My Twin Masters

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Chapter 6

Juliette moaned sleepily when someone kissed her shoulder effectively waking her up. She sat up and blinked rapidly trying to wake up.

Sean was next to her and tilted her chin up. She gazed at him with hooded eyes. “Don’t you look beautiful.”

She slowly blinked at him before yawning. “It’s time to get up. I’m going to run to the store and get some food when I come back I expect you dressed and kneeling by the door.”

“Yes, sir.” She mumbled sleepily. He kissed her head before getting up and walked out of the room already dressed.

Juliette stared at nothing for a good few minutes before she finally started waking up. She jumped, startled when she felt something warm touched her leg.

Sebastian was next to her, still sleeping. She gazed at him in thought before quietly shifting closer to him. With ease, she moved the blanket and straddled him. Juliette didn’t do anything for a while, just stared at him.

It wasn’t until she was certain he was still sleeping when she dipped her fingers into his boxers. She slowly pulled them down enough where she could grab his member.

He was already hard, like every morning. She took advantage of this anytime she could.

Stroking him slowly she examined his face to see if he was going to wake up. When she didn’t see he was she moved further down. She now had full access to him with her mouth and hands.

Licking her lips Juliette leaned forward and kitten licked his tip. Her hands moved up and down on his base.

With slight difficulty, she took more of him in her mouth before pulling away altogether. She wet her hand and rubbed it over his shaft.

Her hand slowed when his shaft twitched. She checked if he was awake yet but his eyes were still closed.

Lowering her head she licked up and down, effectively wetting his member. Going back to his tip she wrapped her lips around him and much easier this time took more of him in.

“What have I said about teeth Juliette?”

She gasped and pulled away from him. Sebastian was already looking at her with tired yet lustful eyes.

“Um I-I.”

He sat up and cupped her cheeks. “No teeth.”

“No teeth.” She whispered.

He laid back down and put an arm behind his head. She bit her lip nervously staring at him.

“Do it again.”

“A-are you sure.” Her voice coming out small.


After a reluctant pause, she again lowered her head after sucking her lip in and wrapped them around his tip.

He made a sound of approval. “Good pet.”

She’d become more nervous now that she knew he was watching her every little move she made. “Relax.” He soothed bringing his hand down to her hair. He stroked it slowly as she hummed in reply.

He bit his lip from the vibrations. The hand that was rubbing her head soothingly grabbed a handful of her hair.

“Look at me, pet.”

Peering up at him with wide eyes with his cock in her mouth. He gently started pulling her head up and down. Juliette allowed him to use her, she felt less nervous this way, more relaxed. When she had more than half his cock in her mouth she pulled back for air. He didn’t give her much time to before he was forcing himself back in her mouth.

She moaned around him and his grip in her hair became much more forceful with every bob of the head.

It was when she cupped his balls when he finally lost the control he was hanging onto. He grabbed the sides of her head and started thrusting into her mouth. She was surprised at first and gagged, one of his favorite sounds she made.

“Take my cock, pet.”

Juliette fondled his balls with her eyes closed. Sebastian wasn’t having any of that though, slapping her cheek more in a way of getting her attention than the pain. “Look at me.”

She opened her eyes and looked at his pleasured state. He finally let her up and she gasped for air. Her chest rose and fell rapidly and he loved every second of it.

“Can you take all of master’s cock.” She nodded quickly still breathing heavily. “Hmm?”

“Yes, master. I can.”

“Show me.”

She went to take him in her mouth again but he grabbed her head and forced her on him. She hollowed her cheeks and with slight difficulty kept taking him in inch by inch. Sebastian groaned quietly and took matters into his own hands. He placed a hand on top of her head and pushed down till her nose was pressed again to his pubic bone.

She put her hands against his thighs and just let them sit there. He made another pleasurable sound hearing her gag every few seconds. He held her head there for a couple of seconds before she pushed against his thighs. He finally let her up for air and she took full advantage of the moment.

She had drool coating her lips, teary eyes, and her cheeks were red. “Don’t you look adorable.” He said pushing her hair away from her face. She swallowed thickly and grabbed his cock in her hand. Paying attention specifically to his tip, Juliette ran her finger over the hole and he let out a quiet curse under his breath.

Out of instinct, her thighs clenched together at the sound, her pussy dripping wet. She gasped sharply when she felt two hard smacks on her ass. Moving forward she whimpered. She gazed over her shoulder seeing Sean behind her with a stern expression. “What did master tell you to do?”

She looked down. “Get dressed and wait by the door.”

“So why did you wake Sebastian up?”

