My Twin Masters

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Chapter 7

Hurrying down the steps, Juliette dared not to look behind her. Letting out a squeak when she was lifted over her master’s shoulders. “I’m sorry!”

Sebastian ignored her and carried her over his shoulders, ignoring the clubbers around him. He headed straight for his office. Juliette whimpered. “Master I’m sorry.”

Setting her own feet just mere feet away from their office door.

“You’re sorry hm?” He questioned raising an eyebrow at her. She sucked on her bottom lip, pulling it in between her teeth and nodded.

He patted her cheek. “Words pet.”

“Yes, master I’m sorry.”

“Do you believe this is funny pet? Funny to tease your master?”

Quickly shaking her head, a lie slipped through her lips. “No master.”

He looked her dead in the eyes for a good minute. “It kinda was.”

Juliette shifted between her feet nervously. “Uhh.” She wasn’t sure if he was tricking her or not. She didn’t want to give the wrong answer and get punished for it.

“Come pet.” He instructed stepping away from her and opened their office door. She followed him quietly and saw Sean leaning against the front of his desk talking to a familiar man.

“Jake?” She questioned and Sebastian glared at her.

Turning away slightly, her face heated up.

“It’s a no, Jake.”

“I see where you may have some concerns, but I believe that she could excel if given the chance.”

Sean gave him a deadpanned look.
“I have no doubt she would.”

Jake tried to stay calm but the way Seb kept answering his questions was starting to get to him. “We can schedule just a trail to see if you like it? On me of course.”

“You’re expecting pay?”


“Then what do you want then?”

“I’d just like her to model for me.”

“You’ve said this.” Sean motioned his hands in a ‘hurry up’ motion. “Get to the point.”

“That is the point.”

“We’re done,” Sean said staring at him.

“I’m simply offering her a job she could enjoy.”

“She doesn’t need a job.”

“Why don’t we ask her then?”

“I don’t need to.”

Sebastian sat next to Juliette, both watching the exchange. “I need to go to the bar, be a good girl.”

“Yes, sir.”

He adjusted her collar before walking out the door giving his brother a lingering look. “Why don’t you ask her.”

“Do you want to work for me, Juliette.” Juliette's eyes snapped up to meet Jakes.

“Uh.” She stuttered before looking at Sean. “You can answer him, love.”

Looking down at her fingers. “It wouldn’t be so bad...”

“So you want to?”

“It’s whatever my masters want.” She stated honestly. She thought it would be new but also didn’t want to upset her masters.

“What do you want?”

Sean held a hand up to him. “Stop asking her, she doesn’t know.”

“Why don’t we just try it, Juliette? You looked great testing it out an hour ago.” Sean gave him an annoyed look. “What did I say?”

“I did, but I’m not one of your subs,” Jake replied smoothly fixing his tie.

“She is and I’m sure my decision affects whether she does it much more than her own.” Juliette couldn’t explain the feeling in her chest by his words but she wished it went away. She hated when it popped up for a visit.

“What would you like to do?” Sean jaws clenched when looking at the fidgety girl in the chair.

“I promise she won’t do it at all if you ask her that one more time.”

“Um, I don’t mind doing it?” She stated although it came out as a question. “If master wants though.” She quickly stated not wanting to get into any trouble later on.

Jake made a sound of approval. “We’ll just test it to see. If you don’t like it then we won’t do it.”


“Whenever it's a good time for you.”


“My house.”
Sebastian watched Juliette pose uncomfortably for Jake in his home.

He didn’t mind that she was doing this at first but now seeing it, he was having second thoughts.

“Turn your head.”


He walked up to her with a camera in hand and tilted her head to the right. “Right there.” Stepping back he looked through the lens and gave her thumbs up for approval.

After taking some pictures he would show Sean and Sebastian and only get grunts and glares in response. Yes, he showed them every time.

Telling them he’d be right back he went into his personal room, leaving the spare room he used for photography.

He was a wealthy man but didn’t know how to spend his money right. When he came back he had two lights in his hand and began setting them up.

