My Twin Masters

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Chapter 60

The world ceases to exist as the familiar feeling of pain tugged at her heart. Her eyes closed as she leaned back against the soft pillows that were holding her up. The tears spilled out the sides of her eyes as they slowly rolled down her face. Juliette couldn’t take the aching grief that tore at her soul.

“Baby, I’m so sorry, I did everything I could.” Sebastian reached for her hand which she pulled away before he could grasp it. Juliette didn’t want to be touched, didn’t want to hear nor feel anything anymore. She wished for the darkness that had covered her like a second skin to take away the memories and thoughts that were passing through her mind.

The silence took over the room as Sebastian watched the love of his life break in front of him. To watch as her mouth opened letting out a silent scream as the sobs broke through, more tears coming out her eyes at a faster pace than before.

“Sean!” She screamed as she balled into herself, her arms encasing her stomach. The feeling was something she never thought she would have to experience once more, reminding her of the time her first child was taken from her. A piece of herself once more being ripped away from her without her consent.

Her soul felt weak as it grieved for the lover that was once fused with it, searching for it and coming up empty handed. The world around her seemed to crumble as she tried to think of life without Sean. She wouldn’t be able to see his face when she woke up every morning, see him with their daughter as he played with her. Juliette grieved for all the moments that were ripped away from her by her own brother.

“I-” Her voice cracked before she tried once more. “I need to see him.”

Sebastian didn’t waste time as he stood up and proceeded to grab the wheelchair that she was required to use while in the hospital.

“Can I touch you?” He questioned even though the question pained him to a different level. She stared at the wheelchair for a second before nodding her head, allowing herself to be picked up as he sat her down gently in the seat.

Making sure she was okay, he took the locks off and began pushing her out the room, eating up the space between them and Sean’s room. Once in front of the door, he leaned down and kissed the middle of her head before leaning next to her ear.

“I’m right here baby, I need you to prepare yourself for what you’re about to see.”

Nodding her head, she tried her hardest to push down the pain that had become a dull feeling in the middle of her chest. Her hand laid on top of her stomach as she tried to pull strength from her child to face something that she knows will haunt her nightmares for the rest of her life.

As Sebastian opened the door, he pushed Juliette through and Sean came into view. Juliette brought her hand to her mouth as she stared at the man before her, he didn’t resemble her Sean at all.

Her Sean resembled that of the sun, his skin always glowing as his eyes stared at her with the deepest of love. He would always be smiling at her as he confessed his love for her over and over. This person before her was nothing like her personal sun, he reminded her of the coldness of the moon. Pale and bland without any sort of radiance, she reached for his hand and was met with coldness.

She didn’t care as her eyes began to water, as the scene before her began to blur. She wanted to erase this image from her mind, this isn’t how she wished to remember the love of her life.

Sebastian watched the bond break before his eyes, he couldn’t feel his brother anymore and was sure she couldn’t either. It broke his heart that this was how the fates played out, why couldn’t he have just made it there in time? If only he was sure that Kai was taken away properly, so many if’s that would never be filled. This only caused him to fall deeper into his own grief as he was pushed back into the memories that contained his brother.

Juliette let her mind wander to Kai, the feeling of sadness was replaced with a blazing anger. The feeling began in the pit of her stomach as she began to think of all of the wicked things he had done to her, the rage began to climb through her bones as they stuck to every part of her limbs.

She hated that man, despised him for taking away the man who had brought her an abundance of happiness throughout her life. Who did everything in his power to protect her even if it was from himself. The anger clung to her mind as it tainted the Juliette that once was there. Her innocence fully gone, taken with the death of her lover. Her hatred grew larger than it ever was, she had finally moved on from him. Moved on from the things he did to her when she was a child, worked through the trauma that he left behind.

“I want him dead.”

Sebastian wasn’t used to this tone, her voice came off calm with an undertone of something he never heard before. Her head was still turnt downwards as he watched her begin to take deep breaths. He was struck when she finally lifted her heads and they made eye contact, he almost took a step back as the woman he once knew was gone from her eyes. A cold chill ran down his back as he stared into piercing green eyes that had lost their shine.

“Baby, he will be dealt with. He’s locked in the dungeon in the basement of our house.” He wouldn’t address the look in her eyes until Kai was dead, he knew she was only reacting. That his Juliette will come back to him, she needed to. They had a family to raise and their family didn’t need any sort of threat in their life. They would protect them until their final breath.

Juliette turned her eyes back to Sean, now staring blankly at the body. There was nothing left, she felt a void being formed in her chest. She would have normally done everything in her power to stop it from happening, but what was the point now? He wasn’t there to fill it for her, to sooth her fears and put a blanket of comfort over her soul.

Reaching forward, she grabbed Sean’s hand, not letting her mind focus on how cold it was and placed it on her stomach. She wished he could have felt their baby move, to see the life that had grown inside of her. The emotions were tearing her apart on the inside but she wasn’t trying to focus on the love she held for her child. Trying to pull through this, she could feel that she would be coming soon. That she was finally going to meet the little girl that was going to call her mommy for the rest of her life.

“Thank you Sebastian, for being honest with me, for understanding, for loving me.”

Sebastian moved closer, once next to her, he pulled her head close to his stomach. This was the woman he had vowed to protect, to love and cherish, he would do anything for her.

“I will always be yours Juliette, I was put on this earth to protect you. Sean is watching over all of us, protecting us as well. You have an army behind your back ready to lay their lives down for you, Sean made sure of that. We made sure you would always be happy, I intend to follow through that vow baby. I got us.”

Juliette relaxed, her heart heavy but her mind knowing that Sebastian wasn’t going anywhere. That they would survive anything thrown their way, that they would protect their child with everything they had in them. That they were on a journey that would eventually lead them back to happiness.

“I love you.”

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