My Twin Masters

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Chapter 8

“C’mon kitten.”

Juliette stared at her master with love eyes. She understood now why she had chosen them. How they balanced each other out so well.

“I thought you said you wanted a drink love?”

For a second Juliette forgot she was pouting because a smoothie was not what she was hoping for.

“I thought I would be able to get an actual drink.”

“This is an actual drink love.”

Juliette knew she shouldn’t do it but she was in a bratty mood and rolled her eyes. Sean narrowed his eyes at her behavior, ready to take her over his knee and teach her a lesson.

“Kitten I know you don’t want to be punished so I suggest you clean up your behavior!” His tone was sharp and to the point.

Juliette could feel a shiver run over her spine, she liked when he talked to her like that, hell she loved when he took full control over her.

She raised an eyebrow at him, feeling in a bratty mood. “Oh really sir, and what type of punishment are we talking about?” She leaned closer to him, running the tip of her nose along his neck, feeling him shiver.

He pulled her close and ran his tongue over her neck, biting down softly before bringing his hand up loosely and tightening it around her throat. “I can show you little one and I promise you won’t like it.”

Juliette grew even more turned on from the tone in his voice. Everything he was doing to her was turning her on and she wouldn’t mind if he took her across his knee at the moment.

“Could you two just get back in the car.” Sebastian's voice burst their little bubble of sexual tension. Sean smirked and pulled her back in, Juliette was confused for a second thinking they were going to get some smoothies.

“I guess our kitty has shown her claws brother.”

“Not claws brothers, just tiny teeth. Showing her bad side.” His voice held a slight disappointing ring to it, which had Juliette sighing out quietly. She didn’t want him to be disappointed, she didn’t know why she was in such a bratty mood. She though was happy that they seemed to be heading in the direction of a club.

She was slightly dressed appropriately. She was only wearing Sean’s shirt, but it was big and long enough to cover everything that needed to be covered. “Do I need to change?” She asked quietly and Sebastian looked back and looked her up and down, shaking his head.

“No you look fine love, sexy.”

Juliette blushed and though she was always receiving compliments from them, it still made her blush every time she was given one. Sebastian just simply smiled and turned back around. She loved when they were calm also. She absolutely loved when they were in full control and full dominant mode, but she also loved them as her boyfriends.

Her sweet boyfriends that she had fallen in love with from the very beginning. “What’s going through your mind love?” Sean asked her, looking in the mirror for a second. Shrugging her shoulders, she let the words slip from her tongue. “I was just thinking of our beginning, when you two won my heart over.”

A smile graced both their faces and it brought joy to Juliette heart to see it. “Seems like forever ago, look what our lives have come too.” Sean words left them all simply nodding their heads and listening to the soft playing music coming from the radio.


“Can I have a shot of tequila?”

“Woah going for the big one aren’t we?”

Juliette swung her eyes over to Sebastian face and smiled at him. One that was wobbly and had a hint of drunkenness to it. “I’ve been taking small ones all this time, hey where’s Sean at?”

“He said he was going to the bathroom?”

“Well I have to go pee, so would you mind helping me to the bathroom sir?” He smirked at her, before nodding.

“C’mon love.” She hopped of the black stool before following him through the clustered crowd. All she could smell was sweat and smoke. She focused on the hand pulling her. She exhaled in relief when seeing the females bathroom and quickly let go of Sebastian’s hand to basically run to the door.

Once done with her business she washed her hands. Before walking out, she checked herself. She didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of her master. Once completely satisfied with herself she walked out the bathroom.

Looking for her master, she felt hands climb up her shirt. She shivered and began pulling away knowing that this person wasn’t neither of her masters. “Let go!” She tried pulling away and was absolutely disgusted when feeling a slow grind happening. She began pulling away harder and started panicking when she felt herself being pulled away from light and into darkness.

“Please let me go.” Tears started slowly filling her eyes and she started yelling for her masters. She felt something hard being put between her legs and a hand over her mouth. She felt helpless and she screamed as loud as she could for her masters. Her eyes closed as she felt a small kiss being placed on her shoulder.

She felt suddenly weightless, as she was pulled from the darkness into the light. She silently cried as she blocked out all the sounds. She could see her Sean talking but she couldn’t hear him, she looked back to see Sebastian beating the guy up.

She cried as she hugged Sean and Sean held her close. He held her close to his heart, tear welling in his eyes. He had left for the bathroom in one second and comes back to see his kitten being sexually assaulted by some pervert. He stood up and picked Juliette up. He began walking out, not wanting his kitten to be anywhere near that monster.

Sebastian called the cops, alerting the club owners. He wouldn’t stand for this sort of thing happening again to another female. The club owners gave their dearest apologies but Sebastian didn’t care, more concerned with his baby doll. He left the club, rushing to the car where he found his poor baby shaking in Sean arms.

Sean turned and glared at him. “I thought you were supposed to be looking after her while I went to the bathroom. You let this happen Sebastian.” Sebastian felt a knocking on his chest, allowing the sadness to take a part in the audience watching as his heart broke in half.

“I literally had my eyes on her before she went to the bathroom. I was standing right there waiting for her, then some old hag came and started trying to talk to me. I swear I didn’t take my eyes off the bathroom.”

“No you know what those are, excuses brother. Fucking excuses and look where those damn excuses have brought us too Sebastian. My kitten was sexually assaulted because of you. She was almost fucking raped because you couldn’t keep your damn attention on her.”

Sean was breathing heavily, his glare intensifying.

“Please stop...”

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