She let out a small whimper. “I’m sorry Master.” Sean grabbed her jaw tightly. Turning her head back to his brother's cock, he made her look at it. “I want to see you suck it like a good little slut.”

“Yes, sir.”

He let her go but pushed her head forward. “Suck it.”

She gripped his base with her hands but Sean grabbed both her hands and held them behind her back. “Suck it.” She leaned forward and tried taking as much of him as she could without the help of her hands. “Come on Juliette,” He forced her head down further. “That’s not the little slut we’re used to.”

She whined around his cock and eventually took all of Sebastian in. He held her in place and swallowed thickly. “Fuck..” Sebastian breathed out before grabbing her hair in his fist. His breathing was starting to become harsher and she knew he was close to the orgasm she’s been chasing.

“Make him cum slut!”

She hummed pleasurably and he let her off his cock to breathe. Sean finally gave her access to her hands again and she gripped the base. Quickly stroking up and down she licked the tip repeatedly flicking her tongue back and forth.

“Fuck,” He groaned huskily. “I’m gonna cum.”

She only wrapped her lips around his tip and sucked harshly. Sebastian moved her hands and stroked his cock quietly letting out quiet curses. Juliette gasped when cum started spurting out of his tip. The first shot landed on the corner of her lips and cheek. The second landed on her chest and it slid down slowly. The third and final shot of cum landed on her cheek and slowly dripped down to her chest.

His cock continued to drip cum over his hand until it stopped. “Shit.” He chuckled in a raspy voice after a moment. Sean moved his head so she was looking at him. “Clean up your mess.”

She nodded looking up at him innocently. “Now Juliette.”

She looked back at Sebastian and gave him a look asking for permission to grab his hand. He nodded curtly putting his nonmessy hand behind his head. She grabbed his large hand in her small one and slowly licked his fingers clean while making eye contact with him. Sean smacked her ass harshly when she bit down teasingly.

“Bad girl.”

“Sorry.” She whimpered after cleaning his brother's hand.

“Clean yourself.”

First off, she licked her lip getting the cum that was there off then she focused on her chest. When she was done Juliette looked up at Sean for approval. His fingers scraped her cheek before holding it out to her. She instantly licked and sucked his fingers clean and he stroked her hair in approval.

“Since you didn’t listen to me you can walk around the house like that.”


“I know you’re not talking back to me little girl.” He asked raising an eyebrow at her.

She shook her head quickly looking alarmed. “Good.” He dismissed stepping away from her.

“Breakfast is downstairs if you want it.” He didn’t let them respond seeing as he was already was making his way downstairs. Sebastian smirked at her face and brought his hand up to stroke her hair. She leaned into his touch and closed her eyes as a kitten would.

“C’mere kitten.”

Juliette crawled up to him and laid down when she was instructed to. “Is your pussy wet?” Her thighs clenched when he went to go check and he pinched her for it. “Knock it off.”

He separated her thighs and tsked feeling the wetness. “Naughty little slut.” She whined and he silenced her by rubbing her lips. She curled herself more into his arm giving more access. “Kitten.” He warned when she nipped at his arm. She only whined in response and he stopped fingering her.

“Do you want me to stop?” She quickly shook her head. “Then stop.”

“Yes, sir.” She whimpered and he moved his fingers again. His fingers worked in and out bringing her closer and closer to the orgasm she yearned for. “Mmm,” She squirmed on his fingers, fucking herself with them. “M-Master.”

“Are you going to cum?” He asked fucking her harder with his fingers. She squeezed her eyes shut and nodded. “Words kitten.”

“Uh, hun.”


“Yes! Yes! I’m going to cum.”

“Is that how we ask?”

“May I please cum Master?”

She was more than disappointed when he took his fingers out but quickly gasped when he moved her on his chest. He grabbed her ass and moved her forward so she was hovering over his face. “Oh my god!” She squealed when his tongue flicked over her clit over and over. He sucked on it like a pacifier. “M-Master I need to cum!”

He tongued fucked her as she rocked her hips back and forth on his face. “Please, please can I cum?!”


She grabbed his hair tightly as her back arched. Sebastian looked up at her as his tongue continued to do wonders. Her mouth opened in a silent scream until only moans, whimpers, and gasps escaped her precious lips.

Her breathing was heavy when she finally came down from her high but he never stopped licking her juices.


He gave one last suck to her clit before moving her on his lap. He sat up and she immediately pressed herself on him. “Thank you.”

He tilted her head up and kissed her deeply. She moaned at the taste of herself on him. Her tongue swirled with his and he pulled back letting out a chuckle.

“Eager little thing.”

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