My Twin Masters

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Chapter 58

Juliette felt as though a veil had been lifted as her mother led her up the stairs into the only light she had clung to for god knows how long. Her legs wobbled as the pain radiated through her body though her will to see her boys were stronger as she pushed through it.

“You got this Juliette, we’ll get out of here baby,” Angelica made sure she was aware of their surroundings as she followed the way back to where she had come. She was determined to make sure that Juliette wouldn’t fall back into the hands of the monsters who had tortured her.

Continuing on, Angelica caught sight of a guard that seemed to be patrolling that area, letting Juliette go-to lean against the wall, she didn’t waste time in going in for the kill. Pulling her trusty knife out, she was quick to slice his throat as she let his body drop to the floor before turning her head both ways.

Going back for Juliette, she pulled her up as they continued on their route. She heard noises over the earpiece that she had but her concern wasn’t with the boys. She was sure that they were able to take care of Juliette’s brother and the mother who had done this to her. Angelica saw the door that she first came through, making their way to it she quickly opened it and helped Juliette out.

“You okay hun?” She questioned as she looked down at Juliette who looked to be lost in her own world. A slight nod was given to Angelica and she had to accept that was all she was getting for the time being. Deciding to start walking once more, she was happy to see that Annie was waiting for them with the car.

Annie departed the car quickly to help Angelica get Juliette to get into the back seat to lay down. At any moment, Juliette looked about ready to pass out as her eyes started drooping. Closing the door after helping her in, Angelica and Annie didn’t waste time in driving off.

“We got her, bring both of them to us boys. I’m sure Juliette will like to have a few words with them after she gives birth to the baby.”

Angelica turned around and reached her hand out to caress Juliette’s sleeping face, watching as her chest went up and down gently. Her eyes traveled down to her stomach that held her grandchild and could only thank God that they were able to find her before those monsters did something that was irreversible. She laid her hand down softly as she rubbed back and forth in a slow manner.

Annie was focused on driving though she wasn’t blind to the scene that was being displayed before her between a mother and child. Her heart wept for Juliette who was one of a kind, a light that was brought into the darkness that had engulfed them all together.

An unspoken thought was shared between the two women who had vowed to protect the sleeping woman. They were assured to make sure that the ones who did this to her would pay and bleed until they weren’t able to bleed another drop.


“So I see you’ve finally decided to grace us with your presence?” The woman said as she turned her head slightly to caress Kailian’s face. The moment disgusted the twins seeing as this didn’t feel like a parental bond between them. Clearly seeing the effects of what she had done to him in his eyes.

“You’re coming with us.” Sebastian said getting straight to the point. Her hand stopped as she turned her head back to them, though a small smirk was on her face.

“Are we now? Are you sure about that? Have you really brought people you can trust?” She took another sip from her glass as her eyes turned to the person beside Sean. The tension in the room rose as Sean turned his head to Ricky who was glaring at Juliette’s mother.

“Oh they didn’t know? How you helped Jefferson kidnap their precious angel?”

Something more than anger rose inside of the twins as they stared at their head security guard. It all makes sense now on how the cameras were down and they were able to get into their home. Oh how blindly they trusted yet another man they called their brother.

“You were a part of it this whole time? What could they have offered you?” Neveah asked as she lifted her gun pointing it at him now. She couldn’t believe he helped aid them to take away her Queen, such a kind soul to be pushed back into the darkness.

Ricky looked at Sean and Sebastian slowly backing away from them as Sean glared at him. Pulling his gun out he pointed it at him, getting ready to pull the trigger.

“Wait! I promise you it’s not how it looks. They tricked me, they made us think that we would get all this money until I overheard them talking about killing me off so I wouldn’t be a liability.”

Sean pulled the trigger, blowing his brains out before he could take another breath. He wouldn’t allow him to try to persuade them to let him live, he chose his side and now would be embraced by death.

“Now you and your son are coming with us.”

Sebastian didn’t waste time as he shot Kailian in the knee and Annie finished shooting the guards that were around them. This wasn’t the place they were going to die, Juliette deserves a chance at making them suffer as she had. Sean gave a whistle as the rest of the team that had come began dragging the two out of the room.

“That was easier than expected brother,” Sebastian said as he watched them get dragged away. Sean nodded his head as he turned away from Ricky shaking his head, not understanding how he and Jefferson could do something so horrible to a female who only offered them, love.

“Be thankful it went quick and simple. We can now go home and see our Queen. She’s waiting for us.” Sean said as he began walking away from the scene in front of him, though he heard yelling outside and began running towards the commotion.

A gunshot was heard as Sebastian turned his head towards the door.


A body dropped to their knees as they looked down at the blood pouring out of the wound. Eyes rolling to the back of their head as the last thing they saw were the eyes of a sadistic man. Light flooding the darkness that embraced them, a hand outstretched towards them as they slowly enclasped their own with it. A feeling of peace filled them as they let go of the pain that flooded their senses. Walking away with the angel of death, looking back at the ones they love.


The word flowing into the air as though the wind itself was pushing into their eyes of everyone that loved them.

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