My Twin Masters

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Chapter 59

Juliette was in a sweet cloud unaware of the chaos that was happening outside in the world around her. Her dreams consisted of her child and her boys, she was happy living in this fantasy. Juliette wasn’t ready to enter back into the cold world that had only shown her pain, her light was her family.

The family that had made it known that everything in their power belonged to her, that she was the Queen on the empire they had built for her. Though as her family watched the clock continue on, they wondered when she would wake up. She was healing, slowly but surely, though Angelica was afraid for her mind. Angelica could only hope that she wasn’t trapped in the dark grips of her demons.

Sebastian sat in the chair beside her bed, tears spilling from his eyes as he was engulfed in anguish. He didn’t know how to survive, how to be the strong man he once was without his angel. He needed her in this time, without her he was nothing.

Angelica couldn’t bear to watch her son cry as she and Charles stepped out of the room, walking towards the other room with their son who was fighting for his life. Opening the door, they entered a scene that held Sean hooked up to different machines that was keeping him alive.

The bullet was a clean shot between his ribs, puncturing his left lung. Once rushed to the hospital the doctors had taken him away, leaving Sebastian and their parents in a state of concern and uncertainty. They were in the hospital for two days, awaiting anything the doctor could tell them. Though once the doctor did appear, Sebastian couldn’t feel his brother anymore. The bond they had shared was shattered as the doctor told them the news.

“I’m deeply sorry for your loss…”

Sebastian zoned out those words as his mind focused on his heart, that being the only thing that he could hear as he stepped away from his body. He watched himself fall to his knees, staring down at the ground as the tears flooded his vision. Turning his eyes connected with a face that looked like his, a person who gave him a sad smile.


Sebastian reached for him though Sean shook his head as they left the scene before him. Reappearing in the room that held their angel, Sebastian watched as Sean walked closer to her, gently gliding his fingers down her face. His eyes moved to her belly as he laid his palm on it, caressing it in a loving manner. The love was evident in his eyes, though Sebastian could see the sorrow and sadness behind the curtains.

“I don’t wish to leave you, Sebastian, you’re my brother. You’re the person I’ve looked up to and learned from, my guidance when I needed it, and a best friend that I will always be grateful for God giving me.”

“Damn you, Sean,” Sebastian started, already crying. “You think she’ll allow you to go? Do you think she’ll move on from this, get over you? You’re the glue to our mess, the puzzle piece that completes us. We can’t move on from you!”

“You have to. You don’t have a choice, Sebastian. You need to make her happy, for both of us.” He was fading away, slowly but surely Sebastian was losing his brothers to the grips of death. “Show her that there is a world without me, take care of our daughters, be the father that I know you are.”

The only thing that was left was his parting words before Sebastian was dragged back down to the living. Shoved back into his sleeping body with the pain still radiating throughout his mind.

“Make him pay brother, I’ll see you on the other side…”

That was nearly four days ago and Juliette had still not woken up. Angelica and Charles sat down in the chairs that were provided for them. Their son was brain dead though Sebastian refused to pull the plug without Juliette present. He refused to take that away from her, she had already been put through enough.

Though back in the room where Juliette and Sebastian was, Sebastian was rubbing his hand in a circular motion as he laid his head down on the space between her body and the pole that was pulled down. Their babies were do any day which was why it was urgent for Juliette to wake up, Sebastian had tried everything.

“Please wake up Juliette, I need you baby. I know you think you’re safe in there, but I promise I’m here to protect you, baby. Our babies need their mother, I need my angel to help me through this dark time. Please wake up baby.”

Juliette could hear him, she wanted to reach for him though she was afraid. Was she ready to go back into reality? Her mind was in a soft cocoon, unaware of the horror that was awaiting her. Sighing softly, she laid in the hammock that was pinned up between two palm trees, as she overlooked the blue sea. This was heaven as Sean and Sebastian catered to her every need.

Sean kissed her cheek as Sebastian continued massaging her feet, she was content with this fantasy she had conjured up.

“It’s almost time to go, my love,” Sean inhaled her scent, she relaxed into his arms. Only waiting for the moment she woke up so she could be embraced in them once more. Sebastian smiled at the two, fantasy him with the same mindset as reality him whenever he looked at the both of them, an unquestionable bond with Sean and a magical love with Juliette.

“I love you both, I can’t wait to see you guys again.”

Sean was glad she couldn’t see his face as his eyes started tearing up. He was only able to spend these last few moments with her before she was off to the real world once more. Sebastian noticed but Sean shook his head, not wanting her attention to be brought to him.

“Just remember my love, you were the greatest gift I’ve ever been blessed with, I love you.”

With that last parting, he kissed her forehead, sending her tumbling through a dark tunnel. Leaving her with an unknown pain, as her mindset back into her body. She felt heavy as she tried to lift her eyes, slowly she was able to gather enough strength to blink them open.

Her eyes connected with a blue ceiling before they went side to side, taking in her surroundings. She could feel her body but when she tried to move her fingers, she had no such luck in the action. She could feel a body next to her and with a little hum, she hoped to gain their attention.

Sebastian was slowly nodding off though when he heard the faint noise, his head popped up, connecting his eyes to a pair of blue ones. A gasp left his throat as he called for the nurse, not once breaking eye contact with her. A nurse walked in as she began to do what was instructed to her by the doctor once Juliette had woken up. Sebastian couldn’t believe his prayers had been answered as he grasped her hand once the nurse had finished and left them alone. His eyes held emotions that confused Juliette as his mouth began to tell her the story of what happened.

“My love…”

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