Once on the coffee table, he plugged them in and then turned them on. He looked through the lens before turning one of them off and nodded in approval.

“Can you sit up on your knees?”

Juliette merely stared at the lights.


She didn’t move.

“Turn the other light on,” Sebastian demanded.

“The lighting is too bright.”

“Turn the other light off.”

“It’s too dark.”

“They need to both be on or off.”

“Why?” Jake asked annoyed.

He stood up and grabbed the light and threw it in the hallway where nobody could see it. “You’re paying for that,” Jake muttered to Sebastian.

Juliette calmed down when the other light was gone and watched her master sit back down when the other light was gone and watched her master sit back down annoyed.

“On your knees Juliette,” Sean instructed.

She did what he said and Jake continued taking pictures, telling her to move here and there. He walked over to the door and opened it to get better lighting.

“Close the door,” Sebastian stated.

“Let me do my job.”

“I’m trying to help you.”

“You’re doing nothing helpful so far.”
The twins decided just to stay out of it and watched Juliette not react to anything he said.

“Juliette.” He snapped his fingers trying to gain her attention. “What’s she doing?”

“Close the door.”

“Can you shut up about the door for a damn second and tell me what’s wrong with her?”

“Close the door.” He started slowly.

Sebastian stood up again and walked over to where she was sitting on the bed when he saw tears gathering in her eyes.

He forced her off the bed and over to the door. He opened it more so she could walk out with him then closed it behind them.

“Look,” He started softly. “Do you see anything?”

She sniffled and shook her head. “It’s okay.” He soothed.

Her breathing smoothed out and he rubbed her back. “Do you want to keep going?”

Shaking her head as she pressed her face into his chest. “Okay.” He nodded. “Come on.” He went to open the door but she whined. “Juliette I have to go tell Sean so we can leave.”

“I stay here.” She stated quietly.

“Okay but you have to let go.”
She let her arms drop to her sides limply and blinked up at him.

He gave her a lingering look before walking inside to get Sean.

“She wants to go.”

He didn’t hesitate to stand up and walk out the door. “Where are you going?” Jake asked quickly.

“We aren’t done.”

“Home.” He answered curtly opening the door again.

“We didn’t finish!”

“Lower your voice,” Sebastian stated calmly looking at Juliette who was walking with Sean down the hall.

“I’ll ask her if she wants to again but I doubt it.”

“You can’t just leave. We were in the middle of a shoot.”

“And now we’re leaving.”

“We had an agreement.”

“We tried it, she didn’t like it, now we’re leaving.”

Sebastian didn’t give time to say something else before he closed the door in his face and walked down the hallway and down the stairs to their car.

“You okay?” Sean asked helping her in the car. She nodded mutely and placed her seatbelt on.

“Did you take your pills before we left.” He questioned referring to the ones that helped her with her anxiety.


“We’ll get you new ones.” He said quietly getting in the front seat.







“C-can I get a drink?”

“We’ll stop somewhere and get one.” He nodded, they weren’t too close to home and he didn’t think she could wait. Sebastian got in the passenger seat looking pissed off.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” She nodded slowly.

“You don’t have to go there again.”
She picked at the loose shirt Sean gave her to wear. “I don’t mind that much.”

“You don’t mind?” He raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

“He just didn’t know...” She trailed off awkwardly.

“That’s beside the point, Juliette.”

“I know but,” Sighing shrugged oddly.

“I don’t know.”

“You can say if you want to do it again.”

“I just want to try it, somewhere else.”


“You’re house?” Her voice went up an octave nervously. She didn’t know how they’d feel about all of this.

“What have we said about saying that?” Sean asked looking at her in the mirror.


“It’s your house too.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t let it happen again.”

She nodded. “Is that okay with you.”

“Yes, but we have some rules about it.”

“What are they?”

“Listening to us of course.” Sebastian started.

“No touching you more than he should,” Sean added.

“We’ll talk to him but that’s all you need to know. You never have to listen to him, you listen to us.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sebastian reached back and rubbed her knee.

“Good girl.”

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