My Twin Masters

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Chapter 57

“I’m going in,” Angelica whispered into the mic as she opened the back door softly before sliding into what looked to be the kitchen. She looked around before closing the door behind her, her footsteps were light as she made her way across the room into a hallway.

Looking both ways, she decided to go left and pray that it led to her baby. Coming up behind a guard, she was quick to pull her knife out and slice his throat. Letting him fall to the floor, she snatched up his gun. There was no point in waiting around to watch him die as she continued on her journey through the long hall.

There were doors on both sides of her, she passed one that looked to have a lock on it. She continued on to the next one, opening this one seeing as there wasn’t a lock on that one. Entering, she was disappointed that there was no Juliette, but saw many photos of her. All that seemed to show her younger years, years before her and Charles had her in their custody.

Angelica picked up the one that showed a couple with a little boy standing next to them and a smiling Juliette. These were her former parents, the ones who didn’t do anything to stop the abuse that Juliette was forced to endure by the hands of her brother.

A strong urge to break the photo overcame her but she sat the picture down gently. It would all burn once Juliette was found and taken away to a safer place. They would all burn inside this house along with the evil that resides inside of them, going straight to hell where they belonged.

Out the room she left, not wanting to waste any more time. Checking in each room that she passed, she was growing frustrated in the fact that they hadn’t put a pregnant woman in an actual bed room. She tried to think of other rooms that they have put her in, taking a deep breath, she cleared her mind before allowing her mind to be crowded with her thoughts.

Opening her eyes, she went back the way she came and continued down the hall to a door that was at the end of the hall. She knew she should have turned right instead as she opened the door, complete darkness meeting her eyes. Though the light from the hallway showed her stairs that led down further into the dark.

Taking out her flashlight which was among the many things she was carrying on her, she turned it on and began her descent down the stairs. The further she walked, the colder it seemed to become as she took her final steps on the stairs.

Touching the ground, Angelica first noticed the chains and as her eyes began the journey up to where it was connected to her stomach dropped as the tears slowly began to well up in her eyes.

Juliette laid there, her skin dirty and eyes closed. She was a shell of the person that Angelica last saw, this wasn’t a person anymore, a ghost of her past self. Angelica took a step closer to her, as her body began shaking. There wasn’t words to describe the pain that shot through her heart as she sunk to her knees in front of the sleeping Juliette.

She sat the flashlight down before her hand reached out for her daughter, the mother instinct inside of her fighting it’s way out of her chest. The need to bring her close to her chest and protect her from this harsh world overcame her, as she laid her hand gently on her shoulder, her fingers wrapping themselves against the cold skin.

“Love bug…”

The nickname she had gifted Juliette when they first met, the first time her arms wrapped themselves around her daughter. Now a nickname that she prayed would fight against the darkness they were up against that laid inside Juliette’s mind.

Juliette could hear her, but she refused to believe yet another one of the many hallucinations that she had experienced being in the darkness. Had her mother really come to save her? Has God finally answered her prayers and brought before her the saviors who were there to finally take her back home?

She couldn’t believe it…

She wouldn’t play into the games that Kailian had continued to play with her while she was down there. Juliette kept her eyes shut even though her heart begged her to open them, though her brain knew better. This was not her mother, she wouldn’t be fooled by the warm touches nor the soft whispers that floated into the air.

“Please wake up baby,” Angelica spoke louder as she lightly shakes her. She needed her to be okay, prayed that her baby would wake up for her. She pulled Juliette closer to her, as she held her in her arms staring directly at her face. Such a beautiful soul who didn’t deserve all of this, she never deserved the harsh way life had treated her.

“Mama’s here, she’s here for you baby. I promise you, I’ve come to take you away from these monsters who did this to you. They will get what’s coming to them, I promise you.”

Was her prayer really answered, it sounded like her mother. Talked and held her exactly how her mother would. Did her mother truly come to save her, could she trust this voice? Why did her heart beat so willingly for this person, her body recognizing the hands that once washed her after her panic attacks. That held her cheeks to kiss them and wipe away the tears that would slid down them.

“It’s me baby, I’ve come for you. I will always come for you until my final breath.”

The conviction in her tone was enough to push Juliette to face her fears and open her eyes. This was her mother, no doubt in her bones as her eyes slowly opened, Angelica stared down at her as the light from the flashlight illuminated the love that showed in her eyes.


Her voice croaked out as her eyes instantly welled with the unshed tears that threatened to fall at any moment.

“In the flesh baby.” Angelica said as she gave a short laugh as the tears continued to roll down her cheeks. She pulled Juliette closer as Juliette sobbed into her shoulder, God had truly heard her calling. He had answered her and showed him that he was there, making sure that she would come out of this situation alive.

“I got you baby,” Angelica repeated into her ear as she caressed her hair and allowed her to cry out the emotions that she already knew were stuck in her chest. There was a peaceful moment that finally stuck inside of her once raging mind, her mind full of so many emotions that finally calmed all because of the woman who had come to save her. The only person capable of pulling her from that place so easily was the same person who saved her when she was a little girl.

Her boys were her guardian angels though her mother was her savior. The woman god had put in her life who has loved her unconditionally and fiercely. Always and forever taking that extra step to show her that she would always show up for her. Showing her that she would be the daughter that she may have not birthed but raised with the heart of a thousand warriors.

A true mother.

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