made sure everyone who crossed with her bullet took their final breath.

“I appreciate you guys putting your lives on the line for Juliette,” Sebastian said speaking up for the first time since they came together. “Though I want to make sure each one of you understands that our kill is him.” The air stilled as his icy voice made its way into their ears making them bow their head at him in submission. Sebastian would not take anything less from them, their ultimate submission is all he cared for, he wasn’t Sean and they understood the difference between the twins.

“Mother is still coming right?” Sean asked though the look he received answered the question silently. He sighed before rolling his shoulders back and grabbing the knife on the table and sliding it into his boot. He was making sure that everything on him would allow him to kill some fuckers through the night, his fingers itched to kill someone.

“Let’s move out.”

“Mother, you’re tasked with finding Juliette. Killing whoever crosses your path, nobody is allowed to live in this situation.” Angelica nodded her head at Sebastian with the chilling look of death in her eyes, she was ready to show her colors from her younger years.

“I understand, I’ll find my daughter.”

The twins nodded as the rest of the squad stood around waiting for their commands. Nevaeh was ready to kill the bastards who took sweet Juliette away, she could still remember the first time when she met the Queen who ruled the hearts of the King’s who she kneeled before. She had a soft voice and kind eyes that showed a painful past that seemed as though she was trying to keep hidden beneath her happiness.

Juliette was a woman who brought light into those who have been kept in the darkness, submerged by the evil that surrounded them. Juliette was able to wash away the emotions and replace them with the unconditional love that God decided to bless her with. She was a woman that many looked up to and wished to be, though not many could see the flaws that laid upon her skin both physically and mentally.

“Girls, you already know what to do. This will be a simple kill everyone's mission, only we will see the dawn of a new day. I’m counting on you guys to make sure that’s what happens.”

Annie pushed her glasses up a bit with a strong nod, the other two females already knowing what was needed of them. This was something that they were trained for, they were picked for this specific reason. They were the three that guarded Juliette when she went out, making sure everything was okay with her and taking out any potential threat that was brought upon her.

“Let’s go,” Sean said as Sebastian led them to a truck that would take them as close as they could to the mansion that Kailian owned. They all loaded up inside before the driver started the truck up and began moving towards their destination. This was a time for everyone to make sure they were on the correct mental level, taking a life was never easy for Heaven but today wasn’t the day for her to ponder over their lives.

They traveled through the grassy area that was surrounded by trees, the truck would bounce whenever going over rocks but they continued on. Angelica closed her eyes as she thought about her beautiful daughter, there was a faint knocking behind her skull that reminded her that she wasn’t the same girl from then. She had aged and needed to take into consideration that she couldn’t do the same things she could when she was younger.

She opened a bottle of pills and knocked back a couple before closing her eyes for a few seconds. Angelica was ready to face whatever this day had to throw at her, she made a promise to the little girl that she and her husband had taken in that she would always save her from the monsters that threatened to hurt her. Now it was time to live up to that promise and save her from her psychotic brother.

“Come on guys, it’s time for us to walk the rest of the way. We can’t have him knowing that we’re this close to his property. Our number one priority is to save Juliette and bring her back home to where she belonged.”

The crew didn’t need to respond back to Sebastian’s words seeing as all of them understood the heaviness that laid in his tone. Each exited the truck before assembling themselves in the format that they were told in the beginning. Angelica was the last one out as she adjusted the guns that were on each side of her.

Moving through the forest, their stride was quick and steady as they ate up the distance between them and Juliette. Soon the view of a house from a distance came into view, the twins remained calm with a steady expression. They couldn’t wait to have their angel back in their arms along with the child they had created together. Their steps quickened which in turn made the others pick up their pace as well and not before long they were close enough to see the windows.

“Remember the plan guys, quick and simple.”

Annie relaxed her body as she looked through the scope, the others had already begun making their way to the building leaving her behind to take out the guards patrolling. She began the game that she played whenever she was taking out those who she was getting ready to kill. She took a point down and if she reached ten then she would take herself out after she was done.

With each kill the reassurance that Juliette would be coming home with them helped erase the guilt that tried to bury itself into her bones. Though she didn’t care for them, they were still humans, people with families at home. They still had the same blood as she did, though they deserved their deaths for helping aid a horrible person.

Annie pushed away the thoughts that plagued her mind and focused on the task she was given by the twins. She could see them as Heaven and Nevaeh were spilling the blood of life from those up close, she could see them bringing chaos to the place that thought they were hidden from the public eye. There wasn’t a place they could take Juliette that the boys wouldn’t find eventually.

On the battlefield everyone was doing what they were tasked with and eventually the boys were able to make it to the front door, they gave each other a look before pushing it open though they weren’t prepared to be met with the man who had taken the one thing they cherished the most away from them.

Kailian stood there next to a woman who held a smile and a glass of wine that she took a slow sip out of as she stared at them as though she had just won the biggest prize yet. Sean couldn’t help but notice the similarities she held to Juliette as though she could have been her mother, though the thought instantly struck Sebastian.


This woman was Juliette’s mother.

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